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This blog post is a submission to SME SEEDx Development Challenge 2020.

SaturnSync Solution Demo:

Challenge Submission

Solution Name:

SaturnSync – An Integration & Automation platform for SAP Business One

Solution Description:

SaturnSync is an integration and automation platform that automates vital business processes eliminating the need for manual intervention in data exchange.

  • SaturnSync helps you seamlessly connect SAP Business One to ecommerce marketplace in real-time.

  • SaturnSync provides a workflow that enables you to automatically process your business documents into SAP Business One.

  • It also helps connect to third-party apps and frameworks such as Office 365, Gmail, Slack etc.

Use SaturnSync to automate business processes leading to improved productivity, accelerated accounting and reduced manual errors.

Solution Use Case

Real Customer Use-case:

SaturnSync has two primary customer use cases. They are as follows

1. Ecommerce Integration

Our customer, a leading manufacturer and seller of aluminium ladders in India, has a huge volume of sales on Amazon India (through Seller Central). They require real time integration which is achieved using the below described SaturnSync’s ecommerce integration workflow

2. Document Automation

Our customer, an FMCG trader has a huge volume of Purchase Orders incoming over email. They require end to end document automation which is achieved using the below described SaturnSync’s document automation workflow

Persona Identified:

Pain Points:

SaturnSync’s primary goal was to address the following challenges faced by SMEs

1. E-Commerce Integration:

To automate the financial transactions that an Amazon’s seller must manually pass. Our customer who has huge volume of sales on Amazon had the below problems

  • How to reduce the significant, repetitive & error prone manual effort in accounting day’s orders and invoices?

  • How to close the relevant invoices, upon payments being received from Amazon?

  • How to Reconcile Amazon Reserve Balances with Reserve GLs on SAP Business One?

2. Document Automation:

For a company with a high volume of incoming Purchase Orders over email, how to automatically process the emails, extract attachments and parse details from the attachment and pass a corresponding Sales Order on SAP Business One.

Industry Focus:

Solution Details:

SaturnSync is an integration & automation platform that enables you to integrate/connect your business applications with SAP Business One to speed up business processes, improve efficiency and reduce manual effort.

Key offerings of SaturnSync are

  1. Ecommerce Integration

  2. Document Automation

  3. Insight – Dashboard


Solution Technology

1. Ecommerce Integration

SaturnSync provides the ability to integrate SAP Business One with a range of ecommerce marketplaces & platforms. Using SaturnSync, you can automate real-time accounting of an Order life cycle right from Sales Order, converting to A/R invoice, passing incoming payments and account for charges levied by the marketplace. Here is an example of SaturnSync's Amazon integration and its value proposition.

2. Document Automation

Document automation is an ML powered workflow that enables you to automatically process your business documents into SAP Business One. Using SaturnSync you can automatically pass entries for documents such as Purchase Quotations, Purchase Orders, Invoices, Shipping & Delivery documents, Contracts, Goods Receipt Note and other business workflow related documents. SaturnSync supports range of integration endpoints such as Email, Google Drive, DropBox and REST APIs.

Below is the typical workflow for automating business documents using SaturnSync's Document Automation for accounting on SAP Business One


3. Insight – Dashboard

Insight is a self-service dashboard which enables you to quickly create dashboards with the data sources that you want by choosing any of our curated pre-defined data visualization templates. It helps you get quick sneak peek into your business performance which enables you to be on top of your data and take smart and informed business decisions influencing the direction of your company.

Using Insight, you can visualize sales analysis, top customers, slow moving items or any other data that matter to you.

UX Technology used:

HTML5, Javascript, JQuery, Bootstrap

Platform Technology used:

Java, Node.JS, SAP Business One DI API and SAP Business One B1IF

Database: SQL, HANA & MongoDB

Any other emerging technology used:

Machine Learning / Deep Learning, Optical Character Recognition & Tesseract

Any 3rd party libraries used:

Tesseract & Apache TIKA


Road Map


Use SaturnSync to improve productivity, accelerate accounting speed and reduce manual errors.


Partner: SaturnIO Datasoft Pvt. Ltd

Country: India

Team Name: SaturnSync

Team Members:

  • Govind Nagaraj

  • Pavan Mysore

  • Vedanth Mylamala

  • Ramya H.S


For more information about the development challenge, you may refer to the SME SEEDx Development Challenge 2020.









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