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Background of ERP sourcing

In the ERP system, the sources are referred in the planning procedure to generate procurement proposals. Sources provides the material or service to achieve KPIs of the business. In this blog, we are going to discuss the material sources in the SAP ECC system and its simplification achieved in SAP S/4HANA.

The main source for the external material procurement is the vendor and for in-house procurement, it is own production shop. These sources are identified in the MRP run to finalize procurement proposals. In SAP, this mechanism is called Source Determination. Source determination is based on the master data definition. Following is the list of master data elements in the SAP which are used to finalize the procurement proposals.

Master Data in SAP Sourcing process

Master Data Used in ECC SAP S/4HANA
Bill Of Material In-house production Mandatory Mandatory
Routing In-house production Mandatory Mandatory
Production Version In-house production Optional Mandatory
Source List External Procurement Mandatory Optional
Purchasing Info-Record External Procurement Mandatory Mandatory


Concept of Source Determination in ECC

Before the introduction of SAP S/4HANA, due to the technical limitations of ECC, the source determination was based on the multiple user parameters. The user parameter values of Quota arrangement, BOM selection, Routing selection takes part in the planning run to help the correct source determination. In SAP S/4HANA, the process got simplified due to in-memory computing. The ECC source determination can be depicted as below,



Just looking at the procedure you can predict the longer runtime of the planning process in ECC. On the other side, the process is simplified in SAP S/4HANA to achieve better planning performance.


Simplification of Source Determination in S/4 HANA


The following changes are incorporated in SAP S/4HANA to achieve process simplification. (For reading refer SAP Note 2268069)


Functionality Changes in SAP S/4HANA Business Impact
MRP Indicator on MRP run transactions screen The creation indicator functionality is discontinued in SAP S/4HANA. This makes a clear separation of the Production planner job and Buyer job. The system creates the Planned order where procurement type = ‘E’ or ‘X’ and purchase requisition in case of procurement type = ‘F’
Field Quota Arrangement Usage (MARC- USEQU) in MRP 2 View is continued The quota is always part of the planning run Quota Management switching is not required.
Purchasing Info-record with sourcing information. The role of the source list is reduced in SAP S/4HANA. The info record with Indicator  "relevant for automatic sourcing"  will be considered for source determination. The Info-record is considered as a single element to determine the source.
Source List is no longer used for the preferred source determination in the planning run The source list is not used for the determination of vendor The source list use is limited to temporary block/enable the vendor for procurement.
The Selection Method ( MARC-ALTSL) in MRP 4 is discontinued The production version is a single source of supply for the in-house production User is required to create the number of production version as per Bill of Material variations
The order type attribute Routing Selection (T399X-ARBPA) in the OPL8 is discontinued. The production version is a single source of supply for the in-house production User is required to create the number of production version as per routings variations
Phantom assembly  The production version with BOM details is required for the phantom BOM Explosion. The production version is required for Phantom Assembly which will be without routing
Subcontracting BOM   The production version is mandatory for the Subcontracting BOM explosion. same like phantom assembly, the production version will be required for the subcontracted material


Conclusion -

  1. The concept of sources is unified - Sources (i.e. Production Version or Info Record) can have time validity, Quantity Validity, and deletion indicator. Even users can lock the source for automatic sourcing.

  2. Info record will be the single master data for the determination of external sources.

  3. Quota Management is part of planning - By maintaining quota, users can prioritize the source of supply or share requirements within the sources of supply.

  4. Production version is the single master data for the determination of in-house sources

  5. The sourcing structure of PPDS and ERP become analogous with the production version

  6. Future development in S/4 HANA will be based on this sourcing model.





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