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I recently was exploring the SAP Query Browser (App IDF1068) on SAP S/4HANA 2020.

Query Browser

The SAP Query Browser allows you to view, retrieve & analyse different data using analytical queries & is a powerful Fiori app for embedded analytics.

I found a lot of information on SAP Query Browser available online, some of the key links I found are listed below:

SAP Help - Query Browser

Query Browser - Fiori App Details

SAP has offered around 953 analytical queries on SAP S/4HANA 2020 FSP 02. I found there are a lot of available views/queries in the Query Browser, but no easy way to search for all of them or exporting the list of views/queries.

In this blog post we will explore how to find list of all analytical queries offered by SAP, and how to download them and find queries by application area in excel.

The SE16N table/view where the pre defined analytical queries are stored is - QB_CDSVIEWS_QUERY

We can download the data from this table in excel using SE16N, and then pivot based on application component or search easily in excel based on the short description.

Then once we find the view name / query name, we can go to the query browser and easily search for it.

For example once data is downloaded, we can find all queries/views in PP (Manufacturing) area, by using excel based text search functions (See a sample list of queries below)

View/Query name Applic. Component Short Description
C_MfgOrdActlPlanTgtCostQry CO-PC-OBJ Query view for MfgOrder PlanActTgt cost
C_MfgOrdCompExcsConsmptQry PP-VDM Mfg Order Operation Component Excess Consumption Query
C_MfgOrderItemScrapAmtQry PP-VDM Manufacturing Order Item Scrap Amount - Query
C_MfgOrderOpExecDurnQry PP-VDM Mfg Order Operation Execution Duration Query
C_MfgOrderSFILeadTimeQry PP-PEO-SFE Mfg Order SFI Lead Time Query
C_MfgOrderWIPVarianceQuery CO-PC-OBJ Query view for manufacturing order WIP / Variance
C_MfgOrdItemMaterialScrapQ PP-VDM Manufacturing Order Item Material Scrap Query
C_MfgOrdOpConfScrapReasonQ PP-VDM Mfg Order Operation Confirmation Scrap Reason Query
C_MfgOrdOperationScrapQry PP-VDM Manufacturing Order Operation Scrap Query


It is possible to view all available queries in the S/4 HANA system using SE16N and QB_CDSVIEWS_QUERY

Thanks for reading, and please share your feedback on what can be improved 🙂


List of all Analytical Queries with Application Component and Short Text:

