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In SAP retail we can use the rapid replenishment transation code WRP1R to trigger replenishment order for business team. In fact this transacton code can also trigger purchase requsition document automatically. This blog presents the configuration and the front end operation , to explain how to trigger a PR document by WRP1R.


These days, I have been doing some study and research about the SAP RETAIL.


As we known that in SAP RETAIL, we have the automatic replenishment functionality, which can help to trigger purchase order or purchase requisition document automatically. We can schedule a daily background job to trigger those document.


I have already triggered purchase order documents by the transaction code WRP1R (Rapid Replenishment). Unfortunately, I failed to trigger a purchase requisition document by the tcode WRP1R for many days. I tried to change the backend configuration different parameters, but still failed. I’ve been depressed for a long time because of this.


Today when I checked the site master data in a SAP retail system, found that there is a field POS Inbound Profile and a field called POS outbound profile, and the value of those two fields were both empty in my testing store.


This makes my eyes bright. My previously testing all failed, is it because the values of these two fields of site master are empty? Therefore, I maintained the values of these two fields in the master data of NM03 store, then executed the WRP1R transaction code, and finally successfully triggered the purchase requisition document. So I write this article to record the whole process of the test.


1,  The article 631 master data setting.


MRP type: RP

Target stock: 5000

There is no any stock for this article in store NM03.


2, I change the backend configuration of Replenishment Control.


In the configuration screen, we can see the POS Inbound Profile, the value of it is SAPD.

The original value of the field ‘Document cate.default’is 4(SAP standard setting),


I changed it into 1, see below screen,


3, 【This step is very important】In the site master data, I maintained the value of the field ” POS Outbound Profile ” and the field ” POS Inbound Profile ” .


Execute the transaction code WB02, the change the site master for store NM03, goto the POS tab, set the value of those two fields as SAPD (SAP proposal).


Only if the value of those two fields maintained, the backend configuration will work.


4,  Execute the transaction code WRP1R,

Input the customer code of the store NM03 for the field of Recipient, input the material code.


Execute, then SAP move to below screen,


Select the item and click Execute button, SAP pop up below window,


Select the radio button“Replen.monitor”, click Enter key, SAP move to below screen:


A purchase requisition document was triggered automatically. See above screen.  Double click the PR number, SAP goes to below screen to display this PR document.




Is this result a surprise? Anyway, I am very surprised!
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