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Added : 20160928

An outlook on 1610 & prediction about overall S/4HANA Landscape evolve  is shared in

SAP S/4HANA Enterprise Management (Digital CORE) : Current Landscape & Evolution

HeadsUP : SAP S/4HANA Enterprise Management : OP 1610 Outlook

SAP S/4HANA 1511 - FPS02 (released MAY 2016)

Updates of this release added to the table. (selective areas)

SAP S/4HANA 1511 - FPS01 (released 3rd FEB 2016)

Updates of this release added to the table. (selective areas)

SAP S/4HANA 1511 - Initial Version & Feature Pack FPS1 , Feature Pack FPS2

This document is an effort to captures a summarized view of "Simplification-Listing" & the restrictions of KEY Functionalities.

Base information has been referred from SAP Notes, Release Information, S/4HANA 1511 sap help.

Application AreaAreaItem Description

FPS1 [1602]

FPS2 [1605]


GeneralSimplified Data Model in SAP S/4HANA FinancialsWith SAP S/4HANA, on-premise edition identically-named DDL SQL views (compatibility views) replace totals and application index tables in Finance. These views are generated from DDL sources. The replacement takes place during the conversion using SUM. Related data is saved to backup tables. The compatibility views ensure that database SELECTs still work. However, write access (INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE, MODIFY) was removed from SAP standard, or has to be removed from custom code. For more information, see SAP Note 1976487

2257555 - S4TWL - Selected Business Functions in Financial Accounting (FI-GL and FI-AA)

The usage of the following Financial Accounting business functions are not the target architecture in SAP S/4 HANA. With SAP S/4 HANA 1511 – FPS2 they are changed tocustomer-switchable and obsolete in SAP S/4 HANA 1511 – FPS2:

  • FIN_AA_CI_1:        FI-AA, Asset Accounting.
  • FIN_GL_REO_1:     FI-GL (new), Profitcenter Reorganization and Segmentreporting
  • FIN_GL_REO_SEG: FI-GL (new), Segment Reorganization

Asset AccountingAsset AccountingData structures in Asset Accounting have been changed massively
ControllingProfit and Loss Planning and Profit Center PlanningCO-OM planning, profit and loss planning, and profit center planning are now covered by Integrated Business Planning. For more information, see SAP Note 2081400
ControllingTransfer Prices/ Parallel Delta VersionsWith the merge of FI and CO into the Universal Journal a new approach for parallel valuations has been implemented. Existing solutions based on parallel delta versions for actuals in Controlling have to be adapted.

Cash Management

Cash Management

Classic Cash Management is replaced by the new SAP Cash Management powered by SAP HANA. If you used the classical Cash Management and convert to SAP S/4HANA, on-premise edition, you need to activate the new SAP Cash Management. For a more information, see SAP Note 2149337

Credit ManagementAuto-Migration

The tools that support an automated migration from FI-AR Credit Management to FIN-FSCM Credit Management cannot be used in SAP S/4HANA, on-premise edition 1511

SAP Provides tool to carry out a migration from FI-AR-CR to FIN-FSCM-CR

Credit ManagementCredit check on basis of Maximum document value

Credit check on the basis of the maximum document value is not supported

Not supported.

It is supported as of SAP S/4HANA, on-premise edition 1511 FPS2.


1511 sps 00



2233501 - SAP S/4HANA, on-premise 1511: Restriction Note for S/4HANA Finance

2127080 - Release restrictions for SAP Simple Finance on-premise edition 1503 apply to 1511 too

Fiori Fact Sheets in the area of Accounting cannot be used

CO allocation do not support multiple currencies (this restriction is planned to be resolved with SP01)

For the consolidation solution EC-CS, you can no longer define a custom characteristic using the data element or domain MATNR (or any derived). If you are already using a custom characteristic based on the data element or domain MATNR, you cannot upgrade to S/4 HANA. Appropriate transition pre-checks are in place to give the customer the opportunity to check such a situation already on start release

Central Finance

2298404 - Central Finance: Collective Note for S4Hana On-Premise 1511 FPS2

This note describes corrections and improvements for Central Finance shipped with the S4Hana, on-premise edition 1511 FPS2 & is only relevant for S/4Hana On-Premise 1511

Master Data
Business PartnerBusiness Partner

The Business Partner approach is mandatory in SAP S/4HANA.

