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In SAP manufacturing projects, generally speaking, the same plant will only set one warehouse number. Multiple different storage locations under this plant share the same warehouse number, which is a common practice in SAP projects.


I have always been curious about what it would look like when transferring stock between storage locations have separate warehouse number and the two storage locations are belong to the same plant code. Recently, I did relevant tests and study in a sandbox system, which was very fruitful. Therefore, I wrote down this blog to make a record of the test process.



The plant code NMDC we have two storage location 0001, related warehouse number is NM1, the storage location 1001, related warehouse number is NM2.



1,Execute the transaction code MIGO and movement type 311 to transfer the stock of material 820 from storage location 0001 to storage location 1001, the quantity is 33 EA. See below screen shot:


Save it,


The material document generated after posting.



2, We check this material document.  Execute transaction code MIGO, and then input material document to display its data. We just can see ONE item for this material document.

In the WM tab, we can see that the warehouse number is NM1, the WM level movement type is 311, the TR number is 113.


3, Execute transaction code MB51 to query goods movement.

We can see that this material document has 2 items.  Double click item number 1, SAP switches to MIGO display screen,


We can that there are 2 items in this screen, see above screen.


Let’s check the WM tab for those two items.

The WM tab for item 1,

Warehouse number:NM1

Movement type:311

TR number:113


The WM data for item 2:

Warehouse number:NM2

Movement type:312

TR number:3.


4, Let us check the data from the database opinion.

Execute transaction code SE16, table MATDOC.


Input the material document, execute, then we got below screen shot:


We can more intuitively see that it has two items, and the warehouse numbers are NM1 and NM2 respectively.


5, Now we execute the transaction code LT06 for this material document,


Enter, goto below screen,



Create TO document in background,


The TO number 156 of warehouse number NM1.


The TO document number 2 of warehouse number NM2.



That is to say, when we transfer the stock using movement type 311, if the storage location belongs to two different warehouse numbers, a TR document will be automatically created under the two warehouse numbers after SAP posting, so that the business personnel can create to documents in different warehouses to complete the operation at the WM level.



Note: This blog is based on SAP S4/HANA 1909 system.


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