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In this blog we can see the solution for issue "Runtime Error: Message_Type_X_TEXT error in schedule production app or Capacity scheduling board app or Monitor work center schedules

We are new to the Schedule production FIORI app. On Internet we can able to get the blogs on how to use the capacity leveling apps. But we could not able to find the exact data on initializing these app on new project implementation.

At project implementation phase we have given with standard GSI - 3LQ activated in system. But when we open these capacity apps, they were not working. These capacity apps are APO relevant apps. Since they need the live cache to be installed in the system.

Let us see how to fix it.

Main part

Issue that we were facing in the scheduling apps is Message_Type_X_TEXT error. And we could not able to see any data in it.

When we discussed this issue with SAP they provided us this SNOTE as below

3152106 - "No data" error when using PP Fiori apps for scheduling.

In that Note it was mentioned that the Live cache was missing and it can be seen in tcode /N/SAPAPO/OM13

You can refer the link to learn more on live cache


When we see it in system with transaction /N/SAPAPO/OM13 we got like this

Since we asked the SAP team to install the live cache in our client via SAP incident. After installation we got like below.

Also We could able to see the production orders in schedule production app

In this app we need to save the production orders after dispatch. Otherwise orders will not be scheduled.

Also Need the Production line to be maintained in Production version of each in-house produced material to get it displayed in this app.

This live cache is necessary for schedule production and monitor work center schedules app.


Below SNOTE implementation are necessary

0002852449 Schedule Production - Review Dispatch Orders- Timezone

0002858138 PP_SCHEDPRODNS1 - Automatic Maintenance Upload

0002864295 Schedule Production - Unable to dispatch planned order marked for repetitive

0002898574 Schedule Productions Cancel Message and Production Line Additional Column

0002901281 Horizon filter error message repeating twice fix

0002901285 Schedule Production Reschedule Dialog Enhancement

0002901285 Schedule Production Reschedule Dialog Enhancement

0002901699 Reschedule dialog box dates are not validated based on plant current

0002904728 Reschedule Dialog and Grouping on Back Navigation Enhancements

0002913795 ATP Handling when confirmed quantity of reservations exceeds requested quantities

0002993387 PP_WRKCTRMNTRS1 - Navigation to Manage Work Center App fix

.0003039198 Schedule Production App AOR Initial Validation Errors in Message Dialog

0003039560 Schedule Production App AOR Initial Validation Errors in Message Dialog


I hope this may help you on initializing these apps

Would like you guys to see more relevant things using the link:



We would very much appreciate your comments and suggestions below.

As a work around you can use CM40 transaction for doing the capacity leveling. Also CM25 will not work in FIORI
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