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Hi All,
S/4HANA is steadily gaining shape in the market and so is the S/4HANA Embedded Analytics.

Through these series of blogs, am trying to give you a glimpse of various tools that are currently available for the customers.

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What is S/4HANA Embedded Analytics?
It is the collection of all Analytical Features integrated in the SAP S/4HANA Suite that enables, Business users or end users to perform real time analytics or operational reporting on the live transactional data. It comes with a set of predefined and prepackaged representations of operational data. These representations called VDM (Virtual Data Models) allows business users to derive good insights into the data.

Through this part, am going to take you through the new apps
a) Custom Analytical Queries:

a) Custom Analytical Queries:
Custom Analytical Queries is a tool used for reporting and analysis.
This can well be used by a Business user even if he doesn’t have the technical know-how.

We have different options like the following:
 Create filters
 Create Restricted Measures, Calculated Measures and User Input Filters
 Define Hierarchies.

Prerequisite Role: SAP_BCR_CA_ANA_AQD_PC


Click on the Following App(Extension Group).

You have the following options. Here, am clicking ‘New’.

Provide a Meaningful Technical name here. ZZ1 will be available automatically.
Also select the CDS view on top of which you want to create the analytical query.(using F4 help Repository)

Provide a meaningful description here:

Select the Fields that you want by clicking on the selection box. This will move the field from left side to the right side.

Display will show the overall configuration details.

You have also options for “Restricted Measure” and “Calculated Measure” here.


You even have the flexibility of adding some expression/ Exception aggregation for the calculated column:


You can apply some filters here.
There are lot of Filter options available here:

Once you have done the entire configuration, we can activate the analytical query:

You will see “Query Activated” message.

You can preview the data using ”PREVIEW” button.

You can even save this as a variant


You can see your custom analytical query in the main page, once the steps are completed.

In the next section, I will be taking you through another new app named “Custom CDS Views”.

Will share with you soon.

Thanks for going through the Document. Do let me know your Reviews and Suggestions.


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