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Purpose: SAP has developed an excellent app for dispatching order operations. The detailed help file gives an overview of various features of this app. This has simplified scheduling production orders drastically compared to traditional CM21 and CM25 transactions. This blog post is to showcase one of its features - mass dispatching functionality using planning mode -Sequence.


The app’s initial filters look like the below screen, where the planner can search order operation based on a date range, work center/s, product, and dispatch status.

In the strategy, you can use Bucket mode or sequence mode. The screenshot below shows how Sequence mode was used to dispatch multiple operations using a forward schedule and by asking the system to dispatch to available slots (Find slots)

Once you filter the order operations which are not dispatched, click multiple/single item, it will take you to the screen like the one below.

Under the Sourcing and Scheduling tab, you will be able to see

Operation start/end/Latest start and end dates, along with the available slots, in a tabular format. You will be able to see capacities in a color-coded way, and also you will be able to select future dates to see capacity situations.The planner can select the required dates and choose Dispatch.

The slots dropdown shows the following values to choose from.


You will also be able to deallocate capacities for any dates (Use case: Deallocate non-Priority order for a date and allocate priority order).
Thus by using this sequencing strategy, planners will be able to dispatch the order operations to available dates and will also be able to deallocate no priority capacities.

This is another cool feature of the Scheduling APP.

Other blog Posts explaining features of this app are

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Do give feedback to make this blog post better.



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