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Purpose: SAP has developed an excellent app for dispatching order operations. The detailed helps file gives an overview of various features of this app. This has simplified scheduling production orders drastically compared to traditional CM21 and CM25 transactions. This blog post is to showcase two features – Reschedule and Realign Schedules.


The app’s initial filters look like the below screen, where the planner can search order operation based on a date range, work center/s, product, and dispatch status.

In the strategy, you can use Bucket mode or sequence mode. Please go through previous two blog posts on how to set these strategies.

Once the list of order operations are listed, you can perform below two functions.

1- Reschedule operation

2- Realign Schedule

With Reschedule operation, you can change the original planned operation dates as below.

With Realign Schedules function, you can select multiple order operations and let the system to find the slots as below.

System will find the right forward/Backward slots as  you have specified and changes the dates. Later you can dispatch them using dispatch button.

Again a very simple UI to change operation dates and find slots.

Other features of the APP are explained in the below blog posts.

Dispatch multiple operations

Reschedule or Realign schedule

Sequence Strategy

Bucket Strategy

Your feedbacks would be much appreciated.