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Back to the blogging tutorial, I am an ASUG Volunteer & an SAP Mentor, trying to learn as much as possible about migrating to S/4HANA.

SAP User Group Webcast

SAP S/4HANA Movement – Consider Your Options

When customers want to Move to SAP S/4HANA they are facing two critical decision. On-Premise or Cloud and new implementation or system conversion. This decisions are affected by the customer’s business objective. Additionally, the customer need to choose the deployment lead and methodology/framework they want to use for the execution of their SAP S/4HANA project. The program is supporting the customers by showing them the available options, methodologies and frameworks in “Consider your Options”.

This webinar will show you how business objectives affect the customer’s transition and deployment decision, and how an SAP-led deployment can be differentiated from a partner-led deployment.

In this session, the following questions will be addressed:

  • What different business objectives can customers have?

  • How do the transition and deployment options look like?

  • What deployment lead options and methodologies/frameworks are available and how can they be differentiated?

Source: SAP

Source: SAP

Move to S/4HANA, target ERP install base, why move now, what are the options, target destination, how to optimize implementation

Source: SAP

Stages, define strategy, how prepare case, consider options, soon, build your future

Source: SAP

Which move scenario?

What is deployment option?

Greenfield, brownfield?

Source: SAP

First one, convert "as is"

Extended core - do the same, also implement selected new items out of S/4HANA

3rd - complete transformation, usually new implementation

Source: SAP

New core - conversion,

Extended - same scope as new enterprise core, complemented with more intelligent applications, may use new XM solutions

Last one - transformation - combine O and X data

Provided customer examples; not a technical IT question

Source: SAP

"consider cloud where feasible" - but too simplistic

Source: SAP

Industry differentiation tends towards more on premise

Cloud is also about mindset, mindset in IT, the way you operate becomes different than on premise

Source: SAP

Cloud " most integrated " across all modules, analytics, countries

- innovation continuously on a quarterly basis

- use standardized processes

- standard set of best practices

- configure where need it

On premise - as you know it, configure as you know it, flexible to run processes across LoB's

- annual updates

Same code line

Source: SAP

S/4HANA cloud single tenant edition - full ERP scope as on premise

Modifications are not allowed

Source: SAP

On premise with cloud in combination, scenarios shown above

- innovative smaller companies can be in cloud

- scenarios pre developed by SAP

Source: SAP

Leverage hyperscaler capabilities

Pay as you go

Source: SAP

Depends on IT, needs

Source: SAP

Some ERP customers are doing a new implementation, to do clean up on master data

Deployment options - S/4HANA cloud is new implementation only

Source: SAP

Conversion - reuse as they are, fast way to use S/4HANA, add innovation later

Source: SAP

8 guiding principles, never yes or now

Do current processes support long term strategy? If yes, conversion may be feasible

Can you work with standard best practices? If yes, bring agility, and new implementation

Can you convert in a single step? Conversion is a good approach

If require historical transaction data? Dig deeper, may not be case

Consolidate landscape - consider this in moving to S/4HANA, new installation

Softer criteria - number of interfaces

Innovation strategy

Every question is a multi day discussion

Source: SAP

Old term - system landscape optimization, typically a large company, multi SAP instance

Source: SAP

Use SAP Digital Services or experts

Source: SAP

New community for partners

Source: SAP

Classes with customers, not just make your case, goes further, discussions between customers to get to right strategy

Source: SAP

Summary of the slides

Source: SAP

SAP S/4HANA "Manifesto": https://www.sap.com/documents/2019/05/44b3ebd5-4b7d-0010-87a3-c30de2ffd8ff.html


So will you apply for the adoption starter program?
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