View/Query name Applic. Component Short Description
BW4_PT_CHART_Q1 BW Query for Bar Chart
BW4_PT_CHART_Q2 BW Financial Data (for demo)
BW4_PT_CHART_Q3 BW Query for Bar Chart
BW4_PT_CHART_Q4 BW Query for Bar Chart
BW4_PT_GE_COMB_GAUSS_15 BW All possible combination finish
BW4_PT_GE_QUERY1 BW Drilldown product
BW4_PT_QUERY_1 BW Drilldown Number1 drillacross Number2
BW4_PT_QUERY_2 BW Drilldown Number1 drillacross Number2
C_AbsltNetBalShtExpsrQ FIN-FSCM-TRM Balance Sheet FX Risk
C_AcademicEventBookingQry IS-HER-CM Academic Event Booking Data
C_ACMPrcReconciliationRptQry LO-AGR Prices Reconciliation Report
C_ACMQtyReconciliationRptQry LO-AGR Quantity Reconciliation Report
C_ACMTrdgContrDynQtyDetsQuery LO-AGR Consumption Query- Trdg Contr Qty Detail
C_ACMTrdgContrQuantitiesQuery LO-AGR-CC Consumption Query for Trdg Contr Qty
C_Actualcashflowanalytics FIN-FSCM-CLM Actual Cash Flow in 90 days
C_ActualUtilsBillingDocumentQ IS-U-BI Actual Billing Document Query
C_APCashDiscountForecast FI-AP-IS Cash discount forecast
C_APCshDiscUtilization FI-AP-IS Account Payable Cash Discount Utilization
C_APDaysPayOutst FI-AP-IS Days Payable Outstanding Smart Business App
C_APDaysPyblOutStdgDirect CA-GTF-FXU-FI-AP Overview page DPO Dir
C_APDaysPyblOutStdgIndrct CA-GTF-FXU-FI-AP Overview Page: DPO Ind
C_APFlexibleAging FI-AP-IS Aging Analysis Smart Business App
C_APFutureAccountsPayable FI-AP-IS Future Accounts Payables Smart Business App
C_APInvoiceProcessingTime FI-AP-IS Accounts Payable. Invoice Processing Time
C_APInvoiceProcgAnalysis FI-AP-IS Invoice Processing Analysis
C_APJrnlEntrItmAgingGrid FI-AP-IS Aging grid of journal entry view of Accounts Payables
C_APManualpayments FI-AP-IS Vendor Payment Analysis: manual and automatic payments
C_APOvrd FI-AP-IS Accounts Payable. Overdue Payables
C_ApprovedChemicalsCountQ EHS-SUS-FND Approved Chemicals Count Query
C_ApprovedChemicalsQ EHS-SUS-FND Approved Chmicals Query
C_APVendorOpenItems FI-AP-IS Accounts Payable. Vendor Open Items
C_ARAgingAnalysisOvw CA-GTF-FXU-FI-AR Card AR Aging Analysis
C_ARBankStmtReprocessing FI-AR-IS Consumption View for Bank Statement Reprocessing
C_ARBreakdownOvw CA-GTF-FXU-FI-AR Card AR Breakdown
C_ARCashCollTrackerOvw CA-GTF-FXU-FI-AR AR Cash Collection Tracker Card
C_ARDaysSalesOutStdgOvw CA-GTF-FXU-FI-AR Card Days Sales Outstanding
C_ARDebtorsOvw CA-GTF-FXU-FI-AR Card Top 10 Debtors
C_ARJrnlEntrItmAgingGrid FI-AR-IS Aging grid of journal entry view of Accounts Receivables
C_ARunAmountQuery LO-RFM-ARN Query View Amount in Display Currency
C_ARunAnlytsAllAssgmtQuery LO-RFM-ARN Demand and Assignments
C_ARunAnlytsBlkdSlsOrdQuery LO-RFM-ARN Sales Orders with exceptions
C_ARunAnlytsOpenDelivQuery LO-RFM-ARN Open Deliveries
C_ARunAnlytsPurgContrQry LO-RFM-ARN Purchasing Contract Details Query
C_ARunAnlytsSalesReturns LO-RFM-ARN Return Sales Orders
C_ARunAnlytsSalesReturnsQry LO-RFM-ARN Return Sales Orders
C_ARunAnlytsSlsContrQry LO-RFM-ARN Contract Consumption Quantities
C_ARunAnlytsSlsOrdRejection LO-RFM-ARN Sales Order Rejection
C_ARunAnlytsSupAssgmtQry LO-RFM-ARN Consumption View for Assignments
C_ARunAnlytsSupDmndOvwQry LO-RFM-ARN Overview of Supply and Demand Query
C_ARunAnlytsTotDmndQry LO-RFM-ARN Consumption View for Total Demand
C_ARunAnlytsTotSupQry LO-RFM-ARN Total Supply of all Document Types Query
C_ARunReleaseCheckCompCur LO-RFM-ARN Amount Query for Release Check Compare
C_AR_StRpBPTaxItemLogQuery FI-LOC-FI-AR Consumption View for Tax Item with Rptd Item Data
C_AR_StRpDailyVATQuery FI-LOC-FI-AR Query View for Argentina Daily VAT StRp
C_AR_StRpLatestRefDocLogQuery FI-LOC-FI-AR Consumption View for Argentina Printing Official Document
C_AR_StRpPurForeignSrvcQuery FI-LOC-FI-AR Query View For Argentina Foreign Service
C_AR_StRpPurTaxItemLogQuery FI-LOC-FI-AR Analytical Qry for AR Pur VAT Tax  with Reptd Item Log Data
C_AR_StRpPurTaxItemQuery FI-LOC-FI-AR Consumption View for AR Purchase VAT Tax Line Item(Query)
C_AR_StRpSalesTaxItemLogQuery FI-LOC-FI-AR Query View for Argentina Sales w/LogData
C_AR_StRpSalesTaxItemQuery FI-LOC-FI-AR Query View for Argentina Sales
C_Ar_StrpTaxItemQ FI-LOC-FI-AR Consumption View for Tax Item Data
C_AR_StRpVATForm731ItemLogQ FI-LOC-FI-AR AR Tax Items for VAT Rpg with Rptd Item Log data
C_AR_StRpVATForm731ItemQ FI-LOC-FI-AR Argentina Tax Items for VAT Reporting
C_AR_StRpWithholdingTaxItemQ FI-AP-AP-Q1 Consumption View: AR SIRE VAT WHT Report
C_AR_VATForm731GLAcctAmtQuery FI-LOC-FI-AR Analytical Query for Argentina Form731 GL account amount
C_AssetBalance FI-AA-IS Asset Balances
C_AssetHistorySheet FI-AA-IS Asset History Sheet
C_AT_BalanceOfPaymentsItemQ FI-LOC-FI-AT Journal Entry Item To BOP Form Item Query
C_AT_StRpAuditAssetTransacQ FI-LOC-FI-AT Austrian Audit Asset Transaction Query
C_AT_StRpAuditBalanceItemQuery FI-LOC-FI-AT Austrian Audit Balance Item Query
C_AT_StRpTaxItemQuery FI-LOC-FI-AT VAT Tax Item Query for Austria
C_AT_StRpTaxItemWithEUTaxClfnQ FI-LOC-ECS EU Sales Tax Item View for Austria
C_AU_StRpBASGeneralLedgerBalQ FI-LOC-GEN AU BAS Analytical Query View
C_AU_StRpTaxItemQuery FI-LOC-FI Analytical Query View for AU VAT Reporting
C_AU_StRpTPARAccountingDocsQry FI-LOC-GEN Australia TPAR Accounting Docs Query
C_AU_StRpTPARCrrtnPhseDetQry FI-LOC-GEN Australia TPAR Crrtn Phase Details Query
C_AU_StRpTPARSuplrDetailsQry FI-LOC-GEN Australia TPAR Supplier Details Query
C_AU_StRpWithholdingTaxItemQ FI-AP-AP-Q1 Withholding Tax lines for BAS Report
C_AvgDailyTrialBalance FI-GL-GL-ADB ADB Trial Balance
C_BankAcctAnalysisQuery FIN-FSCM-CLM Bank Account Analysis - Query
C_BankGroupBankFeeQuery FIN-FSCM-CLM Bank Fees for Bank Groups - Query
C_BankGroupLiquidityQuery FIN-FSCM-CLM Financial Status for Bank Groups - Query
C_BankGroupProfileQuery FIN-FSCM-CLM Bank Group Profile - Query
C_BankGuaranteeOverviewQry FIN-FSCM-TRM Query for Bank Guarantee Overview
C_BankProfileQuery FIN-FSCM-CLM Bank Profile - Query
C_Bankstatementmonitor FIN-FSCM-CLM Monitor Bank Statement
C_BasisPriceQuotation LO-CMM-BF Basis Price Quotation
C_BE_BoPF01MERQry FI-LOC-FI-BE BOP Reporting Belgium - F01MER Format
C_BE_BoPS03CCRQry FI-LOC-FI-BE BOP Reporting Belgium - S03CCR Format
C_BE_DomesticSalesListQuery FI-LOC-FI-BE Domestic Sales List for Belgium
C_BE_StRpTaxItmWithEUTaxClassQ FI-LOC-ECS EU Sales Tax Item view for BE
C_Be_Strpwhldgtaxitemq FI-AP-AP-Q1 Withholding Tax Item For Statutory Reporting Belgium
C_BE_TaxReturnBoxQuery FI-LOC-FI-BE ATR enabled tax Items for BE VAT Return
C_BhvrlInsgtsCustEvtHistQ IS-PS-BEI Customer Event History Query
C_BhvrlInsgtsPrdtnHistQ IS-PS-BEI Risk Prediction History
C_BhvrlInsgtsPrdtnRsltRsnQ IS-PS-BEI Prediction Result Reason Details
C_BillgItmPrcgElForCoTypQ SD-ANA Analytics - Billing Item Pricing Element for Condition Type
C_BR_FinStmntAcctBalQuery FI-LOC-FI-BR Financial Statement Account Bal Query
C_BR_ReportingInventoryQuery FI-LOC-FI-BR EFD-H010-L012 - Inventory Query
C_BR_ReportingNFHeaderQuery FI-LOC-FI-BR EFD-C100-L012 - NF Header Query
C_BR_ReportingNFItemQuery FI-LOC-FI-BR EFD-C170-L012 - NF Document Item Query
C_BR_ReportingNFItemTaxQuery FI-LOC-FI-BR EFD-C190-L012 - NF Item Taxes Query
