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This blog talks about some of the lessons learnt while doing CVI conversion. One of the major changes in the system after upgrading is the vendor number now changing to a BP. The blog talks about some issues and roadblocks we came across after doing conversion and how to go about fixing them.In the end I also talk about the different testing scenarios.
Ensure you have followed the config as mentioned in the document:


Below are the topics we would discuss in the blog:

1. Points to consider after conversion:

  • Tax entry mapping

  • BP to vendor existing configuration

  • Contact person

  • Field missing after conversion

  • Viewing purchasing and company data

  • Block functionality

  • Contact person conversion

    • Issues found for Converting employee Vendor

2. Test Scenarios


Points to Consider after conversion

1. Tax entry

After conversion ensure tax entries are maintained in SRM and CRM as well to
ensure the vendor records gets replicated correctly. This can be done in below config
or tables as mentioned below:



Ensure that the vendor records fields which are not mapped example 'TAx Number'. Field in LFA STENR can be created using LSMW for those vendors which d.

2. BP to vendor Existing configuration

If you have previously used BP to vendor conversion to link a vendor created to a BP record it needs to be removed. This is my original blog which talks about vendor to BP conversion. In order for all vendors to be converted to BP it needs to be removed from table  CVI_VEND_LINk

You would see entries are deleted from CVI_VEND_Link this is important as after Vendor conversion using CVI it updates this table so if entries.

3. Contact person

Contact person which is in XK03 record is converted to BP and relationship with vendor is maintained.

Config : IMG -> Cross-Application Components -> Master Data Synchronization -> Customer/Vendor Integration -> Business Partner Settings -> Settings for Customer Integration -> Field Assignment for Customer Integration -> Assign Attributes -> Contact Person -> Activate Assignment of Contact Persons

Click on new entries complete and save as shown in the screenshot below:

This is how it shows up:

4. Field missing after conversation:

We noticed there are field missing after configuration. This issue was specifically around GR based verification field which was mandatory was missing and when I try to extend purchasing group I get an error in /SAPPO/PPO3 is related to “ GR-Based Inv verification is a required field”.

Go to the SPRO path below:

Logistics General -> Business Partner -> Suppliers -> Control Top 3 SPRO paths

Adjust specific field setting as below:

5. Viewing Purchasing and company data

There are different names for purchasing view and company code view called sFLVN00 which would take you to the company code view:

FLVN01 which can take you to the purchasing view as shown:

6. Block functionality:

There is a new status column in the general view which you can use to block the vendor:

There is purchasing block which is similar to what was there previously now in the new purchasing view as below:

Company code block same as before now in the view FLVN00 as shown below:

7. Contact person conversion:

It should always be ensured that you have a new number range for the newly converted contact person which are related to vendor So for this we updated this config and added a new entry which was used for assigning a number range and BU_GROUP to the BPs created from contact person.So
you could filter out these later if not needed to go to CRM or SRM system.If you do not do this config it would be using an existing internal number range and can be mixed up with your CRM contact persons. After conversion is done (around 6-8 hrs for 50K vendors) make the number range same as before.

To convert BP to Person, organization and group

Issue found after converting to Employee vendor to BP

If your title is blank in vendor record example as seen below by the config it gets created as an organization . This worked for all our vendor records. However we also have employee vendor which needs to be created not as a organization but person.In order to do this we created another title called ZCVIPER and ZCVIORG. After the config is maintained ensure that you can update these values as blank again using LSMW when the conversion is done.

New one which we created for conversion:

If you make a Vendor record change to a person there is a known issue where it does not map the name to First Name but to Last name.

You can also use the below config points to do development
“You can implement customer-specific mapping like Form of Address from Customer/Vendor to BP via the available BAdIs. During the CVI conversion process, it is possible to create a BP in different category e.g. person instead of organization. In this case you have to deactivate the BAdI Enhancement implementation CVI_MAP_TITLE_DIRECT and activate the implementation
CVI_MAP_BP_CATEGORY via IMG. The implementation is already available.
2539457 - CVI and employee vendors in wrong BP category
2542175 - CVI and reuse of existing employee business partner”

Test Scenarios

1. Ensure there are no errors after new vendors are created
2. Reports work as expected as the data continue to reside in the same table for most of the fields
3. Ensure you check the block and unblock functionality as for me the General data view status
> Central block did not quite work as expected the original posting and Purchasing block do work         as before
4. Ensure the vendor replication to SRM works as expected for new and updated vendor
5. Attachments are intact after upgrade
6. Contact person are a different Business group check this in BUT000 field. Use the grouping you created to block unwanted data to flow to CRM and SRM
7. Check contact person has relationship with the BP and as per the business requirement is sent/not sent to the SRM and CRM systems as well
8. Tax field to be updated after conversion manually using LSMW
9. If you do not have title specified in your vendor record and it gets converted to Person LSMW is needed to update to the Vendor record the name of the person or use XK99
10. Check vendor can be used for payment runs as before with the same payment terms
11. Check all data fields are mapped same as before and after and have been migrated to BP



Thanks for taking out the time to read the blog.  I will be adding a follow up blog to add some other SRM and CRM specific configuration which we did

Do leave your feedback and let me know if I missed something


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