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Most of us have bugged one time or other by the SAP session automatically logged off if not worked on it for a given period of time. Setting up the feature of logging off the inactive users like this improves the security as unattended systems do not stay active indefinitely . Controlling such time out is beyond control , however, as an expert SAP user, you can trick SAP and stay logged in even after the defined inactive interval set by the system administrator provided you have access to a particular type of SAP report.

This is how you can do it:

All you need to do is open up a SAP report ( a T-code) which has ‘Office integration ‘ option.  For example , Cost Center standard report  ‘S_ALR_87013611 -> Cost Centers: Actual/Plan/Variance’ . After running this report , you can see the  office integration button like this on tool bar .


After clicking the button, Office integration option will appear in end.  As default, ‘Inactive’ is marked .Change it ‘Microsoft Excel’ using the radio button and click OK.


   A default message will be displayed for enabling macros , Click on ‘Enable Macros’  button


The report will now open in ‘MS EXCEL ‘format and that’s it !!


Leave this report open and it will keep the system from logging off even with no activity in SAP for your idle time duration.

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