C_BR_ReportingRefNFQuery FI-LOC-FI-BR EFD-C113-L012 - Referenced NF Query
C_BR_RptgAggrgdCmplmntyInfoQ FI-LOC-FI-BR EFD - 0450 - L012 - Table for Compl. Info of Fiscal Doc Quer
C_BR_RptgCompanyIdentityQuery FI-LOC-FI-BR EFD-0000 - File Opening and Company Id
C_BR_RptgInterstateOpQuery FI-LOC-FI-BR EFD-C101-L012 - NF Interstate Query
C_BR_RptgIntrsttTranspNFQuery FI-LOC-FI-BR EFD-D101-L012-Intrstt Transp NF Hdr Qry
C_BR_RptgInvtryTotAmountQuery FI-LOC-FI-BR EFD-H005-L012 - Invtry Total Amount Qry
C_BR_RptgMaterialANPCodeQuery FI-LOC-FI-BR EFD-0206 Material ANP Code Query
C_BR_RptgMatlIdentificationQ FI-LOC-FI-BR EFD-0200 Material Identification Query
C_BR_RptgNFCmplmntyInfoQuery FI-LOC-FI-BR EFD-C110-L012 - NF Cmplmnty Info Query
C_BR_RptgNFPartnerQuery FI-LOC-FI-BR EFD-0150 - Nota Fiscal Partner Query
C_BR_RptgOperationNatureQuery FI-LOC-FI-BR EFD-0400-L012 - Operation Nature Query
C_BR_RptgSubstitTaxpayerQuery FI-LOC-FI-BR EFD-0015-Substitute Taxpayer
C_BR_RptgTranspNFHeaderQuery FI-LOC-FI-BR EFD-D100-L012 - Transport NF Header Qry
C_BR_RptgTranspNFTaxQuery FI-LOC-FI-BR EFD-D190-L012 - Transp NF Hdr Qry
C_BR_RptgUnitCnvrsnFactorQuery FI-LOC-FI-BR EFD-0220 - Unit Conversion Factor Query
C_BR_RptgUnitOfMeasureQuery FI-LOC-FI-BR EFD-0190 - Unit of Measure Query
C_BusinessShareComplianceQ TM-CF-ANA Business Share Compliance Query
C_CashFlowDetailedAnalysisQ FIN-FSCM-CLM Cash Flow Detailed Analysis Query
C_CashFlowIndirectIFRS FI-GL-IS Display Cash Flow Statement Indirect IFRS
C_CashPoolTransReport FIN-FSCM-CLM Cash Pool Transfer Report
C_CA_StRpGSTItemQuery FI-LOC-FI Analytical Query for Canada GST Items
C_CA_StRpInputTaxCrdtItemQ FI-LOC-FI Analytical Query for Canada RITC items
C_CA_StRpProvincialTaxItemQ FI-LOC-FI Analytical Query for Canada PST Items
C_CA_StRpTaxItemQuery FI-LOC-FI Analytical Query for CA GST Return
C_ChemicalAmountsQuery EHS-SUS-FND Chemical Amounts Query
C_ChemicalAttributesQ EHS-SUS-FND Chemical Attributes Query
C_ChemicalDetailsQ EHS-SUS-FND DEPRECATED: Chemical Details Query
C_ChemicalRiskReportQ EHS-SUS-FND Chemical Risk Report Query
C_ChgMgmtRequestQ CA-IAM-MOC Change Management Request Query
C_CH_VATTaxItemQuery FI-LOC-FI-CH VAT Tax Item Query for Switzerland
C_CL_StRpJournalEntryItemQuery FI-LOC-FI-CL Jrnl Entr Items for Chile Reporting Qry
C_CL_StRpTrialBalanceItemQuery FI-LOC-FI-CL Trial Balance Item for Chile Rptg Query
C_CmmdtyBegPosPnLValueQry LO-AGR Commodity BP PnL Value
C_Cmmdtybppnlvalue_Query LO-CMM-BF Commodity BP PnL Value
C_CmmdtyMTMCurrentDateQry LO-CMM-BF MtM Current Values Query
C_CmmdtyMTMDayOverDayQry LO-CMM-BF MtM Day Over Day Query
C_CmmdtyMTMEndOfDayQry LO-CMM-BF MtM End of Day Query
C_CmmdtyMTMFinCurValsQry FIN-FSCM-CMM-RSK Derivative MTM Current Query
C_CmmdtyMTMFinEndOfDayQry FIN-FSCM-CMM-RSK Derivative MTM End-Of-Day Query
C_CmmdtyMtmLogCurQry LO-CMM-BF MtM Current Values Qry for Log. Doc
C_CmmdtyMtmLogDodQry LO-CMM-BF MtM Day-over-Day Values Qry for Log.Doc.
C_CmmdtyMtmLogEodQry LO-CMM-BF MtM End-of-Day Values Query Log. Doc
C_CmmdtyMTMStkEndOfDayQry LO-AGR MtM End-of-Day Values Query for Stock
C_CmmdtyMtmStkEodQry LO-CMM-BF MtM End-of-Day Values Query for Stock
C_Cmmdtynapnlvalue_Query LO-CMM-BF Commodity NA PnL Value
C_CmmdtyPnLFinValueQuery FIN-FSCM-CMM-RSK Derivative PnL Query
C_CmmdtyPosCurrentDateQry LO-CMM-BF Commodity Position Current Date Query
C_CmmdtyPosDayOverDayQry LO-CMM-BF Commodity Position Day over Day Query
C_CmmdtyPosEndOfDayQry LO-CMM-BF Commodity Position End Of Day Query
C_CmmdtyPosValueAtRiskQry LO-CMM-BF Commodity Position EoD Interface Query
C_CmplRqVersMntrgListSlsQ EHS-SUS-CI Query for Monitoring List Sales Anlyts
C_CmplRqVersMntrgProdnQ EHS-SUS-CI Query for Monitoring List Products Analytics
C_CmplRqVersMntrgSuplrQ EHS-SUS-CI Query for Monitoring List Supplier Analytics
C_CnsldtdCmplxRpt01Q FIN-CS-EA Cash Flow Statement - By Consolidation Units
C_CnsldtdTotals01Q FIN-CS-EA Data Analysis – Reporting Logic
C_CnsldtdTotals11Q FIN-CS-EA Consolidated Balance Sheet
C_CnsldtdTotals12Q FIN-CS-EA Consolidated Balance Sheet - Year Comparison
C_CnsldtdTotals13Q FIN-CS-EA Consolidated Balance Sheet -By Subgroups
C_CnsldtdTotals15Q FIN-CS-EA Consolidated Balance Sheet - By Movements
C_CnsldtdTotals21Q FIN-CS-EA Consolidated P&L by Nature
C_CnsldtdTotals22Q FIN-CS-EA Consolidated P&L by Nature - Year Comparison
C_CnsldtdTotals23Q FIN-CS-EA Consolidated P&L by Nature - By Subgroups
C_CnsldtdTotals24Q FIN-CS-EA Consolidated P&L by Nature - By Functional Areas
C_CnsldtdTotals31Q FIN-CS-EA Consolidated P&L by Function
C_CnsldtdTotals32Q FIN-CS-EA Consolidated P&L by Function - Year Comparison
C_CnsldtdTotals33Q FIN-CS-EA Consolidated P&L by Function - By Subgroups
C_CnsldtdTotals61Q FIN-CS-EA Currency Translation - Reserve Analysis
C_CnsldtdTotals62Q FIN-CS-EA Currency Translation - Difference Analysis
C_CnsldtnCmplxRpt01Q FIN-CS-EA Cash Flow Statement
C_CnsldtnCmplxRpt02Q FIN-CS-EA Statement of Comprehensive Income
C_CnsldtnCmplxRpt03Q FIN-CS-EA Statement of Changes in Equity
C_CnsldtnGrpActlComprn10Q FIN-CS-EA Actual & Budget Comparison – YTD GC Value
C_CnsldtnGrpActlComprn20Q FIN-CS-EA Actual & Budget Comparison – Periodic GC Value
C_CnsldtnGrpActlComprn30Q FIN-CS-EA Actual & Budget Comparison with Reporting Rule – Periodic GC
C_CnsldtnGrpFcstComprn10Q FIN-CS-EA Forecast Variance – YTD GC Value
C_CnsldtnGrpFcstComprn20Q FIN-CS-EA Forecast Variance – Periodic GC Value
C_CnsldtnGrpFcstComprn30Q FIN-CS-EA Forecast Variance with Reporting Rule – Periodic GC Value
C_CnsldtnIntcoElimination01Q FIN-CS-EA Interunit Reconciliation - Group View
C_CnsldtnIntcoElimination02Q FIN-CS-EA Interunit Reconciliation - Group View
C_CnsldtnIntcoRecncln01Q FIN-CS-EA Interunit Reconciliation - Subsidiary View
C_CnsldtnIntcoRecncln02Q FIN-CS-EA Interunit Reconciliation - Subsidiary View
C_CnsldtnReleasedRptdFinData EC-CS Consolidation - Released Reported Data
C_CnsldtnRpt30Q FIN-CS-EA Group Data Analysis
C_CnsldtnRpt40Q FIN-CS-EA Group Data Analysis – With Reporting Rules
C_CnsldtnRuleBsdGrpRpt01Q FIN-CS-EA Group Reporting Data with Reporting Rules
C_CnsldtnTotals01Q FIN-CS-EA Data Analysis
C_CnsldtnTotals11Q FIN-CS-EA Balance Sheet - By Consolidation Units
C_CnsldtnTotals12Q FIN-CS-EA Balance Sheet - Year Comparison
C_CnsldtnTotals15Q FIN-CS-EA Balance Sheet - By Movements
C_CnsldtnTotals21Q FIN-CS-EA P&L by Nature of Expense - By Consolidation Units
C_CnsldtnTotals22Q FIN-CS-EA P&L by Nature of Expense - Year Comparison
C_CnsldtnTotals24Q FIN-CS-EA P&L by Nature of Expense - By Functional Areas
C_CnsldtnTotals31Q FIN-CS-EA P&L by Function of Expense - By Consolidation Units
C_CnsldtnTotals32Q FIN-CS-EA P&L by Function of Expense - Year Comparison
C_CntrlContrCnsmpnQry MM-PUR-OA-CON Query view for central contract consumption
C_CN_CADEFixedAssetBalanceQry FI-LOC-GAI-CN Fixed Asset Balance Query for CADE
C_CN_CADEReportItemQuery FI-LOC-GAI-CN CADE - Report Item for Given Fiscal Periods Query
C_CN_ChangesInOwnersEquityQry FI-LOC-FI-CN ChangesInOwnersEquityStmnt Query
C_CN_StRpCashFlowLqdyItemQuery FI-LOC-FI-CN Cash Flow By Liquidity Hierarchy
