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This was a Meet the Expert session

Source: SAP

Recorded sessions are available in the SAP Learning Hub


Focus to provide guidance on greenfield vs conversion project

Source: SAP

Learning objectives are shown above

Source: SAP

Tutorial available later this year

Source: SAP

Are you digital yet?



Source: SAP

Table reduction

Source: SAP

When take the S4 train?

Source: SAP

Full content available in October


Greenfield vs Conversion

Source: SAP

New implementation - greenfield


Landscape consolidation

Six questions are shown above

Moving the needle

If 6 answers are higher than 18 should do system conversion

If points lower than 18 go with new implementation

Can you move in a one step procedure?  Are there technical reasons you can do it in one step?  If you are typically on ECC 6.0, then have a clear 5 point answer

If system is still non-Unicode, then you have an additional step

If use classic GL, would have additional procedures

Business processes - do they fit the long-term strategy?  Is business interested in redesign

Best practices - interested in adopting?

Landscape consolidation - is it an important topic for you?

Fifth question is about historical transactional data - business requirement to keep - opt for conversion

Motivation for the project - business or IT?  Funding

IT-driven approach goes for conversion

Source: SAP

If you have old version of ERP, it may require a separate step

Classic GL - it would be easier to do a new implementation

Source: SAP

Readiness Check - see if there are obstacles in the system (e.g. custom code, add-ons)

Source: SAP

Model company; a preconfigured appliance; head start for a new implementation

More a business decision than IT

Source: SAP

If have more than 1 ECC system, look at landscape consolidation

Approach - data in hub - set up central hub as an intermediate step to consolidate the data

Source: SAP

Historical data - logon to the old system, read old system (an option)

Another option is to load historical data in BW

if valid business reasons you can keep transactional data in system then convert to S/4HANA; try to avoid this

New implementation  - only open items and balances/master data

Source: SAP

Business - typically new implementation

Source: SAP

Sample output of questions...

Source: SAP

Some takeaways

Source: SAP

See where the spreadsheet fits in the "Discover" phase

Source: SAP

Resources are shown above

Source: SAP

More resources from SAP:

https://support.sap.com/esacademy and enter the search tag “SAP S/4HANA Discovery”

Conversion Guide for SAP S/4HANA: https://help.sap.com/viewer/p/SAP_S4HANA_ON-PREMISE > Product Documentation > Conversion Guide

Understand the available transition options: Go to blogs.sap.com and search for https://blogs.sap.com/2017/07/06/how-to-find-my-path-to-sap-s4hana-understand-the-available-transiti...


Updates from SAP


MTE (Meet-The-Expert) live sessions open for registration

SAP S/4HANA The Essentials Thus, Sep 20, 10:00 AM Eastern Time/New York

MTE (Meet-The-Expert) existing recorded sessions

SAP S/4HANA Discovery – Greenfield vs. Conversion Overview  delivered on Aug 21st

SAP S/4HANA Discovery – Transition Paths and Best Practices   delivered on Aug 23rd

SAP S/4HANA Discovery – Landscape Scoping  delivered on Aug 31st

SAP S/4HANA Project and Ongoing Effort   delivered on Aug 28th

SAP Readiness Check for SAP S/4HANA  delivered on July 24th

Build Your Product Roadmap – SAP Transformation Navigator delivered on Aug 8th
Build high-level benefits case with SAP Quick Value Assessment  delivered on Aug 9th




Please note that for customers, to access the SAP Learning Hub, edition for SAP Enterprise Support, a one-time registration is required. A detailed step-by step guidance can be found here. The MTE links above will not work if the customer has not registered.


Please note that only Enterprise Support customers are eligible to listen MTE recorded sessions
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