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Hello All,

Welcome to my blog, today I am going to discuss about the activation of the Material Ledger in SAP S/4 Hana, as it is one of the most noted update from the ECC from a SAP consultant's perspective.

Often, we forget or miss these important steps that are necessary for creating the material master (MM01), and at the end we get this error called, the "Activation of Material Ledger for the Valuation Area."

This steps were very much useful for the consultants and my aim of writing this blog is for the consultants, who are habituated with SAP ECC configurations and are slowly moving towards or working on HANA implementation projects. This blog documents all the necessary steps, that are to be confirmed to pass all the "Test Runs" of "CKMSTART".

So, the sequence of the T-Codes used in this blog for the Material Ledger Activation will be as following:-

  1. OMX2 - Defining Material Ledger Type

  2. OMX3 - Assigning Material Ledger Type to the Valuation Areas

  3. OMX1 - Activation of Material Ledger

  4. CKMSTART - Test Runs and Production Startups of the Valuation Area.




So, please share my blog and do post your opinions regarding the same.


  1. Re-check the currency assignment during the company and company code creation.


2. After defining a Material Ledger Type in the T-Code (OMX2), re-check whether it picked the default currency i.e - "Company Code Currency" in the "Define individual charecterestics" by selecting your Material Ledger type.


3. Go to the T-code (OMX3), - Assignment of Material Ledger Types to Valuation Area and        assign your material ledger that you have defined earlier, check whether you got a green icon🟢 in the "Status" , if its a red 🔴 symbol, then you will have waste some more clicks of your mouse to get it going !


4. Go to Financial Accounting Global Settings --- Ledgers and Currency Types, assign the currency conversion settings as per the need of your client.


5. After doing this comeback to the T-code (OMX3), you will get the status as "🟢"


6. After this go to the T-Code (OMX1) -- ensure the "Material Price Determination" box assigned with the predefined entities of SAP and mark the ML Activation Checkbox.


  1. Run the T-code "OBY6", assign the Chart of Accounts, Fiscal Year Variant and other finance related configurations, if not configured earlier - IF DONE EARLIER SKIP THIS.


8. Finally Run the T-Code "CKMSTART", select test run, if everything configured correctly,you will get a all green screen confirming the same.


9.After all this, remove the tick from the "Test Run" and hit on "Execute" and finally your valuation area is set as "PRODUCTIVE".


Key Takeaways from this Blog :- Activation of the Material Ledger in SAP S/4 HANA.


Do Share my Blog and also please follow me on the SAP community.



Blog Written By,

Er. Pratik Das

SAP Enthusiast

B.Tech (Mechanical Engineering)

LSSWB & LSSYB Certified Engineer

ISO 9001:2015 QMS Auditor.

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