C_CN_TaxDeductionItemQuery FI-LOC-FI-CN China Input VAT Deduction
C_CN_TaxTransferItemQuery FI-LOC-FI-CN China Input VAT Transfer
C_CoCodeBalShtExpsrQ FIN-FSCM-TRM Balance Sheet FX Risk - In Transaction Currency
C_CollectionProgressQ FI-AR-IS Collection Progress Query
C_CollMgmtRblsItmForKeyDte CA-GTF-FXU-FI-AR AR for Key Date - Collections Management
C_ConsolidationGroupOvrView10Q FIN-CS-EA Periodic Overview - YTD GC Value
C_ConsolidationGroupOvrView20Q FIN-CS-EA Periodic Overview – Periodic GC Value
C_ConsolidationGroupOvrView30Q FIN-CS-EA Periodic Overview with Reporting Rule – Periodic GC Value
C_ConsolidationGroupRpt10Q FIN-CS-EA Consolidated Balance Sheet
C_ConsolidationGroupRpt20Q FIN-CS-EA Consolidated P&L by Nature of Expense
C_ConsolidationGroupRpt90Q FIN-CS-EA Query for Data Visualization
C_ConsolidationMatrixRpt10Q FIN-CS-EA Local/Group Data Analysis Query
C_ConsolidationMatrixRpt30Q FIN-CS-EA Local/Group Data Analysis Query with Reporting Rules
C_ContrAllocVolPrimProdQry IS-OIL-PRA CA Volume for Primary Products Query
C_ContrAllocVolSecdryProdQ IS-OIL-PRA CA Volume for Secondary Products Query
C_ContrMTMLogCurQry LO-AGR Contract MtM Logisitic Current Value Query
C_ContrMTMLogDayOverDayQry LO-AGR Contract MtM Logisitic DOD Value Query
C_ContrMTMLogEndOfDayQry LO-AGR Contract MtM Logisitic EOD Value Query
C_ContrNetBegPosPnLValQry LO-AGR Net Beg Position PnLVal Qry
C_CostCenterPlanActQ2001 FI-FIO-GL Cost Center - Plan/Actual
C_CostCenterQ2001 FI-FIO-GL Cost Centers - Actuals
C_CostCenterSemanticTag FI-FIO-GL Cost Center with Semantic Tag Query
C_CostCenterStatKeyFigSemTag FI-FIO-GL Cost Center Ststcl Key Figure KPI
C_CO_DIANStRpCreditorOpenItemQ FI-LOC-FI-CO Crdtr Balances Query for Colombia DIAN
C_CO_DIANStRpCustomerOpenItemQ FI-LOC-FI-CO Cust. Balances Query for Colombia DIAN
C_CO_DIANStRpDebtorOpenItemQ FI-LOC-FI-CO Debtor Balances Query for Colombia DIAN
C_CO_DIANStRpFormat1001Query FI-LOC-FI-CO Format 1001 - Journal Entry Item Query
C_CO_DIANStRpFrmt1001Vers10Q FI-LOC-FI-CO Format 1001 - Journal Entry Item Query
C_CO_DIANStRpRevenueQuery FI-LOC-FI-CO Format 1007 - Revenue Query V8
C_CO_DIANStRpRevenueVersion9Q FI-LOC-FI-CO Format 1007 - Revenue Query V9
C_CO_DIANStRpTaxItemQuery FI-LOC-FI-CO Format 1005 & 1006 - Tax Item Query
C_CO_DIANStRpWhldgTaxItemQuery FI-AP-AP-Q1 Whldg Tax Items Query for Colombia DIAN
C_CrdtDcsnVersusSlsOrdQ FI-AR-IS Credit Decision Versus Sales Order Query
C_CreditAccountExtended FI-AR-IS Credit Account Extended
C_CreditAcctWithToDoQuery FI-AR-IS Credit Account With ToDo Query
C_CreditDecisionDocumentQ FI-AR-IS Credit Decision Document Query
C_CreditLimitRequestQuery FI-AR-IS Credit Limit Request Query
C_CreditLimitUtilizationQ FI-AR-IS Credit Limit Utilization with Threshold
C_CreditLineUtilQry FIN-FSCM-TRM Query for Credit Line Utilization
C_CreditLossAllowance FI-GL-GL-G Analyze Credit Loss Allowances
C_CreditMemoRequestItemQry SD-ANA Analytics - Credit Memo Request Item Query
C_CshFlwFcstComprnQ FIN-FSCM-CLM C view for Cash Flow Comparison
C_CshFlwFcstComprnTimeStamp FIN-FSCM-CLM Cash Flow Comparision By Timestamp
C_CurrentDailyGrainReport LO-AGR-APP Current Query for Daily Grain Report
C_CustomerReturnItemQry SD-ANA Analytics - Customer Return
C_CustomerReturnItemQry_2 SD-ANA Customer Returns – Flexible Analysis
C_CustomerReturnRateQry SD-ANA Analytics - Customer Return Rate
C_CZ_StRpTaxItemQuery FI-LOC-FI-CZ VAT Tax Item Query CZ
C_CZ_StRpTaxItemReturnQuery FI-LOC-FI-CZ EVAT Tax Line Item CZ
C_CZ_StRpTaxItemWithEUTaxClfnQ FI-LOC-ECS EU Sales Tax Item View for Czech Rep.
C_CZ_StRpTxItmWithEUTxClCrrtnQ FI-LOC-ECS EU Sales Tax Item View - Correction Run
C_DamageAnalysisQuery PM-WOC-MN Damage Analysis Query
C_DARTMatlInvtryBalance FI-GL Matl Invtry Balance for DART
C_DaysBeyondTerms FI-AR-IS Days Beyond Terms for Smart Business Apps
C_DaysPayablesOutstanding FI-AR-IS Days Payable Outstanding - Indirect
C_DaysSalesOutstanding FI-AR-IS Days Sales Outstanding Smart Business App
C_DaysSalesOutstanding0 FI-AR-IS DSO for SMB Query old
C_DebitMemoRequestItemQry SD-ANA Analytics - Debit Memo Request Item Query
C_DelivItmPerfAnlytsQry LE-SHP-FIO-ANA Query for Dlv Perf - Shipped as Planned
C_DelivPerfAnlytsCardQry LE-SHP-FIO-ANA Delivery Performance Query for OVP Card
C_DetStmntCommsnQry LO-AB Sales Commission Detailed Statement
C_DetStmntPurgRbteQry LO-AB Purchasing Rebate Detailed Statement
C_DetStmntSlsRbteQry LO-AB Sales Rebate Detailed Statement
C_DE_StRpTaxItemWithEUTaxClfnQ FI-LOC-FI-DE EU Sales List Tax Item View for Germany-Query
C_DE_TaxReturnBoxQuery FI-LOC-FI-DE Query Tax Items for Germany
C_DfsCapabilityObjectQry IS-DFS-OF-CAP View for Capability Query
C_DK_StRpTaxItemWithEUTaxClfnQ FI-LOC-ECS EU Sales Tax Item View for Denmark
C_DueDeferredTaxItemLogQuery FI-LOC-FI-MX Analytical Qry to display DueDefered Tax with Rptd Item Log
C_DueDeferredTaxItemQuery FI-LOC-FI-MX Analytical Query to display Due Deferred Tax Items
C_DunningLevelDistribution FI-AR-IS Dunning Level Distribution Smart Business App
C_EG_StRpTaxDocItemQuery FI-LOC-FI-EG Tax Items for Statutory Reporting Egypt
C_EG_StRpTaxItemForm100Query FI-LOC-FI-EG Tax Items for Statutory Reporting Egypt form 100
C_EG_StRpTaxItemForm10100Query FI-LOC-FI-EG Tax Items for Statutory Reporting Egypt form 10
C_EG_StRpTaxItemForm10Query FI-LOC-FI-EG Tax Items for Statutory Reporting Egypt form 10
C_EG_StRpTaxItemQuery FI-LOC-FI-EG Tax Items for Statutory Reporting Egypt
C_EHSCmplncAnlysByLocTypeQ EHS-SUS-EM Compl Analysis Query of Tasks by Loctype
C_EHSCmplncAnlysFltrTaskQ EHS-SUS-EM Compliance Analysis FIlter Query
C_EHSCmplncAnlysLocHierQ EHS-SUS-EM Compliance Analysis Query for Loc Hier
C_EHSCmplncAnlysRqmtTaskQ EHS-SUS-EM Compliance Analysis Query for Req Tasks
C_EHSRiskOverviewQ EHS-SUS-HS Risk Overview Query
C_EHSRskMitigationSummaryQ EHS-SUS-HS Summary of the implementation status of new controls
C_EndOfDayDailyGrainReport LO-AGR-APP EoD Query for Daily Grain Report
C_Engagementprojplanquery CA-CPD-SS Engagement Project Plan Query
C_EngmntProjBillgAndRblsQry CA-CPD-SS Engagement Project Billing And Receivables Query
C_EngmntProjCostQuery CA-CPD-SS Engagement Project Cost and Revenue Query
C_EngmntProjFcstQuery CA-CPD-SS Engagement Project Forecast Query
C_EngmntProjFcstQuery_2 CA-CPD-SS Engagement Project Forecast Query
C_EngmntProjPlnVersQuery CA-CPD-SS Engagement Project Plan Version Query
C_EngmntProjReviewQuery CA-CPD-SS Review Engagement Projects
C_EngmntProjStaffingAnlysQuery CA-CPD-SS Engagement Project Staffing Analysis Query
C_EngmntProjTmeExpnBillgQ CA-CPD-SS Engagement Project Time and Expense Billing
C_EngmntProjUnbilledRevenueQry CA-CPD-SS Engagement Project Unbilled Revenue Query
C_EngmtProjComAnlysQuery CA-CPD-SS Engmnt Project Commercial Analysis Query
C_EngmtProjComPerfQuery CA-CPD-SS Engagement Project Commerical Performance Query
C_EngmtProjCostPerfQuery CA-CPD-SS Engagement Project Cost Performance Query
C_EngmtProjMargAnlysQuery CA-CPD-SS Engagement Project Margin Analysis Query
C_EngmtProjPlanReviewQuery CA-CPD-SS Review Engagement Projects