The Business Partner is now capable of centrally managing master data for business partners, customers, and vendors. With current development, the Business Partner is the single point of entry to create, edit, and display master data for business partners, customers, and vendors.

• maintenance of recipient master data is not possible because Application Equipment & Tools Management is not released  with this release

• ONLY 85 customer & supplier fields in transaction BP are delivered, others cannot be maintained.

The supported-field-list in Transaction BP has increased. With FPS 01 - list of fields delivered has increased. Of interest are Incoterm, Customer-General data, fields, many Additional ( LFM2 Table) fields, (LFM1) Purchasing Fields and LFA1 table fields were added.

Product MasterMRP in Material Master

The MRP functionality has been optimized for Material Master in SAP S/4HANA for simplification purposes.

For rmore information, see SAP Note 224371 .

Restrictions : (sNOTE#  2237351)

Source list is not considered by MRP sourcing. As workaround use purchasing info records relevant for automatic sourcing.

• HANA MRP does not yet create capacity requirements. As workaround use classic MRP (transaction MD01).

Extended Material NUMBERExtended Material Number

In SAP S/4HANA, the material number field length has been extended from 18 to 40 characters.

SAP S/4HANA supports material number with up to 40 characters. Therefore, the maximum length of the fields that handle the material number has been extended from 18 to 40 characters

2215424 - Material Number Field Length Extension - General Information

2216958Precheck Program for Migration to SAP S/4HANA with regards to Material Number Field Length Extension...
2216654Material Number Field Length Extension - BOR Objects
2215852Material Number Field Length Extension: Code Adaptions
2214790Material Number Field Length Extension - UIs

see notes 2215424 and 2218350

in FPS2

2310255 - Material Number Field Length Extension - Structures used in Workflow Containers

Logistics -

MMO : SCM & Manufacturing

MM-IM Inventory ManagementSimplified inventory management data model

Significant changes of the data model. The new de-normalized table MATDOC has been introduced which contains the former header and item data of a material document as well as a range of other attributes. Material document data is stored in MATDOC only. Actual stock quantity data will be calculated on-the-fly from the new material document table MATDOC for which some of those additional special fields are used.

Adoption effort on DDIC level for customer appends and coding adjustments for performance critical parts may be required Restrictions :

Printing & Archiving of Material Documents is not possible. It is planned to be realized for the next Service Pack. (snote# 2237351)

2206980 - Material Inventory Managment: change of data model in S/4HANA

2259038 - S/4HANA: Partitioning of table MATDOC

2236753 - S/4HANA MM-IM migration: error, post-processing and info messages

General MM-IM migration informations and the SUM downtime-only migration phases - upgrade note


2281657 - S/4HANA MM-IM migration by SUM with sMIG feature

The sMIG option of SUM for a nonHANA ---> HANA migration is available with release 1511 FPS2 on premise only in a restricted mode on request from SUM LM team.

MM-IM - Inventory ManagementMaterial Valuation

To achieve a significant increase of transactional data throughput for goods movements, we recommend to deactivate the statistical moving average.

Caution : The deactivation is not reversible.

The deactivation of the statistical moving average is the consequence of a new lock behavior for materials with price control "Standard".

MM-IM Inventory ManagementMaterial Valuation

Material Ledger Obligatory for Material Valuation.

Even though Material Ledger is become obligatorily active, Actual Costing is not. Activation of Actual Costing is

still optional.

