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Hi all,

I have created a detailed documentation (step by step) with screen shoots about how to schedule close periods for material master record (MMPV). This is kind of activity that has to be done end of every month (either manually or automatically). I tink it is better to do automatically by scheduled job so it will not be forgotten.

I hope it will be useful for many of you since i spent pretty a lot of time to find out how to do it and now this in your hand.

Scheduling of Close Period for Material Master Record (MMPV)

Job scheduling of MMPV by this every month system will do automatically close previous month and open current month.

Step 1: T-Code = [SE38] fill the program name RMMMPERI and click on "Variant" button in application toll bar.

Step 2: Fill Variant name as you like and click on "Create" button.

Step 3:  Maintain From - To Company Code remaining period and other element keep blank then click on "Attributes" button.

Step 4: Maintain following things

1. Description (it is the name/description of your variant)

2. Date row:

- Selection Variable: “D”( Dynamic Date Calucation)

- Name of Variable: Current Date

3. Click on "Copy Screen Assignment" button

4. Click on "Save" Button.

Step 5: Come back to main screen of SE38 and Click on Program > Execute > Background

Step 6: Click on "Schedule" Button

Step 7: Maintain following elements

1. Job Name:  Valid name which will help to you to identify of job in Job Over View in step 10

  - Start Date : It should be the date when you would like the job to be run

  - Time: Exact time when you would like the job to be run

2. Then click on "Schedule Periodically"

Step 8: Choose Period Interval is Month = 1 So that it will execute monthly.

Step 9: To view your job use T.Code = [SM37]

  1. Job Name: Fill your job name or put "*"

  2. User Name

  3. Job Status:  Select Schedule and with others

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