C_EngmtProjWorkAnlysQuery CA-CPD-SS Engagement Project Work Analysis Query
C_Engmtprojworkitemquery CA-CPD-SS Engagement Project Workitem Query
C_EngmtProjWrkPckgRevQuery CA-CPD-SS Engagement Project Work Package Plan Review Query
C_EngmtProjWrkPerfQuery CA-CPD-SS Engagement Project WorkPerformance Query
C_EnvrmtAmountsOverviewQ EHS-SUS-EM Environmental Amounts Overview Query
C_ES_StRp190WhldgTaxItemQuery FI-AP-AP-Q1 Spain Modelo-190 Wth Tax Itm View-Query
C_ES_StRp296WhldgTaxItemQuery FI-AP-AP-Q1 Withholding Tax Item Query View for Spain
C_ES_StRpTaxItemWithEUTaxClfnQ FI-LOC-ECS EU Sales Tax Item view for ES
C_ES_StRpVATRetTaxItemQ FI-LOC-FI-ES Tax Items for Statutory Reporting Modelo 303 Spain Query
C_ES_StRpWhldgTaxItemQuery FI-AP-AP-Q1 Withholding Tax Item For Statutory Reporting Spain
C_ES_TaxReturnBoxQuery FI-LOC-FI-ES ATR enabled Tax Items for Modelo 303 Spain Query
C_EWM_InbDelivItemLeanQ SCM-EWM-DLP Whse Inbound Delivery Item Lean - Query
C_EWM_InboundDeliveryItemQ SCM-EWM-DLP Warehouse Inbound Delivery Item - Query
C_EWM_OutbDelivOrdLeanQ SCM-EWM-DLP Warehouse Outb Deliv Order Lean - Query
C_EWM_OutbDelivOrdNoDateQ SCM-EWM-DLP Warehouse Outb Deliv Ord NoDate - Query
C_EWM_OutbDelivOrdNoParamQ SCM-EWM-DLP Outb Deliv Ord no Mand Param - Query
C_EWM_OutbDelivOrdOvPgQ SCM-EWM-DLP Outb Deliv Order for OVP UI - Query
C_EWM_OutbDelivOrdQ SCM-EWM-DLP Whse Outbound Delivery Order - Query
C_EWM_WarehouseOrderLeanQ SCM-EWM-WOP Warehouse Order Lean - Query
C_EWM_WarehouseOrderOvPgQ SCM-EWM-WOP Warehouse Order for OVP UI - Query
C_EWM_WarehouseOrderQ SCM-EWM-WOP Warehouse Order - Query
C_EWM_WarehouseTaskLeanQ SCM-EWM-WOP Warehouse Task Lean - Query
C_EWM_WarehouseTaskOvPgQ SCM-EWM-WOP Warehouse Task for OVP UI - Query
C_EWM_WarehouseTaskQ SCM-EWM-WOP Warehouse Task - Query
C_EWM_WarehouseWaveQ SCM-EWM-WOP Wave - Query
C_ExpectedMarginAnalysis FI-GL-IS Expected Margin Analysis
C_FCC_ClsgActlPlnComprnQ CA-GTF-FCC FCC - Actual/Plan Comparison Query
C_FCC_ClsgDelayedTasksQ CA-GTF-FCC FCC - Delayed Tasks Query
C_FCC_ClsgErroneousTasksQ CA-GTF-FCC FCC - Erroneous Tasks Query
C_FCC_ClsgHistoryQ CA-GTF-FCC FCC - Closing History Overview
C_FCC_ClsgOmittedTasksQ CA-GTF-FCC FCC - Omitted Tasks Query
C_FCC_ClsgOverallDelayQ CA-GTF-FCC FCC - Closing Overall Delay Query
C_FCC_ClsgPrgrsDueTodayQ CA-GTF-FCC FCC - Closing Progress (Due Today) Query
C_FCC_ClsgPrgrsOverallQ CA-GTF-FCC FCC - Closing Progress (Overall) Query
C_FinancialPositionQuery FIN-FSCM-TRM Financial Status Query
C_FinancialStatementBalQuery FI-LOC-FS Financial Statement
C_FinancialStatementKPI FI-GL-IS KPIs based on Financial Statements
C_FinancialStatusQuery FIN-FSCM-TRM Financial Status Query
C_FinStatisticalKeyFigureItem FI-FIO-GL Statistical Keyfigures per period
C_FinStmntComparison FI-GL-IS Balance Sheet/Income Statement - Multidimensional
C_FinTransAmtQry FIN-FSCM-TRM Financial Transaction Amount - Query
C_FinTransFcstHistlFeeQry FIN-FSCM-TRM Fin. Trans.: Histl/Fcstd Fee Amt - Query
C_FinTransSingleDayAmtQry FIN-FSCM-TRM Fin. Trans. Amt on Single Date - Query
C_FixedAssetBalance FI-AA-IS Asset Balances
C_FixedAssetHistorySheet FI-AA-IS Asset History Sheet
C_FI_StRpTaxItemWithEUTaxClfnQ FI-LOC-ECS EU Sales Tax Item View for Finland-Query
C_FlxMtPlObjHierarchy IS-DFS-OF-FMP FMPO Hierarchy View
C_ForecastDmndAccuracyQry PP-VDM Forecast Demand Accuracy
C_FreightSettlementCostQ TM-CF-ANA Freight Settlement Cost Query
C_FrtBkgExecutionQuery TM-CF-ANA Freight Booking Execution Event Query
C_FrtBkgExecutionStsQ TM-CF-ANA Freight Booking Execution Status Query
C_FrtBkgQuantityQuery TM-CF-ANA Freight Booking Quantity Query
C_FrtOrdExecutionQuery TM-CF-ANA Freight Order Execution Event Query
C_FrtOrdExecutionStsQ TM-CF-ANA Freight Order Execution Status Query
C_FrtOrdQuantityQuery TM-CF-ANA Freight Order Quantity Query
C_FR_BOPECOQry FI-LOC-FI-FR BOP Reporting France - ECO Format
C_FR_DueDeferredTaxItemQuery FI-LOC-FI-FR Deferred Tax Item Query
C_FR_StRpAuditFECItemQuery FI-LOC-FI-FR France Audit File (FEC) – Query
C_FR_StRpTaxItemWithEUTaxClfnQ FI-LOC-ECS EU Sales Tax Item view for France
C_Fr_Strpwhldgtaxitemq FI-AP-AP-Q1 Withholding Tax Item For Statutory Reporting France
C_FR_TaxReturnBoxQuery FI-LOC-FI-FR ATR enabled Tax Items for France Query
C_FR_VATTaxItemQuery FI-LOC-FI-FR VAT Tax Item Query
C_Ftr_Atpv_Accountingquery FIN-FSCM-TRM Treasury Position Analysis - Accounting
C_Ftr_Atpv_Derivativequery FIN-FSCM-TRM Pos Analysis - Listed Derivatives
C_Ftr_Atpv_Otctransquery FIN-FSCM-TRM Pos Analysis - OTC Transactions
C_Ftr_Atpv_Productquery FIN-FSCM-TRM Treasury Position Analysis
C_Ftr_Atpv_Securitiesquery FIN-FSCM-TRM Treasury Position Analysis - Securities
C_Ftr_Cl_Keydate_Util_Q FIN-FSCM-TRM Facility Utilization on Key Date
C_Ftr_Cl_Utilize_Query FIN-FSCM-TRM Credit Line Analysis
C_Ftr_Cl_Util_Analytics FIN-FSCM-TRM Facility Utilization Analytics
C_Ftr_Fs_BookValueQuery FIN-FSCM-TRM Financial Status for Book Value Amounts
C_Ftr_Fs_NominalQuery FIN-FSCM-TRM Financial Status for Nominal Amounts
C_FunctionalAreaPlanActQ2801 FI-FIO-GL Functional Area - Plan/Actual
C_FunctionalAreasQ2801 FI-FIO-GL Functional Areas - Actuals
C_FundsMgmtActDocQry1 PSM-FM-IS Funds Management: Actual Documents Query
C_FundsMgmtAvailyCtrlQry1 PSM-FM-IS Funds Management AVC Query
C_FundsMgmtBdgtActlQuery PSM-FM-IS Funds Management: Commitments/Actuals and Budget Query
C_FundsMgmtBdgtDocQry1 PSM-FM-IS Funds Management: Budget Documents Query
C_FundsMgmtCmtmtDocQry1 PSM-FM-IS Funds Management: Commitment Documents Query
C_FundsMgmtCtrlgDocQry1 PSM-FM-IS Funds Management: Controlling Document Query
C_FutureAcctRbls FI-AR-IS Future Accounts Receivables Smart Business App
C_GB_StRpOldOpenTaxItemQry FI-LOC-FI-GB Open items to be repaid
C_GB_StRpOldParkedDocTxItmBoxQ FI-LOC-FI-GB Parked Items with opposite sign
C_GB_StRpOldTaxItemQuery FI-LOC-FI-GB Items from the current period
C_GB_StRpParkedDocTxItmBoxQry FI-LOC-FI-GB Parked documents for SRF
C_GB_StRpTaxItemQuery FI-LOC-FI-GB Items from the current period
C_GB_StRpTaxItmReverseChrgQry FI-LOC-FI-GB Items from the current period
C_GB_TaxReturnBoxQuery FI-LOC-FI-GB GB_RCSL_V2 - Reverse Charge list Query
C_GdsMvtThroughputQuery MM-IM-VDM-SGM Goods Movement Throughput Query
C_GenericPlanQ3001 FI-FIO-GL Financial Plan Data
C_GhoMeasDataQuery IS-OIL-UOM-ANL Measurement Data
C_GhoNwDetail IS-OIL-UOM-ANL Network Detail
C_GLAccountBalanceQuery FI-LOC-FI-CN G/L Account Balance Query
C_GLAccountFlow FI-FIO-GL G/L Account Balance with Flow-Measure
C_GLAccountFlowKPI FI-FIO-GL KPIs based on G/L Account Flow
C_GLAccountLineItemSemTag FI-GL-IS Query for JE with SemTag
C_GLDaysPyblOutStdgIndrct CA-GTF-FXU-FI-GL GL DPO Indirect Ovw
C_GLDaysSalesOutStdgOvw CA-GTF-FXU-FI-GL GL Days Sales Outstanding Ovw
C_GLIncgSalesOrdPrdtvQuery FI-PRA-PRA Incoming Sales Orders – Pred. Accounting
C_GLLineItemComprnQuery FI-FIO-GL Journal Entry Comparison
C_GLLineItemsQ0001 FI-FIO-GL Journal Entry Analyzer
C_GLRevenueExpensesOvw CA-GTF-FXU-FI-GL GL Revenue and Expenses Overview
C_GoodsMovementQuery MM-IM-VDM-SGM Goods Movement Analysis