If customers are not using the material ledger already it will be activated during the conversion process. In

MM02 and MR21 material prices can now be maintained in multiple currencies. In Financials the inventory

account balances are calculated separately for each currency and result therefore in a cleaner and more

consistent valuation in other currencies than the local currency

Conversion Pre-Checks SAP Note: 2194618

SAP Note: 2129306

Custom Code related information SAP Notes: 1804812


Before S/4HANA, the inventory valuation tables xBEW(H) - tables: EBEW, EBEWH, MBEW, MBEWH, OBEW,

OBEWH, QBEW, QBEWH - contain transactional as well as master data attributes.

With S/4HANA, the inventory valuation tables do still exist as DDIC definition as well as database object.

However, they will only be used to store material master data attributes. The transactional fields LBKUM,

SALK3 and SALKV will be retrieved from the Material Ledger. (From S/4HANA 1610 these transactional fields

will be retrieved from the Universal Journal Entry Line Items table ACDOCA and the Material Ledger table. For

more detailed information please see SAP Note: 2337383).

You need to migrate the Material Ledger even if you are already using SAP Simple Finance (that is, you are migrating from SAP Simple Finance to SAP S/4 HANA Inventory Management).

In addition, you need to migrate the Material Ledger even if you are already using the Material Ledger in your source system.

If you performing

an upgrade from S/4HANA 1511 to S/4HANA 1610, no manual IMG Material Ledger data migration is necessary.

Customizing Migration

from ERP or Simple Finance to S/4HANA 1610: transaction: SPRO --> Migration to SAP

S/4HANA Finance --> Preparations and Migration of Customizing --> Preparations and

Migration of Customizing for Material Ledger --> Migrate Material Ledger Customizing

Data Migration :

from ERP or Simple Finance to S/4HANA 1610: transaction: SPRO --> Migration to SAP

S/4HANA Finance --> Data Migration --> Start and Monitor Data Migration

Please refer to first column -details about

The transactional fields LBKUM,

SALK3 and SALKV 's retrival from ACDOCA instead of Material Ledger tables

PLM - Product Lifecycle ManagementBOM, Routing, and Production VersionOnly BOMs with valid production version are considered during BOM explosion. Therefore, it is mandatory for manufacturing BOMs to maintain the product version for correct BOM explosion. For all BOMs in the system, we recommend to maintain product versions using the report Product Version Migration for BOM (Report :  CS_BOM_PRODVER_MIGRATION).
QM - Quality ManagementITS services for results recording, quality notifications, and quality certificates

The ITS services for the Internet Application Components (IAC) in QM are not available SAP S/4HANA, on-premise edition 1511.

Instead, use the corresponding QM transactions in SAP GUI for HTML, or use the Web Dynpro applications, which are part of the PFCG role for NWBC Quality Inspector (SAP_SR_QUALITY_INSPECT_5).

PP - Production PlanningProcess Control Messages Control InstructionsThese functions will be consolidated. Once the successor functions are available, these transaction codes will be replaced in a future release

The HANA-Optimized MRP


SAP S/4HANA features MRP Live --> an MRP run optimized for SAP HANA.

* MRP Live reads material receipts and requirements, calculates shortages, and creates planned orders and purchase requisitions all in one database procedure - Optimizes Performance

* The definition of the planning scope is more flexible. MRP Live allows you to plan a set of materials with all components, materials for which a certain production planner is responsible, or one material across all plants.

* MRP Live determines the sequence in which materials have to be planned across several plants.
* MRP Live is a prerequisite for the future production planning and detailed scheduling PP/DS solution in SAP S/4HANA.


Classic MRP is still available as an interim solution, which at the moment has to be used in the following cases: 

(1) Capacity requirements shall be created by MRP

(2) For creating MRP lists.


MRP live differs from classic MRP in the following aspects: 

* MRP live does not write MRP lists. 

* Multi-level, make-to-order planning (transaction MD50) is not optimized for HANA. 

* Individual project planning (transaction MD51) is not optimized for HANA.

* The creation indicator for purchase requisitions is not available in MRP Live. MRP Live always creates purchase requisitions if the material is procured externally. 

* The creation indicator for delivery schedule lines is not available in MRP Live. MRP Live always creates delivery schedule lines if a valid delivery schedule exists.

