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1, Transaction code WA31 – Allocation Table List.


This is the initial screen of transaction code WA31.

Enter the number of the allocation table (this field has actually become a required field, which feels unscientific and unreasonable). Enter purchase organization, purchase group, material number, supplier, allocation table type and other parameters.


Execute, we got below report result,



The upper part of the report displays the header and other information of the allocation table, and the lower part displays the information of specific items.




2, Transaction code WA30 – Allocation table for objects


We execute the transaction code WA30, then we got below initial screen:


Enter relevant query parameters and click execute to get the following query results:


Personally, I think the results of the report are not friendly.


In the report result screen, we can also click the button ‘change allocation table’ to modify an allocation table.  For example, click allocation table 1 and click this button to enter the modification interface of allocation table 1, as shown in the following figure:


We can find that the transaction code WA30 is more than a report.



SAP Retail system also provides report query function for allocation table. This article gives a brief description of the two common allocation table query reports provided by SAP. TCode WA31 and WA30 are the allocation table related reports.

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