C_GranteeMgmtActlDocQry1 PSM-GM-GTE-IS Grantee Management Commitment/Actual Document Items Query
C_GranteeMgmtBdgtActlQry1 PSM-GM-GTE-IS Grantee Management Commitments/Actuals and Budget Query
C_GranteeMgmtBdgtDocQry1 PSM-GM-GTE-IS Grantee Management Budget Document Items Query
C_GrossBillByVntrQ CA-JVA Venture Expenses
C_GrossPartNettingQ CA-JVA Partner Net By Cost Object
C_GteeMMyCostSharing PSM-GM-GTE-IS Grantee Management My Cost Sharing
C_HisExchRateVolatilityQry FIN-FSCM-TRM Historic Exchange Rate Volatility Query
C_HisScrtyPrcVolatilityQry FIN-FSCM-TRM Historic Security Price Volatility Query
C_HistIntRateVolatilityQry FIN-FSCM-TRM Historic Interest Rate Volatility Query
C_HouseBankAcctAnlysQry FIN-FSCM-CLM House Bank Account Analysis - Query
C_HuMPackagedProducts LO-HU-FIO Hierarchy of Packaged Products
C_HU_AuditReportQuery FI-LOC-FI-HU Hungary Audit Report Query
C_HU_DomesticSlsPurListQuery FI-LOC-FI-HU HU Domestic Sales Purchases List Query
C_HU_StRpBusinessPartnerQuery FI-LOC-FI-HU Hungary VAT: M-page header
C_HU_StRpInvoiceChainQuery FI-LOC-FI-HU Hungary VAT: M-page Tax items
C_HU_StRpTaxItemQuery FI-LOC-FI-HU Hungary VAT: A-page header
C_ID_StRpCashFlowLqdyItemQuery FI-LOC-FI-ID Cash Flow by Lqdy Hier for Indonesia
C_ID_StRpTaxItemQuery FI-LOC-FI-ID Tax Items Query for ID Statutory Reporting
C_ID_StRpVATExportQuery FI-LOC-FI-ID Query View for ID Exports VAT Report
C_ID_StRpVATImportQuery FI-LOC-FI-ID Query View for ID Imports VAT Report
C_IE_StRpTaxItemBoxQuery FI-LOC-FI-IE IE VAT Return items
C_IE_StRpTaxItemQuery FI-LOC-FI-IE IE VAT Return items
C_IE_StRpTaxItmWithEUTaxClassQ FI-LOC-ECS EU Sales Tax Item View for Ireland
C_IL_StRpTaxItemLogQuery FI-LOC-FI-IL IL:Tax Item For Statutory ReportingQuery
C_IncidentAssetCaseQuery EHS-SUS-IM Incident Asset Case Query
C_IncidentCaseQuery EHS-SUS-IM Incident Case Query
C_IncidentDamageCaseQuery EHS-SUS-IM Incident Damage Case Query
C_IncidentDartRateQuery EHS-SUS-IM Incident Dart Rate
C_IncidentGroupQuery EHS-SUS-IM Incident Group Query
C_IncidentNtcOfVioltnCaseQ EHS-SUS-IM Incident Notice Of Violation Case Query
C_IncidentQuery EHS-SUS-IM Incident Query
C_IncidentRateQuery EHS-SUS-IM Incident Rate
C_IncidentRecordableCases EHS-SUS-IM Incident Recordable Cases
C_IncidentReleaseCaseQuery EHS-SUS-IM Incident Release Case Query
C_IncidentTaskQuery EHS-SUS-IM Incident/Investigation step tasks cube.
C_IncmpltServiceOrderQuery CRM-S4-ANA Incomplete Service Order - Query
C_InjuryIllnessCaseQuery EHS-SUS-IM Injury/Illness Case Query
C_InjuryIllnLogCaseQuery EHS-SUS-IM Injury/Illness Log Case Query
C_InjuryIllnLogGroupQuery EHS-SUS-IM Injury/Illness Log Group Query
C_InsurClmLossReportQuery FS-CM Loss Triangle
C_InsurClmOutStdgReserveQ FS-CM Outstanding Reserves
C_InsurClmPaymentQuery FS-CM Claim Payments
C_InsurClmSubclaimCountQ FS-CM Number of Subclaims
C_InsurClmTotExpndtrQuery FS-CM Total Claim Expenditure
C_InternalOrderPlanActQ2101 FI-FIO-GL Internal Order - Plan/Actual
C_InventoryGLAcctBalQuery FI-LOC-FI Turkey Inventory CDS query
C_InvgCsMLocationCategoryQ CRM-S4-IPS-ICM Consumption Query view for ICM Location Category
C_InvgCsMObjectCategoryQ CRM-S4-IPS-ICM Consumption Query View for ICM Object Category
C_InvoiceInboundAutomnRate MM-IS-PU-RPT Invoice Inbound Automnation Rate
C_IN_JournalVoucherQuery FI-LOC-LO-IN Query View for Journal Vouchers in India
C_IN_ServiceDistrQuery FI-LOC-LO-IN Query View for ISD Documents in India
C_IN_StockTransportQuery FI-LOC-LO-IN Query View for Stock Transport
C_IN_StRpGSTItemQ FI-LOC-FI-IN Query view for GST Simplification
C_IN_SubcontrgDocQuery FI-LOC-LO-IN Query View for Subcon Documents in India
C_IT_StRpFixedAssetRegisterQry FI-LOC-FI-IT IT FxdAst Register - Analyze Data Query
C_IT_TaxReturnBoxQuery FI-LOC-FI-IT Query Tax Items for Italy
C_JITCallCompMatlQuery LE-JIT Monitor JIT Call Component (ALP)
C_JITOutbCallCompGrpQuery LE-JIT Other Filters
C_JITOutbCallQuery LE-JIT Other Filters
C_JntVntrGrssNonOprtdQ CA-JVA Gross Non-Operated by Cost Object
C_JntVntrRmngCutbackQ CA-JVA Remaining Cutback
C_JointVentureAcctgDtlHierQry IS-OIL-PRA Joint Venture Acctg Dtl Hierarchy Query
C_JointVentureAcctgDtlQry IS-OIL-PRA Joint Venture Accounting Detail Query
C_JointVentureAuditQuery CA-JVA Joint Venture Audit Report Query
C_JP_CentralBkPaytWithCht1Qry FI-LOC-FI-JP Query view for Japan Central Bank Chart1
C_JP_CentralBkPaytWithCht2Qry FI-LOC-FI-JP Query for Japan Central Bank Payment Chart2
C_Jp_StRpWhiteRetsWhldgTxItmQ FI-AP-AP-Q1 Consumption View Japan White Returns Withholding Tax Details
C_JP_TradeCreditBalanceQuery FI-LOC-FI-JP Query view for Japan Trade Credit Check
C_JP_VATReturnDetailQuery FI-LOC-FI-JP Japan VAT Return Detail Query
C_JP_VATReturnSummaryFormQuery FI-LOC-FI-JP Japan VAT Return Summary Form Query
C_JP_VATReturnSummaryQuery FI-LOC-FI-JP Japan VAT Return Summary Query
C_JrnlEntrItmToBOPFormItmQry FI-LOC-IS Journal Entry Item To BOP Form Item Query
C_JVAPartOvrdAcctsRblsOvw CA-JVA JV Partner Overdue Receivables
C_KR_StRpTrialBalanceItemQuery FI-LOC-FI-KR South Korea Trial Balance Query
C_KR_StRpWithholdingTaxItemQ FI-AP-AP-Q1 Business and Other income tax Items for Korea Query
C_KR_VATInvoiceItemQuery FI-LOC-FI-KR VAT Reporting Tax Items
C_KZ_VATRet0RateItemQuery FI-LOC-FI-KZ Section 1
C_KZ_VatRetCorrectionItemQuery FI-LOC-FI-KZ Section 6
C_KZ_VATRetDeductDocQuery FI-LOC-FI-KZ Section 9
C_KZ_VATRetForeignItemQuery FI-LOC-FI-KZ VAT Retrun Foreign documents: Query View
C_KZ_VATRetIncCustomDeclnQuery FI-LOC-FI-KZ Section 3 Query View
C_KZ_VatRetMainSection0ItemQry FI-LOC-FI-KZ Section 0
C_KZ_VATRetOffsetItemQuery FI-LOC-FI-KZ Section 4
C_KZ_VATRetTaxFreeItemQuery FI-LOC-FI-KZ Section 2
C_KZ_VATReturnIncgInvcItemQ FI-LOC-FI-KZ VAT Return Incoming Invoice Item (Query)
C_KZ_VATReturnOutgInvcItemQ FI-LOC-FI-KZ VAT Return Outgoing Invoice Item (Query)
C_Lfcastanalytics FIN-FSCM-CLM Liquidity Forecast 90 Days
C_Liquidityforecastdetailsq FIN-FSCM-CLM Liquidity Forecast Details Query
C_Liquidityforecast_Overviewq FIN-FSCM-CLM Query for Liquidity Forecast Overview
C_LiquidityPositionQuery FIN-FSCM-CLM Cash Position and Liquidity Forecast Query
C_ListedDrvtvPriceQuotation LO-CMM-BF Listed Derivatives Price Quotation
C_LocationAnalysisQuery PM-WOC-MN Location Analysis Query
C_LU_StRpTaxItemWithEUTaxClfnQ FI-LOC-ECS EU Sales Tax Item view for LU
C_MaintObjBreakdownQuery PM-WOC-MN Maintenance Object Breakdown Query
C_MaintOrdActualCostDataQ PM-WOC-MO Maintenance Order Actual Cost Data Query
C_MaintOrderTechObjQuery PM-WOC-MO Maint. Order Analysis Query w. Techn.Obj
C_MarketSegmentPlanActQ2501 FI-FIO-GL Market Segment - Plan/Actual
C_MarketSegmentQ2501 FI-FIO-GL Market Segments - Actuals
C_MarkToMarketStockFinancial LO-AGR-APP ACM MtM for Contract, Stock & CM Fins
C_MarkToMarketStockFinDOD LO-AGR-APP ACM DOD MtM for Contract, Stock & CM Fin
C_MarkToMarketStockFinEndOfDay LO-AGR-APP ACM EOD MtM for Contract, Stock & CM Fin
C_MaterialStockActual MM-IM-VDM-SGM Total actual stock quantity
C_MaterialStockByKeyDate MM-IM-VDM-SGM Material Stock at posting date
C_MaterialStockTimeSeries MM-IM-VDM-SGM Material stock for periods by type
