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Sometimes we get a document in ‘in-process’ status in ERR Monitor. Whenever a document has the status "in process" in AIF it is difficult for customers to identify the real reason why the status of this message is in process. Customers want to identify the real reason why the status of the message is 'In Process'. This is because every message will be assigned to the status "in process" when being persisted in the database. It will stay in this status until the process is successfully completed or ended in error. While there are different scenarios, the 'In Process' status will not be changed. To provide the customer with a better overview, SAP has introduced new solution, sub status within in-process document status, in release SAP S4HANA 1909.  There are now different sub statuses to describe the exact process which is currently ongoing. The following sub statuses exist:

Sub-Statuses for In-Process Status

SAP has also developed a new Status Adoption Report so that business decisions can be taken on specific type of sub-status and avoid delays in posting such documents.

User Guidance:

If you want to use this functionality, you need to follow he below steps:


In order to see and use the sub-status in the AIF error monitor, it must be activated in the AIF customizing -

Transaction Code: n/AIF/CUST and then System Configuration->Configure XML/Structured Persistence Runtime


SAP Easy Access -> Cross-Application Components -> SAP Application Interface Framework -> Interface Development -> Customizing -> System Configuration->Configure XML/Structured Persistence Runtime

2.Monitoring and Error Handling (AIF) Monitor -

After Activation of this new sub-sections a new subsection box is available where the various sub-statuses can be selected.

Transaction Code: FINS_CFIN_AIF_ERR (or /n/AIF/ERR)

Now we will execute it with this selection and validate the sub-statuses in the output screen -


This new functionality is having some limitation. This functionality is available for all CFIN interfaces, except those Related to SEPA Mandate and Project System Master Data Replication. For these two interfaces a new sub section box will not appears in the standard transaction FINS_CFIN_AIF_ERR or /AIF/ERR. (you can validate the interfaces in the above screen shots)

Status Adoption Report:

The Adoption report is provided to change the status of messages with a specific sub-status to the status ‘E’ error. The following conditions are required to be fulfilled in order to execute the report and get the desired outcome (error document) –

(i). Message is in status “in-process”

(ii). Sub-Status is ‘P’ (Processing)

(iii). No lock is active for the message

The above conditions indicates that either there is a dump occurred or there is any technical error occurred.

Status Adoption Report


Due to other scenario testing, in-process document to error is out of scope inclusion. Users can test the same in their respective environments.


SAP has given a great functionality of sub-status for in-process documents. Earlier, at times both business and IT were clueless about this status and it lead to custom development (report) to know the exact reason of issue. Many teams were involved o find out the exact root cause. Now with this new development, business can be informed immediately about the issue and appropriate decisions can be taken to achieve the zero touch processing of the documents replication. Also all the history will be maintained by default so there will reduced queries during Audit.


This Technical Blog is based on SAP S/4HANA 1909 FPS01 document. Check out what’s new document https://help.sap.com/doc/b870b6ebcd2e4b5890f16f4b06827064/1909.001/en-US/WN_OP1909_FPS01_EN.pdf for further information.
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