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This was from yesterday's SAP User Group webinar covering SAP S/4HANA: New Deployment Tools for System Conversions.  It was full of new information (at least for me)

Source: SAP


Figure 2 Source SAP

The Readiness Check is one of the oldest tools, and has been updated.

Simplification items


Resources needed

Extend topic

Deep dive tools to help better assess/predict effort


Interface analysis - limited to BW extractors and Idocs

  • By end of year, may expect new features, new interfaces covered by this analysis

Business Partner is now included in this analysis

-enhancing this tile in readiness check, to give you more information

-customer/vendor records

Working on Finance

Figure 3 Source SAP


Run SUM, send to SAP

SAP has a database, not accessible to public

In that database collect statistics of upgrades/conversions

Collected data

Data by version, system type, productive or QA version

Intend to open data to public

  • An app in SAP Support launchpad - suggestions of how to shorten down time

  • How long phases take

  • How shorten some phases

It is a rough assessment, not a prediction

Will give you an estimate of how long it will be

Figure 4 Source SAP

Custom code

Now a commodity issue

Quick fixes - work in ABAP for Eclipse, automatically fix issues found in code inspector checks

60% automation with quick fixes

30% of code is unused - delete it upon conversion

Remaining with manual adaptation

Figure 5 Source SAP

When do a conversion, a chance to clean up system

If not done in conversion, it will stay in your system

When run sandbox conversion, update UPL or code monitor

Import stats in custom code Fiori App - creates transport

Figure 6 Source SAP

Available in ABAP in SCP


Figure 7 Source SAP


Only available in cloud

Response to question of how to go to back to standard program

SAP developing an approach to this

Measure how difficult it is to read / manage custom code

How often custom code changes

Bubble represent development packages - how difficult to maintain and change

Upper right corner is where money is spent fixing most difficult development packages

Tried with a few customers - picture is the same as above

Up to 1/3 to 1/2 able to find in S/4 to replace customer code

Figure 8 Source SAP

This one is little known

Fix custom code in sandbox, chances to get them to development - this is where retrofit comes into play

Custom code adaptations to feed back in

Helps to stay in sync

Figure 9 Source SAP

Standard conversion - less than 5TB

High end option for large systems - NZDT technology - minimization service - need SAP Services - also available for 1909

Middle option - starts converting to new data structures in up time, records changes, a stable technology, starting 2 years ago; preparing certification for partners so not limited to SAP Services

Bottom part shows a live example - First conversion took 111 hours; then with optimized downtime down to 24 hours

Figure 10 Source SAP

Finance conversion - several table changes, many tables become obsolete as move to universal journal

Tables have inconsistencies in redundancies in old data model

Root causes are different

Run this 3 to 6 months prior to conversion

Figure 11 Source SAP

Business partners are checked for inconsistencies

CVI cockpit - guides you through process of doing CVI

Move page in support portal - https://support.sap.com/en/offerings-programs/methodologies/sap-s4hana-movement.html


Figure 12 Source SAP

Can't use LSMW; can still run but not supported or recommended

Use migration cockpit

Data construction - data that you don't have today

Figure 13 Source SAP

S/4 Migration Cockpit

Figure 14

Migrate open items and master data - RFC connection

120+ objects available

Figure 15

What Idoc needed

Uses machine learning and crowd sourcing

Pricing for run time and design time


See free Open SAP course https://open.sap.com/courses/s4h16

See listing for webinars


And this webinar:


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