C_MatlStkAtKeyDateInAltUoM MM-IM-VDM-SGM Stock at Key Date in Alternative UoM
C_MaturityProfileQuery FIN-FSCM-TRM Query View for Maturity Profile
C_MDGovClsdWrkflwBPQry CA-MDG-ANR Analytics on Closed CR Work Item for Business Partners
C_MDGovClsdWrkflwFinQry CA-MDG-ANR Analytics on Closed Work Item for CR
C_MDGovClsdWrkflwProdQry CA-MDG-ANR Analytics on Closed CR Work Item for Products
C_MDGovOpenWrkflwBPQry CA-MDG-ANR Analytics on Open WI for Chg Req for BP
C_MDGovOpenWrkflwFinQry CA-MDG-ANR Analytics on Open WI for Change Request for Financials
C_MDGovOpenWrkflwProdQry CA-MDG-ANR Analytics on Open WI for Change Request for Products
C_MDProductHierarchyQuery LO-MD-MM Master Data Product Hierarchy Query
C_MDQltyAnalyticScoresQry CA-MDG-ADQ MDQ Analytic Scores
C_MeasurementPointVolQry IS-OIL-PRA Measurement Point Volume Query
C_MeterReadingDocumentQuery IS-U-DM-MR Meter Reading Document Query
C_MfgOrdActlPlanTgtCostQry CO-PC-OBJ Query view for MfgOrder PlanActTgt cost
C_MfgOrdCompExcsConsmptQry PP-VDM Mfg Order Operation Component Excess Consumption Query
C_MfgOrderItemScrapAmtQry PP-VDM Manufacturing Order Item Scrap Amount - Query
C_MfgOrderOpExecDurnQry PP-VDM Mfg Order Operation Execution Duration Query
C_MfgOrderSFILeadTimeQry PP-PEO-SFE Mfg Order SFI Lead Time Query
C_MfgOrderWIPVarianceQuery CO-PC-OBJ Query view for manufacturing order WIP / Variance
C_MfgOrdItemMaterialScrapQ PP-VDM Manufacturing Order Item Material Scrap Query
C_MfgOrdOpConfScrapReasonQ PP-VDM Mfg Order Operation Confirmation Scrap Reason Query
C_MfgOrdOperationScrapQry PP-VDM Manufacturing Order Operation Scrap Query
C_MissingMtrRdngOrderQuery IS-U-DM-MR Missing Meter Reading Order Query
C_MissingUtilsBillingOrderQ IS-U-BI Missing Billing Order Query
C_MissionEssentialTaskQry IS-DFS-OF-CAP View for  Mission Essential Task Query
C_MktDataBasisSpreadQry FIN-FSCM-TRM Market Data Query for Basis Spread
C_MktDataCreditSpreadQry FIN-FSCM-TRM Market Data Query for Credit Spread
C_MktDataFXRateQuery FIN-FSCM-TRM Market Data Query for FX Rate
C_MktDataImpVolatilityQry FIN-FSCM-TRM Market Data Query for Implied Volatility
C_MktDataRefIntrstRateQry FIN-FSCM-TRM Market Data Query for Ref. Interest Rate
C_MlBalanceSummary FI-FIO-GL Material Inventory Values - Balance Summary
C_MlLineItem FI-FIO-GL Material Inventory Values - Line Items
C_MLRoundDiff FI-FIO-GL Material Inventory Values - Rounding Differences
C_MstrProjJournalQ001 CA-CPD-WS Master Project Journal Query
C_MTMStkQltyCharsFinEndOfDay LO-AGR-APP ACM EOD MtM for Stock Netdry & CM Fin
C_MTMStkWithQltyCharsFin LO-AGR-APP ACM MtM for Stock Netdry & CM Financials
C_MTMStkWithQltyCharsFinDOD LO-AGR-APP ACM DOD MtM for Stock Netdry & CM Fin
C_MX_AuxiliaryRptAcctBalanceQ FI-LOC-FI-MX MX Auxiliary Report for Accounts Query
C_MX_AuxiliaryRptAcctDetailQ FI-LOC-FI-MX MX Auxiliary Report for Accounts Details Query
C_MX_DueTaxAndWhldgTxItemLogQ FI-LOC-FI-MX Analytical  Query for Due and Whldg Tax with Rptd Log Info
C_MX_DueTaxAndWhldgTxItemQuery FI-LOC-FI-MX Mexico specific Analytical Query Due Tax and Whldg Tax Item
C_MX_FinancialStatementRptgQ FI-LOC-FI-MX Analytical query for Mexico Financial Statement Reporting
C_MX_FinancialStmntRptgLogQ FI-LOC-FI-MX Analytical qry for MX Financial Stmnt Rpg with Rptd Log info
C_MX_JrnlEntrItmInvcDetailsQ FI-LOC-FI-MX Journal Entries Items with Invoice Query
C_MX_JrnlEntrItmPaytDetailsQ FI-LOC-FI-MX Journal Entries Items with Payment Query
C_MX_JrnlEntryOperationalViewQ FI-LOC-FI-MX Journal Entries Items Query
C_MyChemicalApprovalsQ EHS-SUS-FND Chemical Approvals Query
C_MY_BillingDocumentItemQuery FI-LOC-FI-MY Billing Document Item Query for MY GAF
C_MY_JournalEntryItemQuery FI-LOC-FI-MY Journal Entry Item Query for MY GAF
C_MY_StRpSlsSrvcTxItmQuery FI-LOC-FI-MY Tax Items Query for Malaysia SST
C_MY_STRPTaxItemQ FI-LOC-FI-MY Tax Items Query for Malaysia Statutory Reporting
C_MY_StRpWhldgTaxItemQuery FI-AP-AP-Q1 Withholding Tax Item View For Statutory Reporting
C_MY_SupplierInvoiceItemQuery FI-LOC-FI-MY Supplier Invoice Item Query for MY GAF
C_MY_TxItmWthSlsDeductionQuery FI-LOC-FI-MY Query for Tax Item with Sales Deduction
C_NearMissGroupQuery EHS-SUS-IM Near Miss Group Query
C_NetDryDetailedReportQ LO-AGR-APP Weighted Average Detailed Report
C_NetDrySummaryReportQ LO-AGR-APP Weighted Average Summary Report
C_NetPositionRiskReport LO-AGR Consumption view for Net Position Risk Report
C_NetPosRepPremium LO-AGR ACM Position Report Premium
C_NetPosRepPremiumDayOverDay LO-AGR ACM Position Report Premium - DoD
C_NetPosRepPremiumEndOfDay LO-AGR ACM Position Report Premium - EoD
C_NetPosRepPrice LO-AGR ACM Position Report Price Type
C_NetPosRepPriceDayOverDay LO-AGR ACM Position Report Price Type - DoD
C_NetPosRepPriceEndOfDay LO-AGR ACM Position Report Price Type - EOD
C_NetPosRepSlate LO-AGR ACM Position Report Slate
C_NetPosRepSlateDayOverDay LO-AGR ACM Position Report Slate - DoD
C_NetPosRepSlateEndOfDay LO-AGR ACM Position Report Slate - EOD
C_NetPosRiskReportDayOverDay LO-AGR Consumption Query For Net Position Risk Report Day Over Day
C_NetPosRiskReportEndOfDay LO-AGR Consumption Query for Net Position Risk Report End of Day
C_NL_SAFTJournalEntryQry FI-LOC-FI-NL SAF-T NL Journal Header Query
C_NL_SAFTJournalItemQry FI-LOC-FI-NL SAF-T NL Journal Item Query
C_NL_StRpAcceptedTaxItemQuery FI-LOC-FI-NL [Obsolete] NL VAT - Query for Reported Tax Items
C_NL_StRpTaxItemQuery FI-LOC-FI-NL Analytical Query View for NL VAT Reporting
C_NL_StRpTaxItmWithEUTaxClassQ FI-LOC-ECS EU Sales Tax Item view for NL
C_NonMngdPurgSpend MM-IS-PU-RPT Non Managed Purchasing Spend
C_NO_SAFTJournalEntryQuery FI-LOC-FI-NO SAF-T Norway Journal Entry Query
C_NO_SAFTJournalItemQuery FI-LOC-FI-NO SAF-T Norway Journal Item Query
C_NO_StRpTrialBalanceItemQuery FI-LOC-FI-NO Norway Trial Balance Query
C_ONRRRptgHistPRADetQ IS-OIL-PRA ONRR PRA Reporting Details Query
C_ONRRRptgHistReportDetQ IS-OIL-PRA ONRR Reporting History Report Detail Qry
C_OpenClosedDisputeCase FI-AR-IS Open and Closed Dispute Cases
C_OpenDispProcessingDays FI-AR-IS Open Dispute Processing Days
C_OpenDisputeCase FI-AR-IS Open Dispute Case
C_OrdItmDelivPerfAnlytsQry LE-SHP-FIO-ANA Order Item Delivery Performance Query
C_OutsrtdUtilsBillgDocBscDataQ IS-U-BI Outsorted Billing Document Basic Data Query
C_OverdueAcctRbls FI-AR-IS Overdue Accounts Receivables Smart Business App
C_OverdueInDispute FI-AR-IS Overdue Receivables In Dispute
C_PackagedDngrsGdsQuery EHS-SUS-DG Packaged Dangerous Goods Query
C_PartsPerMillionQuery MM-IS-PU-RPT Parts Per Million Query View
C_PaymentByBankKPI FIN-FSCM-CLM Total and Average Bank Payments - Query
C_PaymentByBankQuery FIN-FSCM-CLM Bank Payments - Query
C_PaymentStatistics FIN-FSCM-CLM Payment Statistics
C_PE_StRpJournalEntryItemQuery FI-LOC-FI-PE Peru Journal Entry Query View
C_PhysInvtryQuery MM-IM-VDM-PI Physical Inventory Analysis
C_PH_AmortizedTaxItemQuery FI-LOC-FI-PH Consumption view for Exceeding 1PM Tax Item for PH VAT
C_PH_CASCashItemQuery FI-LOC-FI-PH CAS Cash Item Query
C_PH_JournalEntryQuery FI-LOC-FI-PH PH CAS General Journal/Ledger Query
