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Hello All,

This blog will help you in adding a custom link(s) to any external/internal application or websites in the SuccessFactors Instance that will allow the user to navigate to Fiori Launch Pad or any third-party URL.

Pre - requisites:

Step 1: After Login to SuccessFactors instance, go to Admin Center, click ‘Configure Custom Navigation’ under ‘Company Settings’ as below.

Adding custom link for Fiori launchpad

Step 2: In Configure Custom Navigation screen, you can add your custom navigation links and make them display in Top navigation, the employee profile “Jump To” menu and/or in Action Search bar.

In the “Menu Item Label” provide the Label that needs to be displayed and provide an “ID” number.

Example: Fiori Launch Pad, 14

In the “Link Type” select if the link is

  • Internal Link -                            If the link is within SFSF and internal navigation

  • External Link-Same Browser -  If the link needs to open in the same tab

  • External Link-New Browser -    If the link needs to open in new tab

Example: External Link-New Browser

In “URL” column, paste the URL to be navigated. For Fiori Launch Pad for example as below


In “Menu Location” Column, select the location where the link needs to be displayed like in “Top navigation”, the employee profile “Jump To” menu and/or in “Action Search” bar.

Example: Action Search

In “Permissions” Column, select the permission role to whom the link needs to be displayed. This list is dynamic based on the roles available in the system.

Example: SF Admin

Step 3: Click “Save” and “OK” in the confirmation message.

We have now successfully added a custom link for Fiori LaunchPad. And it can be checked now.

Type the text “My Fiori LaunchPad” in “Search Action” bar and the label will pop up as below.

Click to navigate to the Fiori LaunchPad, it will open in new tab as below.

Adding custom link to any Website

Follow the steps 1 to 3 and provide the URL of any website.

For example: openSAP (https://open.sap.com/)

Go to “Employee Profile- Jump To”, the link to the website will be displayed as below.

Click to navigate to the openSap (any website), it will open in the same tab as below.



Guys, you can also check my blog on how to add custom fields in SuccessFactors screens in https://blogs.sap.com/2016/04/26/sap-successfactors-adding-custom-fields-field-types-picklist-values...


Thanks & Regards,

Sabina Paskuraj


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