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This was another session hosted by SAP Support

Source: SAP

Landscaping guidance related to S/4HANA

Source: SAP

Learning objectives are shown above

Source: SAP

Agenda is above; tutorial will be available later this year

Source: SAP

Landscape before and after

Source: SAP

Discovery phase

Which train (on-premise or cloud)

Key elements of discovery phase shown above

Source: SAP

Why move to S/4HANA?  Drivers are shown above

Source: SAP

Assess business/IT current situation.  Where is the ask for more innovation?  Cloud readiness?

Starting an exercise by function the better

Source: SAP

Landscape complexity; where are you in this grid?  Simplify the landscape, consolidate, harmonize

Source: SAP

Sample consolidation template

What is the business value? That should be the driver

Is it doable?

Source: SAP

May not be able to consolidate / harmonize in one "go".

Single instance may not be target architecture; may have regional instances

Source: SAP

Next step is to document current system, the characteristics

Source: SAP

"Typical" transformation steps

Cloud solutions; can stay on current on-premise solutions

Look at it by business function

Source: SAP

Differentiate how your run your supply chain; may want to extend solution.  Buy vs build, consider SAP Cloud Platform

Source: SAP

R&D is connected to core

Above is a sample

More functions in the core allow for tighter, real time integration

Integration scenarios often slow down the innovation pace

Source: SAP

Integration complexity is shown above

S/4HANA allows more back in the "core" - transportation management, etc.

Look at the digital core architecture

"Best of breed" may be more inflexible

Data warehouse does not take away the need for other integration solutions

Data warehouse helps with IoT solutions, help recognize real time patterns



Source: SAP

SAP classical finance, GL, material valuation, have successors in S/4HANA

CIC is deprecated; use cloud solution

Classic WM can be run in compatibility mode

Use MDG to clean data

Embedded analytics using CDS is the go-forward solution from HANA Live

Check with your vendor for 3rd party add-ons

Industry solutions are generally embedded in S/4HANA

Source: SAP

Key takeaways are shown above

Source: SAP

Source: SAP

Output from transformation landscoping session

Listen to the other MTEs https://support.sap.com/esacademy and enter the search tag “SAP S/4HANA Discovery”.

This was a lot to digest.  What do you think?

Updates from SAP:


#1  Please note that for customers, to access the SAP Learning Hub, edition for SAP Enterprise Support, a one-time registration is required. A detailed step-by step guidance can be found here. The MTE links below  will not work if the customer has not registered.

#2 Please note that only Enterprise Support customers are eligible to listen MTE recorded sessions


MTE (Meet-The-Expert) live sessions open for registration

SAP S/4HANA The Essentials Thus, Sep 20, 10:00 AM Eastern Time/New York

MTE (Meet-The-Expert) existing recorded sessions

SAP S/4HANA Discovery – Greenfield vs. Conversion Overview  delivered on Aug 21st

SAP S/4HANA Discovery – Transition Paths and Best Practices   delivered on Aug 23rd

SAP S/4HANA Discovery – Landscape Scoping  delivered on Aug 31st

SAP S/4HANA Project and Ongoing Effort   delivered on Aug 28th

SAP Readiness Check for SAP S/4HANA  delivered on July 24th

Build Your Product Roadmap – SAP Transformation Navigator delivered on Aug 8th
Build high-level benefits case with SAP Quick Value Assessment  delivered on Aug 9th

Source: SAP
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