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Source: SAP

This was a webcast from last week

Source: SAP

Road maps are subject to change; the usual legal disclaimer.

Source: SAP
platform, manage data, intelligent apps, feed entire operations portfolio

Operations - expense management, intelligent ERP, customer experience

Database management, analytics management, resides in intelligence piece

Now Experience data from Qualtrics - who collect from, what about
- immediate customer feedback can be collected
- feedback from employees
- ensure feedback from brand can be collected

Source: SAP
Plainer slide
In black, all for S/4HANA
S/4HANA is next generation ERP system, sits at backbone of enterprise
List product names so it is more tangible than "SAP-anese" explanations
Incorporate experience data into SAP

Source: SAP
SAP has scenarios where customers are incorporating Qualtrics
If customer users IBP for demand sensing; in IBP detect a drop in a certain product, if leverage Qualtrics, find out what the issue is with the product
- lack of feature?
- sourced wrong?

Once have information, take it into S/4HANA system and make adjustments - add services or make a change in supply chain
S/4HANA allows simulation of product change
Enter re-design into IBP
Working to make these reference customers

Source: SAP
Offering a feedback button; not fancy, but will change how design software and how IT interacts with users

If the user decides to give feedback, have context, what app in, what try to do, and feedback goes to development team responsible

Released with S/4HANA 1911; customers need to proactively opt-in to this feature

Currently discussing with development how to bring to S/4HANA on-premise; use IT department

Source: SAP
Launched S/4HANA in 2015
As of 12/31/2019, 13,800 customers
Showing momentum, expect numbers to increase this year

Source: SAP

Have to differentiate between what deliver from a technical perspective, and what is licensed directly with the base S/4HANA Enterprise Management

In dark grey area is part of the core license, Enterprise Management

Light grey - additional engines, license, embedded in software

White area - deployment outside of ERP system, require flexibility

Source: SAP
What has been introduced in 1909
Embedded sales force support
Workflow for sales
New functionality for stockroom management
Predictive requirements planning, without configuration, plan for spikes in demand
EH&S - new dangerous goods functionality

Integration as a holistic suite; not where would like to be, improving integration to SF
Created out of box reports for SAC to make it easier

Source: SAP
2 weeks ago FPS1 was released for 1909
For 1909, one more FP - will drop in May, bring functionality
Then goes to maintenance line

New release for S/4HANA will be 2020; it was decided to make it easier to differentiate between cloud and on-premise offering

On premise shipments will be by year of release

Cloud shipments on top are still named as before - first 2 digits of year + month of release

Source: SAP

What are the differences?

With HANA as db, provide real time insights, providing it by role based

Delivering for every role, an overview page with key KPI's in an easy to consume fashion by role, allowing for users of system to structure their work

Functionality into S/4HANA - what bring into core ERP system - Central Procurement, do not need separate SRM system
Customer Management (formerly in CRM solution) now in S/4HANA; used to be a technical add-on, now with 1909 solution is delivered inside
Order Management with BRIM - now natively embedded in S/4HANA

Built new for S/4HANA - Predictive MRP, new financial close

Intelligent enterprise - invest in machine learning scenarios, image based buying - snap a picture of device, upload to cloud, matched to corporate catalog, suggested order

Integration - everything you see on the slide is where you see SAP is delivering out of the box integration; have a set of best practices, allowing you to integration in a standard way

Source: SAP
Different lines of business

Sales - look at business area - newly available sales force support out of CRM - manage leads, other business area is managing orders and contracts
Key new elements - manage subscription orders
New machine learning - part of the core license, look at quote conversion, and another looking at delays in deliveries
Analytical KPI's enabled in SAP Cloud Platform (SAC)

Create sales order - good news, in the Fall this year, plan to have Fiori app to create sales order (VA01 goes Fiori)

Manage pricing, simulating pricing - see news this year

Source: SAP
What is new for 1909 for sales

SAP has changed; now find information re: BRIM under Finance

Source: SAP
Benefit from bringing CRM in
Additional functionality available
New business portfolio solution
Machine learning app - categorize incoming emails and distribute to right team
Improved integration with C/4HANA Field Service Management solution

Road map - in house repair, improve in 2020 release

Source: SAP
Detailed view - service contract, quotation product bundles

Source: SAP

Supply Chain - decentral EWM & TM solution
RPA - automates posting of goods movements
Consolidation support for warehouse stock in EWM

Machine learning- prediction for slow non-moving materials

Fiori apps for EWM & TM

Focus - ATP - capable to promise, planned in 2022

Source: SAP
What is new in Supply Chain, 1909 release

Just in time functionality is new, replacing old in ECC

Source: SAP

New stockroom functionality - why do?

Customers who have manual warehouses have a hard time justifying investing in EWM

For basic set of functional processes, allow for certain piece of LE-WM to live on in S/4HANA - stockroom management

Source: SAP
Invested in RPA

Invested in Fiori, scheduling work centers - high level manual scheduling

Additional Machine learning in area of Quality Management

New demand driven MRP

Source: SAP
What is new in 1909

FPS1 - production engineering, new things, making integration between engineering and manufacturing easier

Source: SAP
Detailed slide on demand driven MRP

Source: SAP
What is new in Procurement
Additional functionality in central procurement - cover entire procurement process
New Machine learning scenarios - most run on SAP Cloud Platform

Purchasing complex external services - scheduled for 2021 release

Source: SAP
In one slide, what are the big news in 1909
Invested in CDS views for SAP Analytics Cloud

Source: SAP
UI5 Gantt Charts are planned

Source: SAP
New Fiori apps
Integration to Asset Intelligence Network
New scheduling for resource scheduling

Planned predictive algorithm for safety and risk management

Source: SAP
What is new with asset management 1909

Source: SAP
New orchestrated financial close

New integration with SAC

T account analysis, so easy to see from accounting perspective

Source: SAP
Delta scope

Source: SAP
More delta scope on finance engines

Source: SAP
In September, change to strategy for HCM for S/4HANA

In 2018, would have an HCM for S/4HANA side car in 2023
Solution planned for 2022
Not just as a side car, but as an embedded solution
License conversion

SuccessFactors is still a strategic solution

Can go to S/4HANA now and end of 2022, will have license available and do license conversion

Source: SAP
What is in there? See above

Source: SAP
Still have PDF road maps available but they will probably go away this year

Source: SAP
New road map tool is coming
Interactive, search for product, look for a timeframe up to 3 years in advance
Can publish innovations more frequently

Q: Will S/4HANA on premise have similar SAC embedded capabilities?
A: Yes - area of sales, procurement, native integration, only challenge is revenue recognition can't bundle cloud and on premise, subscribe separately

Q: How do Ariba and Central Procurement differ functionality wise and work together?
A: Ariba is solution for collaboration, seamless integration, for Central Procurement, recommend leverage guided buying from Ariba

Q: Where can we access that roadmap viewer?
A: https://www.sap.com/products/roadmaps.html


Some takeaways for me:

New release for on-premise later this year will be called S/4HANA 2020

Road map PDFs will be going away, replaced by road map viewer

I'm still processing the HCM items


What do you think?
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