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In SAP WM module, the stock removal strategy A(partial pallet quantity) is also commonly used. There are partial pallets and full pallets of materials placed in the warehouse. If a small amount of materials need to be removed from the shelf, SAP system can suggest that they should be removed from the partial pallet shelf automatically, which is naturally a good and convenient stock removal strategy for warehouse management.


This blog is used to demonstrate the control effect of stock removal strategy A.


1, The Storage type Z05, its stock removal strategy is A.


2, Storage type search configuration.



3, The material 800 is used for this demo. See the WM views setting.



In material master data, the stock placement indicator and stock removal indicator are both Z05. It means that when we conduct put away for that material, the destination storage type will be Z05; when we remove stock from shelf, the source storage type will be Z05 too.


In palletization data, we set that a full IP type pallet can store 500 EA of this material.



4, The purchase order 4500000851 of material 800, is used for the demo of this blog.


5, Execute the transaction code MIGO to do goods receipt against this purchase order, and complete the put away transaction of SAP WM level, then we have the inventory of this material.


We received 1233 EA of material 800, it means that we will have 2 full pallet and 1 partial pallet.


Save it,


Click enter and goto below screen,


Save it directly,


Check the WM Level inventory,


We can see that this material have inventory in 3 storage bins.

Storage bin 17-01-01, the quantity is 500 EA, full pallet;

Storage bin 17-01-02, the quantity is 500 EA, full pallet;

Storage bin 17-01-03, the quantity 233 EA, partial pallet.



6, Now we conduct a goods issue to cost center transaction, the quantity is 10 EA. Observe how SAP remove stock from shelf.


Save it, SAP switch to the LT06 transaction, we click enter, then goto below screen,


Save it directly,


Execute transaction code LT21 to check this TO document,


These 10 EA material are removed from the storage bin 17-01-03 of storage type Z05, because the inventory stored on this storage bin is partial quantity. This is the control function of stock removal strategy A(partial pallet quantity).



Note: This blog is based on SAP S4/HANA 1909 system.


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