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Amy (HR): Congratulations John you are selected for this job. We have sent the offer letter to you on your email. Please accept by replying to that email. Your joining date is Jan 1st, 2021.

John (Candidate): Thank you so much Amy. I will reply to your email by EOD today with my acceptance.

Amy: Sounds good. I look forward to meeting you on Jan 1st at 8 AM.

John: Sure thing. Thanks again. Bbye.

Amy on Jan 1st: Hi John it's 10 AM are you on still on your way?

John: I am really sorry Amy. I couldn't call to inform you that I can't join. I am really sorry. Shall I call you back in some time?

Amy: Oh no. ok. Call me back when you have a minute.

It is common that employees sometime do not show up to start work. Offer is accepted but at the last moment due to certain reasons employees prefer not to join. HR has already processed the Hire action and due to certain limitations in the SAP HR/ECP termination cannot be processed the same day when employee is hired.

SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central (EC) does allow Hiring and Termination of employee on same day. This means that employee status can be changed from 'Active' to 'Terminated' on same day by processing termination after the hire event.

SAP HR/Employee Central Payroll (ECP) & SAP SuccessFactors EC are SAP offerings of course but due to the limitation, customers with Hybrid landscape or payroll on ECP always faced a challenge while Integrating EC with SAP Payroll system because Hire record from EC replicates to SAP HR/ECP successfully but Termination record (effective Hire date) does not. Replicating termination record results in an error in Payroll system saying "Do not add more than 1 employment status changing actions at same day".

Does that mean employee will be paid for a day without even joining? Answer is 'No'. There are certain ways by which employee can be ignored in payroll run in SAP HR/Employee Central Payroll.

  • Infotype 0003 has some attributes which can be utilized to exclude the employee from payroll run.

  • Employee can be deleted using transaction code PU00.

To overcome these challenges and standardize EC with SAP HR/ECP, SAP introduced 'No-Show' functionality in EC and SAP HR/ECP. The No show employees can be treated differently than Terminated employees which was a wish of most of the customers. To make sure No shows integrate successfully from EC to SAP HR/ECP below steps are performed.


  1. Add new event 'NS' in Event Picklist. SAP has always suggested not to create custom events because they are not supported by SAP but here SAP suggests to create this event. Eventually I believe SAP will make this a standard event.

  2. Add new value Employee status = RNS (Report No Show) in Employee status picklist

  3. Create new event reason for No show and assign it to new Event 'NS'

  4. Permission 'No show' feature from User Permissions ->Employee Data -> HR Actions -> Report No-Shows

No show can be executed from 'Take Action' button. It is available for a period of 30 days after the hire date of the employee. After 30 days No show can be executed directly in Job information portlet. Executing No show event will create a new record on same day in Job Info portlet on top of Hire record. No show event will not be added to Compensation portlet.

  • The vacant flag of position is 'No' on the day employee is Hired

  • Execute event No-show. The No-show date is not editable (for obvious reasons) and it is defaulted to Hire date.

  • If there are no reportees then the attribute 'Deactivate Position' will be enabled. If position management is enabled then this attribute should be selected as 'No' so that position can be released for new assignments. After No-show is processed the Vacant flag of position will be set to 'Yes' effective next day. You can update the position manually as per your requirement.

  • If there are reportees already assigned then attribute 'Deactivate Position' will be disabled and you will get an option to transfer the reportees to new manager (just like in case of termination).



  1. Implement a KBA/Install support package (different for SAP HR and ECP) so that Hire action in Infotype 0 can be replaced by No-show on same day.

  2. Create a new event for No show with employment status (STAT2) = 0 (Withdrawn)

  3. Map this event with No show event in EC

When EC and SAP HR/ECP are integrated then Hire action in Infotype 0 will be replaced by No show event on same day and employee status will become 'Withdrawn' that means employee won't be active for a single day as shown below. Therefore, employee will not be considered in Payroll run.


If New Hire and No show are replicated same day then No show is stored in IT0.

If New Hire and No show are replicated on different day then New hire in IT0 is replaced by No Show event.

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