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We have discussed prerequisites, media download and HANA DB installation as a part of SAP S/4HANA 1809 Installation - Part 1.

Here we can the see installation of the S/4HANA Application server along with Fiori Components using combined SWPM and SUM.

1.     S/4HANA 1809 application installation

We have used SWPM 2.0 where it supports the SAP systems based on SAP NetWeaver ABAP on HANA only.

Extract SWPM 2.0

SAPCAR –xvf SWPM20SP01_10-80003424.SAR

Execute ./sapinst

Copy the URL from the output and run it in the browser. And provide root credentials as it prompts.

Run the Prerequisites check SAP S/4HANA server 1809 from below navigation.

Check the instances that need to be installed.

Select Database Type.

Give the path of the media where kernel files exist.

It detects the Kernel file from given path.

Looks everything OK. So continue further.

Next go ahead with Application Server ABAP installation as prerequisites check is fine. If you found any errors from above check, fix them and proceed.

Select Standard System from below path.

Next select Custom/Typical . Typical is with default settings and Custom is with customized settings.

Enter SAPSID =

And SAP mount Directory = /sapmnt

Check Set FQDN for SAP System and enter FQDN hostname of the respective system. If it is a domain installation.

Enter the master password for all the users created.

Enter password for SIDadm user.

Enter DB details like SID, DB host, instance no. etc...

Enter password for SystemDB.

Provide the path of media directory.

You can check the upgrade SAP Host Agent version, if we need to upgrade it to the latest version.

Provide the path for HANA client installation file.

In the next screen, give the path of first export file. No need to extract them. And it will detect the remaining files.

In the next screen, give the details of SYSTEMDB.

Enter passwords for DBACOCKPIT schema.

Give the number of parallel jobs to run for processing installation export.

Enter password for user webadm

Check below additional components - Web dispatcher and gateway to install and integrated in the ASCS instance.

Save below key for future reference when you perform a system copy using this backup to restore access to encrypted data.

Review all the parameters before proceeding further.

If all the values looks fine then proceed with Execution phase.

Installation of application server completed successfully.

Now login to the system through SAP GUI  and go ahead with post steps.


2. Add-on Installation using SUM

As we have executed combined SWPM+SUM. In this phase components like SAP FIORI for S4HANA, SAP FIORI FRONT-END SERVER and SAP S/4HANA  FOUNDATION will be installed in the system with latest stack.

Before executing SUM, configure TMS and to run R3Trans jobs during SUM execution.

Extract SUM in /usr/sap/SID/SUM and start the SUM tool. Copy the URL and run it in browser.


Give SIDadm user credentials.

In the next screen, give the path of stack downloaded.


Enter the passwords of users DDIC and SYSTEM.

Click Next to continue to phase Configuration.

Increase the number of process for UPTIME and DOWNTIME if required.

Enter password for user SAPHANADB.

Click Next by leaving them as-is

Click Next to continue.

Leave the column blank if you don’t have any change request.

Provide the SPDD adjustments and provide the transport request if any. As it is a new installation hope there will not be any modifications. Click Next to continue.

Click Next to continue to phase Checks.

Click Next to continue with phase Preprocessing.

Click Next to continue. SUM tool will lock the development environment and no changes are allowed.

Stop all production activities, suspend batch jobs, lock all the users and click Next to continue

Take a backup of the system and click Next once it is completed.

Preprocessing phase completed. Click Next to continue with phase Execution.

Take a full backup and click Next to continue.

Downtime phase completed. Click Next to continue.

Execution phase completed. Click Next to continue.

Click Next to continue.

SUM process successfully completed.

S/4HANA 1809 system is ready to use. ALL THE BEST!!



In this blog we have discussed the S/4HANA 1809 installation with combined SWPM + SUM, as a continuation to SAP S/4HANA 1809 Installation - Part 1. We will further talk about Fiori setup in S/4HANA 1809 in next blog.


Thank You!!



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