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In today's blog post, I want to cover the three primary ways to print in SAP S/4 Hana Cloud. I'll also link a few other helpful blogs that go into more detail around how to set up the SAP Cloud Print Manager, the BRF+ technology, configuration, and testing. So for now, from a high level, let's start with the three primary ways to print in SAP S/4 Hana Cloud.

Automatic Printing (Dispatch Immediately)

When a document is created in S/4 Hana Cloud and saved, the document will automatically print to the configured printer via the SAP Cloud Print Manager. This configuration is managed in two places. 1. The SAP Cloud Manager – a software installed and configured locally or on a Print Server. 2. In the App Output Parameter Determination for the respective Document Type.



Scheduled Printing (Scheduled Dispatch)


The Output Parameter Determination app must have the Dispatch Time set to “Scheduled”. Once a document has been created in S/4 Hana Cloud and saved. The document will then be available for a scheduled print job. There are several different applications used for scheduling print jobs that are based on the document type. Apps used: Schedule Billing Output, Schedule Sales Output, Print Scheduled Purchase Orders


** In the future I will publish a blog that covers scheduling emails and print jobs **


Manual Printing - viewing PDFs and printing to your local printer


Once a document has been created in S/4 Hana Cloud and saved. The document is now available for manual printing. In this example, I will use the Purchase Order.

  1. Go to Manage Purchase Orders

  2. Select desired Purchase Order

  3. Select Messages

  4. Select the Output record with the Channel PRINT

  5. Select Display PDF Document

  6. Select Printer in the top right corner

  7. Select desired Print Location and Print

Manual Process Screenshots below




So there you have it, folks! At a high level, I've covered the three ways printing is accomplished in SAP S/4 Hana Cloud. If you're interested in more detail around the configuration or the software used for outputs. Please take a look at some of the blog post below. I've found them very helpful!


Cloud Print Manager - Installation and configuration

Cloud Printing and Classic List Printing via Proxy Printer in SAP S/4HANA Cloud

Printing with SAP S/4HANA output management

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