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With ever increasing changes, CIO's of companies are acutely aware of the need to choose the right technologies and processes that will enable them to remain agile and respond rapidly to the changing demands of the business and users. The pace is quite demanding with changing distribution patterns, globalization of commerce, mergers and acquisitions - all allowing little time for reflection and the necessary standardization.

For SAP driven companies, the need is that the system should:

  • Have user-friendly screens,
  • Be error-tolerant and enable tedium-free data entry,
  • Lower training and maintenance costs,
  • Enable automation in business processes, and
  • Allow seamless integration with other platforms.

With this context, let me introduce GuiXT - a certified toolset, bundled within SAP Frontend - that readily delivers the following business benefts:

  • Reuse of current investment
  • Improved productivity and efficiency
  • Lower maintenance

GuiXT layers into the existing SAP implementation to bridge together disparate systems and modules into a logical ecosystem, which is easy to use, scalable, reliable, manageable and flexible. 

In further posts, I intend to share more specifics about how the SAP usability element can be addressed in multiple scenarios - leading to a greater user adoption and swift ROI for companies.

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