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In this blog post I will be focusing on the changes and new features that got added to SAP S/4HANA Migration Cockpit with 2020 version. SAP S/4HANA Migration Cockpit helps one with the process of data migration from SAP/Non-SAP systems to SAP S/4HANA with predefined migration objects. Migration object contains detailed information about source and target structures along with relationships and mapping information.

 If you are new to LTMC or SAP S/4HANA migration cockpit kindly refer the below links for a start:

The points below are corresponding to observations noted while comparing SAP S/4HANA Migration Cockpit 2020 version to 1909 FPS01.

To begin with we can find a lot of new migration objects being added with each release and below is count comparison of unique migration objects in both versions.

  1. Number of Unique Migration Objects

    • 1909 FPS01 – 279 Migration Objects

    • 2020 (Latest) – 367 Migration Objects

  2. Data migration approaches

    • Up to 1909 FPS01 version there was three migration approaches – Transfer data using Files (LTMC), Transfer data using Staging tables (LTMC) and Direct Transfer approach (Fiori App).

    • In 2020 version Transfer data using Files and Staging tables got combined into Staging table approach with fiori app for Migration cockpit and we also have direct transfer approach.

  3. Fiori Application Comparison

    • In 1909 FPS01 we have Migrate Your Data – Direct Transfer fiori app with only the direct transfer approach for copying data directly from SAP Source system to SAP S/4HANA using RFC connection.

    • In 2020 version we have Migrate Your Data – Migration Cockpit app with two options in create. First option direct transfer from SAP Source system and second option is a combined approach where population of staging table can be done using XML template file or SAP/Third-party ETL tools.

  4. Project Creation

    • In 2020 Migrate Your Data app for staging tables, you have an option to choose only migration objects that are relevant for the project (additional migration objects can be added after project creation also). While in case of LTMC for staging table in 1909 version all migration objects are automatically added in the project.

    • In the new version it is not possible to create or modify a project in a Production system (Non-modifiable). We must make all adjustments only in development system and import it back to production.

    • In staging table approach you can choose to create project with local DB connection or Remote Hana DB connection.

  5. New Features in Staging Table Approach

    • Button to download template for multiple migration objects together.

    • Monitoring screen to see the status and job details for all objects.

    • Mapping task button is a one stop for doing value mappings for all migration objects.

    • Instead of manually specifying values new approach to download mapping template can be used.

    • Error handling options:

      1. Using Message button in Migration Project level.

      2. History Tab in Migration Object Level.

      3. Click on error number in instance level.

    • Feature to process multiple objects at once and Job Management feature for adjusting job settings.

    • Instance based deletion feature from mass processing.

  6. New Features in LTMOM

    • Projects created via Fiori app are client dependent in 2020 version and can only be changed in the respective client. In older version migration projects can be used and edited in any clients irrespective of where it got created.

    • For projects created with new fiori application, new feature is available in LTMOM transaction (Under Goto button in Menu Bar) to reset transfer status of all selected records in the staging table or uploaded MS Excel XML files. The report DMC_MC_FM_RESTART_HANDLE is used for the same.

    • Till 1909 version import/export of projects was done using LTMC but with 2020 version Import/Export Project feature is available in LTMOM for projects created via Fiori app.

    • For translation objects – value range, the conversion settings checkbox which was there till 1909 is removed from 2020 version and the functionality is clubbed with ‘Case-Sensitive’ check box attribute for all parameters of the Translation Objects.

    • In LTMOM project log entries gets created if any lifecycle events occur like create, reset delete of Migration objects.

    • Custom Migration Objects - In addition to function modules, as of SAP S/4HANA 2020 CDS behavior definitions are also supported for Migration Object.

  7. New Features in Direct Transfer

    • New feature to delete the initial selection of data and reselect completely new data.

    • Download/Upload mapping template feature available in Fiori app (in 1909 its available only on LTMOM).

    • Transport of objects between systems by adding project to development package and transport request.

This sums up the major features and changes that came up with the 2020 release of SAP S/4HANA Migration Cockpit. Hope you find the blog post informative. For in depth and step by step details of these you can refer the below links:

  1. https://blogs.sap.com/2020/10/31/new-installation-of-sap-s-4hana-2020fps0-part-5-direct-data-transfe...

  2. https://assets.cdn.sap.com/sapcom/docs/2020/11/262ea09c-b97d-0010-87a3-c30de2ffd8ff.pdf

  3. https://open.sap.com/courses/s4h16

Thanks and Regards

Lakshmi Sankergi
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