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We all would have worked on Output Management at some point since our ECC days. With SAP S/4HANA a new Output Management using BRF+ was introduced by the SAP although NACE is still supported in On Premise world . Now if you are working on SAP S/4HANA Cloud Essentials you will only have BRF+ based Output Management to be used in your Implementation Project.

One Question that comes to our mind is how Output Management is different in Cloud as compared to On Premise; what all we need to be familiar with before working on Output Management in Cloud world. I have tried to consolidate key differences in table listed below:

Parameter On Cloud 2008 On Premise 1909

Output Options


  • Only BRF+ is supported


  • Both NAST and BRF+ are supported and customers can choose any one of them based on their requirements


Print Queues and CPM (Cloud Print Manager)


  • Printing is done either online from the web browser or in the background via a Print Queue and the Cloud Print Manager.


  • Uses Spool Administration




  • We use Fiori app “Custom field and Logic” for the writing routines on Cloud. For Pricing, we can

-- Define Requirement in Pricing

-- Define Alternative Calculation of Condition Amount

-- Define Alternative Calculation of Condition Base Value

For details refer OSS Note 2885513


  • We use transaction VOFM to configure the routines –Data Transfer, Requirements, Formulas and Copying Requirements


Forms Data Source


  • You can only use SAP Predelivered data sources with the forms layout on Cloud


  • You can create your own custom data sources and use them with Forms layout


Supported Channels


  • Channels supported and recommended with BRF+ on Cloud

-- Printer

--  Email

--  EDI (Data interchange via IDoC,XML,SOA etc )

  • Channels supported with BRF+ in On Premise

--  Printer

--  Email

--  XML

-- IDOC are not fully supported yet

For details refer OSS Note 2228611


Supported UI Technologies


  • Fiori apps only


  • Fiori



Output Configuration


  • Output Configuration on Cloud Essentials can be configured only using the Fiori application Output Parameter Determination.

  • NACE or OPD; either of them can be used for Output Management



  • SMTP is managed by SAP.

  • SMTP is configured and managed by the customers.

Assigning Forms /Email templates


  • You can assign the custom form or Email templates from Fiori app “Manage Your Solution


  • You assign the custom forms or Email templates from SPRO IMG: SAP Customizing Implementation Guide Cross-Application Components Output Control-Assign Form/Email Templates


Custom Forms with multiple Data Sources


  • You need to go for Side by Side extensibility using Form Adobe service of SCP in case custom development is required to fetch data from multiple data sources since on Cloud you can only use single data source


  • You can easily build custom forms and data sources for data fetching in On Premise system


Supported Form Types


  • Only Adobe forms can be used


  • You can use Smart forms and Scripts as well but Adobe Forms usage is recommended


Data Source Structure


  • There is no app to check the Data source structure in Cloud. Only alternative is to download the forms template and use its XSD file to see the elements and hierarchies in the form by either opening XSD in Notepad++ / By opening forms template in adobe life cycle designer


  • You can easily see the Interface structure behind the Form using transaction SFP


Prerequisite if any


  • Scope Item 1LQ needs to be activated by SAP before you can use Output Management which requires creating ticket to SAP. Also, Adobe life cycle designer access


  • None, apart from Adobe life cycle designer access



Summary: In this Blog I compared the 2 flavors of Output Management - On Premise and SAP S/4HANA Cloud Essentials. This would give glimpse of how the developments and Configurations vary in Cloud. Please refer my other 2 blogs, in case you want to learn more on Output Management on Cloud  : Form Developments Common Challenges and Quick Hacks and Side by Side Extensibility developments .



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