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This is a quick recap of the session.  It was supposed to be just the issues we had when implementing some of the different LTMC projects.  How some of the things including trouble shooting that I learned.  Note: I was migrating to an on-premise HANA.

Sometimes it is hard because you don't have enough information.  I this case I think it was too hard because I had to sift through MANY blogs to find what I was looking for.

My suggestion to you - if you are just starting with these migration tools.  Take the free SAP course on-line.  Any issues?  I can be a resource.  I believe my e-mail is a part of my profile.  Also comments are great.  Many different people can answer your issues at that point.

So slides without explanation are not the best.  At least my slides are not.

My first big challenge was moving the customer master credit management to our new system.  I found out very quickly that you need to do 3 things:

  1. Customer Master General information loaded

  2. Business Partner Role on the new system must have the organizations extended if you have more than one.

  3. The Business Partner Role on the new system must be loaded.

So in the slides - you'll find some code you can cut and paste.  It is simple throw away code...   So if you don't like it, or the "old" way of coding is not good, simply change it to meet your needs.  We really did only use this to load our system.

It basically just wraps the function modules needed to add the credit role, check for the credit role and then add the data from LTMC via the LTMOM that was created.

The next issue was debugging LTMOM.  The function modules worked.  It worked when I tested directly in LTMOM.  But sometimes there was an issue when it ran in LTMC.

So once you generate your code.  The next step would be to click on the code icon.  From there you can see the source and set up an external break-point for the person running LTMC.

Another quick note.  This does have to be generated for the client you are on.  If you run it on many clients, generate it on the client you are running it on.

If you have run LTMC, even if you have only loaded part of the data.  It will be stored for the migration programs, and you will get the error that it has already been loaded.

You'll have to run:

DMC_FM_RESTART and/or DMC_FM_RESTART_COPY_DELETE - so then you can run LTMC again.

Some links for you:

Please leave questions and comments below.  Any questions? Leave it in the comments, if I don't know the answer - I bet someone here does.

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