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Hello All,

With my recent experience in SAP S/4 HANA Migration cockpit in my role as SAP Finance consultant, where we migrated Asset balances,Exchange rates and GL balances with LTMC XML template, i would like to explain the step by step process of using LTMC Tcode.

There have been many blogs explaining the usage of Migration cockpit of SAP. In this blog, i am trying to explain the step by step process of how to use the transaction code LTMC.

The use of LSMW for data load to SAP S/4HANA is not recommended, hence an SAP Migration cockpit has to be used for migrations.

By end of this blog you will be able to browse through the LTMC tcode and understand the process and functions of Migration Cockpit.

Prerequisite: Web service has to be activated by using T-code SICF

High level Usages and advantages:

1)Standard XML template provided by SAP for each migration object and can be customized according to requirements.

2)User friendly and predefined process, with validation and simulation in place .

3)Useful for Master Data Migrations,open item migration, balance migrations,Asset migrations,etc.

4)Preconfigured Business Objects

4)Errors can be corrected on the fly.



Creation of project Name

All the available objects are copied automatically as per below screenshot.


For the purpose of Demo i have selected migration of GL balances .

Click on download template and the template will look like below

Once you fill the template, please upload the same using upload icon.

The task item is created once the upload is done.

Click on Activate icon

Click on Start transfer icon

The below screen will appear once the transfer is successful.

It can be seen that data will first get validated and then converted.

After the successful validation click on next icon.

The below errors have come up in conversion

To correct the errors you to click on each error item on the name field

Update the required document type in the customizing and click on save

Similarly clear all the error by selecting each line and saving the same.

Click on Next

Click on Next for update run

In My next blog i would try to give some Insights on new functionalities of S/4 HANA around the transaction Code SE16H ,Use of Worklist in Assets and CO-PA Realignment.


SAP best Practices for S/4 HANA Content Library:


SAP Note: 2287723 - LSMW in SAP S/4HANA on-premise



Praful Jain.



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