MRP-Live Limitations

** The actual benefit of MRP-LIVE will depend on the following: MRP features used, Number of materials planned using MRP-LIVE, Number of materials planned using Classic MRP, Number of low-level codes.

In MRP Live, following functions are not supported:

*BAdIs no Longer Supported

* MRP Live does not support net change planning in the planning horizon. The planning horizon is ignored.

* Multi-level, make-to-order planning (transaction MD50) is not optimized for MRP Live.

* Individual project planning (transaction MD51) is not optimized for MRP Live.

* The new MRP Live is designed to be faster but will not support all these existing business processes right away.

Custom-Code check -

LONG LIST of checks.....…..

MRP Live is implemented in SQLScript running on the database server as opposed to classic ABAP code, which is performed on the application server. Any enhancement or BAdI implementation of the classic MRP run does not work with MRP Live. A new set of AMDP BADIs will be available for MRP Live from SAP S/4HANA on-premise edition 1603. BAdI implementations of the classic MRP have to be translated into AMDP BAdI implementations if still required. list of BADIs

PPSimplified Sourcing

MAJOR Logic change & Simplification makes ERP sourcing and PP/DS sourcing become more similar.

The different sources of supply are pretty symmetrical.

Sources of supply have a temporal validity, a quantitative validity, a deletion indicator, and a "relevant for automatic sourcing" indicator.

The sourcing logic can treat the different sources of supply in a uniform way 

Quota arrangements can be used to prioritize any of the possible sources of supply

Purchasing info records are proper sources of supply.

The SAP S/4HANA MRP can select purchasing info records without source list entries. It is sufficient to define the supplier information of a material in the purchasing info record. 

Production versions make sure BOM and routing fit together 

Production versions have always been the only in-house production source of supply integrated with APO PP/DS. With production versions as the only in-house production source of supply, ERP sourcing and PP/DS sourcing become more similar. 

Purchasing info records, contracts, and delivery schedules have always been the external procurement sources of supply integrated with APO. With purchasing info records being proper sources of supply, ERP sourcing and PP/DS sourcing become more similar

A unified source of supply model is the basis for future innovations in sourcing

Impact on Customer Coding

If you implemented BADI MD_MODIFY_SOURCE in SAP ERP, then one should check if the intended functionality still works.

Also check changes in alignment with "MRP-LIVE" - Optimized MRP processing.

SCM-CIFInterfacing with CIF

CIF does not work with LONG Material Number

"The Core Interface which is used to transfer master data from S4HANA to another application like SAP EWM, SAP TM or SAP SCM does not support the new long material numbers.

In case the automated exchange of master data using CIF is required the material number field length extension has to be deactivated in the following IMG-activity: In Customizing for S4HANA, choose -> Cross-Application Components -> General Application Functions -> Field Length Extension -> uncheck: Extended Material Number"

LE-TRATransportation Management

LE-TRA Using LE –TRA is not supported. Instead use “Strategic Solution” SAP Transport Management.

Integration Scenario :

(SAP TM 9.3 SP02 & SAP S4/HANA, on-premise edition 1511  SP0, FP1)

Supported Scenarios :

* Order integration

* Invoice integration

* Sales order scheduling

Not Supported Scenarios :

* Self-billing is currently not supported. : In SAP S/4HANA, the setting to activate the self-billing process is not available in master data. This will be resolved with SAP S/4HANA FP1.

* Invoice document creation/printing is not supported for forwarding processes (LSP scenario; SD based). Billing simulation (print preview) and printing of billing document created for SAP TM are not supported.

* Intercompany billing is not supported. Automatic creation of intra-system supplier invoice and posting to agency business are not supported.

LE-WMW/h Management

Usage of LE-WM not supported. Recommendation is to use "Strategic Solution" - SAP Extended W/h Management (SAP EWM)

Integration Scenario : SAP EWM 9.3 SP03 and SAP S/4HANA, on-premise edition 1511

Supported Scenarios

* SAP EWM 9.3 can be connected to SAP S/4HANA, on-premise edition 1511 and supports the same scenarios as with SAP ERP Enhancement Package 7

Not-Supported Scenarios

* The returns process for stock transfer orders between two EWM warehouses via SAP S/4HANA, on-premise edition does not fully work. However, you can use a new stock transfer order to reverse the process. This will be resolved with SAP S/4HANA FP2.

