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This blog is related to SAP Travel Management Postings to FI. SAP Travel and Expense data posting to FI is one of the integration points of SAP Travel management along with HR module integration.

This blog is related to transfer additional data to the FI interface which is either missing or required for posting to FI. The method FILL_EXT_RAWDATA of the Badi Interface IF_EX_TRIP_POST_FI is used for the supplying additional data before the trips are posted to FI .

The transfer of additional trip data to FI requires implementing Badi TRIP_POST_FI. According to SAP this Badi is used for the following scenarios :

  1. Transfer missing fields of the accounting interface ACCIT in travel source documents to the Accounting System via the table CUSTOMER_EXTENSION.

  2. IF_EX_TRIP_POST_FI Change the field content of tables PTRV_DOC_HD/-IT/-TAX of the travel source documents; the changes made in table values here are not stored in the database.These fields must then be transferred in an Accounting user exit from table CUSTOMER_EXTENSION to the structure ACCIT in the next step

References : Object documentation SAP.

(1) The first step involves implementing Badi TRIP_POST_FI as show in the below screen Capture :

(2) As you can see, this BADI is filter dependent. please set filter for the company code ( bukrs ). as shown in the next screen capture.


(3) Now the Badi implementation has started, go to the interface tab and select class ZCL_IM_ZTRIP_POST and then select the method FILL_EXT_RAWDATA or double click on the method showing at the METHOD section as below :


(4) Here we are updating company code based on the value of field1 of extension structure which is set to Subsidiary. The method implementation is below :


(5) Badi implementation is complete, however, this does not transfer the update  to the ACCIT for transferring the fields to the FI. For this,  we have to implement customer enhancement to BAPI ACBAPI01 interface.

procedure for implementing user exit is as follows:

(a) start a new project in TCODE CMOD

(b)Goto Enhancement assignment and provide 'ACBAPI01' in the enhancements column.


(c)Click on Components and double click on EXIT_SAPLACC4_001 in the function exit section.

it usually shows the red instead of green but i already implemented it so that is why it is green.


(d) after going  in the function exit , there is a z include at the bottom for customer enhancements. Double click on the z include

(e) Now it is the time for writing code for the include and also a break point at the loop to see how data is moving.


(f) Now let see how data is moving , i am putting break points in method  call for FILL_EXT_RAWDATA in RPRPOSTD .

The data is moved to the IT_ACCIT internal table and which is further moved to GL .


The above process clearly explained how SAP exhibits data movements from SAP Travel Management to FI. The integration between modules with a way of customization as per client requirement is one of the benefits of SAP. SAP Travel Management manages trips with in the organization , this module is also integrated with HR . Again SAP shows the integration power of it by moving data to FI from Travel management using HR employee data.








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