Procurement2317116 - Release Information Note S/4HANA, on-premise edition 1511 FPS2 Materials Management
GeneralCo-Deployment with SAP Supplier Relationship Management (SAP SRM)

If you run SAP SRM and SAP Business Suite on one server, you cannot convert your system to SAP S/4HANA. It is not possible to install the SAP SRM software components within the SAP S/4HANA stack. Accordingly, the related conversion pre-check prevents such systems from being converted. If you run SAP SRM and Business Suite on separate servers, you can continue to integrate SAP SRM with the converted SAP S/4HANA system

SAP SLC & SAP S/4HANA - Sourcing & ProcurementSupplier Category Management

Supplier and Category Management in SAP S/4HANA is CURRENTLY not identical with the SAP SLC functionalities

Not in SAP S/4HANA

All sell-side processes: Supplier Registration and Supplier Data Maintenance

Several buy-side processes: Supplier Hierarchies, Supplier Classification, Area of Validity in Supplier Evaluation, Supplier Qualification, Certificate Management, External Tasks in Activity Management

MDG-SMaster Data Governance for SupplierMDG-S : After the conversion to S/4HANA, customers using standalone SAP SLC system & communicating with SAP ERP have to use MDG-S (Master Data Governance for Suppliers) for supplier distribution. The MDG-S license is not part of the SAP S/4HANA. & implementation is separate project
MDMSAP SRM MDM CatalogSAP SRM MDM Catalog* >> Limited Functionality available in 1511. * Roadmap-item. Existing SRM MDM can be integrated with SAP S/4HANA 1511 as punch-out catalog via OCI
AutomotiveLong Material Number

The industry solution for long material numbers has been replaced by a native long material number in SAP S/4HANA. That replacement has a technical impact, no business impact. Both Material# & Material Description are now 40Char.

Extended Mat# - is not visible in LIS (snote# 2232362)

Customer and supplier mat# mainly used in communication remain 35Char (snote#2232366)

Concatenated Mat# in archived data (snote# 2232391) – is being worked on

GeneralDIMP Added to the CORE

Migration of software component ECC-DIMP to S/4 HANA

Business processes of DIMP added to CORE, however there are Restrictions with processes. Refer to Industry Restrictions SAP Notes.

Sales & Distribution
AnalyticsLogistics Information System (LO-LIS) for Analytics obsolete

Simplification in SD analytics follows the overall analytics strategy in SAP S/4 HANA.

Instead of prebuilt aggregates and redundant data for analytical purposes, the SAP S/4HANA Analytics approach is based on ODATA and Open CDS (ABAP-managed CDS = Core Data Services) directly on top of the original database. Corresponding analytics content will be provided within SAP S/4HANA

Foreign TradeForeign Trade process  covered by SAP GTS

With SAP S/4HANA on-premise edition 1511, the business requirements for foreign trade are covered by SAP Global Trade Services (GTS).

SAP GTS can be natively integrated with S/4HANA with limitations.

Please refer sNOTE# 2226408 - Global Trade Services and S/4HANA oP: compatibility information & SAP #sNOTE 2238122 , 2214213

With S/4HANA on-premise edition 1511, the following restrictions apply:

Not Supported - Automatic creation of Intrastat declarations :

• SD dispatches and receipts (report RVEXST00, transaction VE01) >> FPS1

• MM receipts (report RMIMST00, transaction MEIS) >> FPS1

• MM dispatches (report RMEXST00, transaction VI99) >> FPS1

• Intercompany billing receipts (report RVIVST00, transaction VI98)

Not Supported - Transfer of S/4 Docs to an external GTS System

• SD dispatches and receipts (report /SAPSLL/IS_SD, transaction /SAPSLL/IS_SD  >> FPS1

• MM receipts (report /SAPSLL/IS_MM, transaction /SAPSLL/IS_MM) >> FPS1

• MM dispatches (report /SAPSLL/IS_MM_RET, transaction /SAPSLL/IS_MM_RET) >> FPS1

• intercompany billing receipts (report /SAPSLL/IS_SD_IB, transaction /SAPSLL/IS_SD_IB)

Not-Supported Intrastat Declarations :

• third party declarants

• Baltic countries (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania)

• Greece

• Services in Intrastat declarations are not supported

FPS1 Update

To address restrictions, Implement NOTE# 2251597, 2248819

Apply NOTE# 2251597,

• For SD dispatches and receipts , however still automatic creation of Intrastat declarations based on the pro forma invoices is not supported (this is relevant for dispatches of components to subcontractor, standard billing type FL)

Implement NOTE 2251597 and 2248819

• MM receipts 

• MM dispatches



With S/4HANA on-premise edition 1511 FPS2 (1605) (SP02), ONLY the following restrictions apply:

  • Intrastat declarations for third-party declarants are not supported
  • Intrastat declarations for Greece are not supported
  • Services in Intrastat declarations are not supported
Commodity ManagementCommodity Management Sales

If Commodity Business Functions are active in your system, you cannot convert the system to SAP S/4HANA. A conversion pre-check will check the use of these Business Functions and prevent the conversion if they are active

BillingOutput Management Simplified output management in SD Billing

With SAP S/4HANA a new output management approach is in place. The target architecture is based on Adobe Document Server and Adobe Forms only.

Billing documents that are migrated from legacy systems and for which NAST based output have been determined, can be processed with this technology. For all new billing documents the new output management is used.

Therefore, in the area billing / customer invoice you need to adapt the configuration settings related to output management.

Contract BillingContract Billing

Contract Billing is not available in SAP S/4HANA, on-premise edition 1511. If you used Contract Billing in SAP ERP and plan to move to SAP S/4HANA, you have to remodel your business processes.  

Revenue Recognition

ERP SD Revenue Recognition  >>

SAP Revenue Accounting and Reporting

If you are using "SD-Revenue Recognition" you need to evaluate if a migration to "SAP Revenue Accounting and Reporting" is possible for your business before you decide to Conversion to S/4HANA

Release 1.1 of "SAP Revenue Accounting and Reporting" does not include the full functional capabilities of SD-Revenue Recognition.

Examples of not available functionalities in SAP S/4HANA,on-premise edition 1511 are: 

Revenue Recognition Type D (billing based): Invoice cap and exchange rate per invoice are not available. 

Call off Orders: While SD-Contracts are supported call of orders are not available

Credit ManagementFI-AR-CR >> FIN-FSCM-CR

The FI-AR-CR Credit Management is not available with SAP S/4HANA,on-premise edition 1511

The functional equivalent in SAP S/4HANA is SAP Credit Management (FIN-FSCM-CR)

One need to carry out a migration from FI-AR-CR to FIN-FSCM-CR.

This migration has several elements:

•configuration data

•master data

•credit exposure data

•credit decision data

SAP NOTE : 2217124

"Auto-Migration Tool not available" - please check comments in "Credit Management" section above.

SD-PricingData Model Changes in Pricing


• Data Elements Changed

• Length of several data elements changed

• “Obsolete Fields” not available in PRCD_ELEMENTS

** Cookbooks provided by SAP, however code-adaption  Custom-CODE will require definitive efforts.

Post-processing report PRC_MIG_POST_PROCESSING ASAP

Impact on Customer DDIC enhancements

append structure to PRCD_ELEMENTS & PRCD_ELEM_DRAFT

Append PRCD_Elements in conversion phase SPDD

enhance CDS view V_KONV & V_KONV_DRAFT

Impact on Customer Coding

It is strictly forbidden to insert, update, or delete any entries in database table KONV directly.

Mandatory to use the new pricing result API to access the database layer (new pricing result API is part of package VF_PRC_DB)


2295007 - Shipping Apps for On Premise 1511 FPS2

New Release Build for OP 1511 FPS2 Apps:

Create Outbound Delivery

Aalyze Outbound Delivery Logs

Outbound Deliveries

Pick Outbound Delivery, additionally Output Management removed

2290533 - New Tiles for Shipping Roles for OP1511 FPS2

New Transactions for Launchpad for On Premise 1511 FSP2 are delivered for Roles:


VG01     Create Delivery Group
VG02     Change Delivery Group
VG03      Display Delivery Group
VL06C     Outbound Deliveries for Confirmation
VL06D     Outbound Deliveries for Distribution
VL06F     General Outbound Delivery List
VL06G     Outbound Deliveries for Goods Issue
VL06L     Outbound Deliveries for Loading
VL06P     Outbound Deliveries for Picking
VL06T     Outbound Deliveries for Transportation Planning
VLPOD    POD - Change Outbound Delivery
VLPODA  POD - Display Outbound Delivery
VLPODL  POD - Deliveries Worklist
VLPODQ  POD - Automatic Confirmation


VL06IC  Inbound Deliveries for Confirmation
VL06ID  Inbound Deliveries for Distribution
VL06IF  General Inbound Delivery List
VL06IG  Inbound Deliveries for Goods Receipt
VL06IP  Inbound Deliveries for Putaway
VL34     Inbound Deliveries for Purchase Orders
VL60     Extended Delivery Processing

Supported IndustriesAreaItem DescriptionFPS1FPS2
Aerospace & Defense ** supported "with Restrictions" in 1511

supported "with Restrictions"

Restrictions from being used

( i ) Manufacturers Part Number (MPN) enhancement from from DIMP Industry Add-on

(ii)  Part Interchangeability enhancement from the former DIMP Industry addon

(iii) Valuated GPD (Grouping, Pegging, Distribution) - Valuated Project Stock

(iv) GPD use of Stock Transport Order (STO) with Delivery Document

(v) (PDN) Product Designer Work Bench >> Replaced by Product Structure Management

(vi)  For Customer Stock-Load, instead of MIGO transaction MT711B, use MB11  until fixed

(vii)  IS-ADEC-WTY

(viii) Production Order Split does not support GPD

Defense and Security

Defense and Security ** supported "with Restrictions" In general SAP for Defense Forces and Public Security (SAP DFPS) is released for use in SAP S/4HANA on-premise edition 1511 FPS01 (SP01).

Restrictions from being used

With SAP S/4HANA, on-premise edition 1511 FPS01 (SP01), the following restrictions apply:

( i )Distributed system landscape scenarios ("Deployed Server") are not (yet) available

=> e.g. Business Function DFPS_PM_DIS_SIG must not be activated.

(ii) SAP Mobile Defense & Security (SAP MDS) is not (yet) available.

=> e.g. Business Functions DFPS_MDS_INTEGRATION and DFPS_MDS_INTEGRATION_2 must not be activated.

(iii) SAP Military Data Exchange (SAP MDE) is not (yet) available.

(iv) SAP Defense MILSTRIP Purchasing (SAP DMP, Foreign Military Sales) is not (yet) available.

(v) Defense-specific eSOA services are not available.

(vi) Business Content in SAP Business Intelligence (SAP BI) for the SAP for Defense Forces & Public Security solution, as well as the Defense-specific BI-extractors are not available.

** Also refer to Aerospace & Defense restrictions of 1511.

Higher Education and ResearchYet to Analyze
Other Info2315203 - Suggested order for note installation within Implementation Framework Infrastructure based...



2189824 - SAP S/4HANA, on-premise edition 1511: Release Information Note

2214213 - SAP S/4HANA, on-premise edition 1511: Restriction Note

2214409 - The release information for Add-Ons.

2182725 -  Procure latest SAP Notes for Pre-Checks

2241080 - Custom Code Checks

2190420 -  SAP S/4 HANA: Recommendations for adaption of customer code

SAP S/4HANA, on-premise edition – SAP Help Portal Page


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