C_PH_NotAmortizedTaxItemQuery FI-LOC-FI-PH Consumption View of Tax Item Not Exceding 1PM for PH VAT
C_PH_PurchasesSummaryItemQuery FI-LOC-FI-PH Philippines Purchases Summary Query
C_PH_SalesSummaryItemQuery FI-LOC-FI-PH Philippines Sales Summary Query
C_Ph_StRpTaxItemQ FI-LOC-FI-PH Tax Item Statutory Reporting for PH
C_PH_StRpTxItmGrpByIndstryQry FI-LOC-FI-PH Tax Item Statutory Reporting for Philippline
C_Ph_StrpwhldgtaxitemQ FI-AP-AP-Q1 Withholding Tax View For Philippines
C_PH_SuplrCustJournalQuery FI-LOC-FI-PH PH CAS Journal Query
C_PL_SAFTBankStmntItemQuery FI-LOC-FI-PL SAF-T PL Bank Statement Item Query
C_PL_SAFTGoodsMvtCnsldtnItmQry FI-LOC-FI-PL SAF-T Goods Movements Items
C_PL_SAFTInvoiceCnsldtnItemQry FI-LOC-FI-PL SAF-T Invoice Consolidation Item Query
C_PL_SAFTJournalCnsldtnItemQry FI-LOC-FI-PL SAF-T Journal Consolidation Item Query
C_PL_SAFTTaxItemCnsldtnQuery FI-LOC-FI-PL SAF-T Tax Item Consolidation Query
C_PL_StRpCustOplAcctgDocItemQ FI-LOC-FI-PL Customer Opl Acc.Doc.Item Query - Poland
C_PL_StRpCustTrialBalItmQuery FI-LOC-FI-PL Customer Trial Balance Query – Poland
C_PL_StRpGLAcctJrnlEntryItmQry FI-LOC-FI-PL GL Account Jrnl Entry Item Qry – Poland
C_PL_StRpGLAcctOplAcctgDocItmQ FI-LOC-FI-PL GL Acct Opl Acc.Doc.Item Query – Poland
C_PL_StRpGLAcctTrialBalItmQry FI-LOC-FI-PL GL Account Trial Balance Query – Poland
C_PL_StRpSuplrOplAcctgDocItemQ FI-LOC-FI-PL Supplier Opl Acc.Doc.Item Query - Poland
C_PL_StRpSuplrTrialBalItmQuery FI-LOC-FI-PL Supplier Trial Balance Query – Poland
C_PL_StRpTaxItemWithEUTaxClfnQ FI-LOC-ECS EU Sales Tax Item View for Poland
C_PL_StRpTxItmWithEUTxClCrrtnQ FI-LOC-ECS EU Sales Tax Item View - Correction Run
C_PMProjCatsAnaKPI CA-TS-S4 Analytics of CATS Data of a Project Manager for KPI Tile
C_PnLDeltaNewActivityVal LO-AGR ACM Cmdty PnL Value New activity
C_PnLNewActivityVal LO-AGR ACM Cmdty PnL Value New activity
C_PosRepPremium LO-AGR ACM Position Report Premium
C_PosRepPremiumDayOverDay LO-AGR ACM Position Report Premium - DoD
C_PosRepPremiumEndOfDay LO-AGR ACM Position Report Premium - EoD
C_PosRepPrice LO-AGR ACM Position Report Price Type
C_PosRepPriceDayOverDay LO-AGR ACM Position Report Price Type - DoD
C_PosRepPriceEndOfDay LO-AGR ACM Position Report Price Type - EOD
C_PosRepSlate LO-AGR ACM Position Report Slate
C_PosRepSlateDayOverDay LO-AGR ACM Position Report Slate - DoD
C_PosRepSlateEndOfDay LO-AGR ACM Position Report Slate - EOD
C_PRAAcctgDocumentHdrQry IS-OIL-PRA PRA Accounting Document Header Query
C_PRAPaymentDetailQry IS-OIL-PRA PRA Payment Detail Query
C_PRAPaymentHeaderQry IS-OIL-PRA PRA Payment Header Query
C_PRAPndngValnAcctgItmQry IS-OIL-PRA PRA Pending Valuation Acctg Item Query
C_PRAPostedAcctgItmQry IS-OIL-PRA PRA Posted Accounting Item Query
C_PRARoyaltyRptgHistTXGLOQry IS-OIL-PRA PRA Royalty Reporting History Texas GLO Query
C_PRARoyaltyRptgHistWYQry IS-OIL-PRA PRA Royalty Reporting History Wyoming Query
C_PRASmmryAcctsRblQry IS-OIL-PRA PRA Summary Accounts Receivable Query
C_PRASmmryFedPyblQry IS-OIL-PRA PRA Summary Federal Payable Query
C_PRASmmryOwnrPyblQry IS-OIL-PRA PRA Summary Owner Payable Query
C_PRASmmrySuspenseQry IS-OIL-PRA PRA Summary Suspense Query
C_PRASmmryTaxPyblQry IS-OIL-PRA PRA Summary Taxes Payable Query
C_PRATaxRptgHistCOConsvnQry IS-OIL-PRA PRA Tax Reporting History CO Conservation Query
C_PRATaxRptgHistCOSvrncQry IS-OIL-PRA PRA Tax Rptg Hist Colorado Severance Qry
C_PRATaxRptgHistLAQry IS-OIL-PRA Louisiana Tax Reporting History Query
C_PRATaxRptgHistoryKSQry IS-OIL-PRA PRA Tax Reporting History Kansas Query
C_PRATaxRptgHistoryNDQry IS-OIL-PRA PRA Tax Reporting History ND Query
C_PRATaxRptgHistoryNMQRY IS-OIL-PRA PRA Tax Reporting History NM Query
C_PRATaxRptgHistoryOKQRY IS-OIL-PRA PRA Tax Reporting History Oklahoma Query
C_PRATaxRptgHistoryTXQry IS-OIL-PRA PRA Tax Reporting History Texas Query
C_PRATaxRptgHistWYConsvnQry IS-OIL-PRA PRA Tax Rptg Hist Wyoming Consvn Qry
C_PRATaxRptgHistWYGrssProdQry IS-OIL-PRA PRA Tax Reporting History WY Gross Product Query
C_PrcSttgMethExecAnlysLogsQry LO-CMM-BF Price Setting Method Execution Analysis by Logistics Doc.
C_ProcmtDocSubcontrg CA-GTF-FXU-MM-PUR Subcontracting Cockpit
C_ProdCmplncLicRlvtDocsQ EHS-SUS-FND Query view for the Product Compliance License Metric
C_ProdMktCmplRqRsltQuery EHS-SUS-PMA Marketability Assessments Query
C_ProductCostByOrderQuery CO-PC-OBJ Production Cost By Order
C_Profitability_Q0001 FI-FIO-GL Project Profitability
C_Profitability_Q0002 FI-FIO-GL Product Profitability
C_ProfitAndLossPlanActQ2903 FI-FIO-GL P&L - Plan/Actual
C_ProfitAndLossQ2901 FI-FIO-GL P&L - Actuals
C_ProfitCenterPlanActQ2701 FI-FIO-GL Profit Center - Plan/Actual
C_ProfitCenterQ2701 FI-FIO-GL Profit Centers - Actuals
C_ProfitCenterSemanticTag FI-FIO-GL Profit Center with Semantic Tag Query
C_ProfitCenterStatKeyFigSemTag FI-FIO-GL Profit Center Ststcl Key Figure  KPI
C_ProfitMarginByMonthQuery SD-ANA Profit Margin by Month
C_ProjectBudgetReport PS-VDM-COS Project Budget Report
C_ProjectFinancialReport PS-VDM-COS Actual/Planned LineItems for Project
C_ProjectPlanActQ2201 FI-FIO-GL Project - Plan/Actual
C_ProjectPlanActQ2203 FI-FIO-GL Projects - Baseline/EAC/Ongoing
C_ProjectQ2201 FI-FIO-GL Projects - Actuals
C_PromiseToPayOverview FI-AR-IS Promise To Pay Overview
C_PT_DocItemWhldgTxCshDiscQ FI-LOC-FI-PT Query for Portugal Annual List
C_PT_SAFTDeliveryHdrQry CA-GTF-CSC SAFT Delivery Document Header query view
C_PT_SAFTDeliveryItemQ CA-GTF-CSC Query View for PT SAFT Delivery Item
C_PT_SAFTGenLedgerEntryQry FI-LOC-SAF-PT SAF-T PT General Ledger Entries Query
C_PT_SAFTGenLedgerItemQry FI-LOC-SAF-PT SAF-T General Ledger Entries Item Query
C_PT_SAFTPaymentHeaderQry FI-LOC-SAF-PT SAF-T PT Payment Header Query
C_PT_SAFTPaymentItemQry FI-LOC-SAF-PT SAF-T PT Payment Item Query
C_PT_SAFTSalesInvoiceHeaderQry FI-LOC-SAF-PT SAF-T PT Sales Invoice Header Query
C_PT_SAFTSalesInvoiceItemQry FI-LOC-SAF-PT SAF-T PT Sales Invoice Item Query
C_PT_SAFTSelfBillgInvoiceHdrQ FI-LOC-SAF-PT SAF-T PT Self-Billing Inv. Header Query
C_PT_SAFTSelfBillgInvoiceItemQ FI-LOC-SAF-PT SAF-T PT Self-Billing Invoice Item Query
C_PT_SAFTWorkingDocHeaderQry FI-LOC-SAF-PT SAF-T PT Working Documents Header Query
C_PT_SAFTWorkingDocItemQry FI-LOC-SAF-PT SAF-T PT Working Documents Item Query
C_PT_StRpAssetReportFormQuery FI-LOC-AA-PT PT Asset Fiscal Maps: Forms Content (ACR) - Query
C_PT_StRpTaxItemQuery FI-LOC-FI-PT VAT Tax Item Query for Portugal
C_PT_StRpTaxItemWithEUTaxClfnQ FI-LOC-ECS EU Sales Tax Item View for Portugal
C_PurchaseContractLeakage MM-IS-PU-RPT Purchase Contract Leakage
C_PurchaseOrderSpendQuery MM-IS-PU-RPT Spend Analysis
C_PurchaseOrderValueQuery MM-IS-PU-RPT Spend Analysis
C_PurgMatlPriceChange MM-IS-PU-RPT Material Price Change
C_PurgSpendComprn MM-IS-PU-RPT Purchasing Spend Comparison
C_PurgSpendOffContract MM-IS-PU-RPT Off Contract Spend
C_PurOrdAvgDelivTime MM-IS-PU-RPT Purchase Order Average Delivery Time
C_PurOrdDelivInvcVal MM-IS-PU-RPT Purchase Order Delivery Invoice Value
C_PurOrdOutputAutomnRate MM-IS-PU-RPT PO Output Automn & non Automn percentage
C_PurOrdServiceSpendQuery MM-IS-PU-RPT Service Spend
C_QualityLevelAnalysis QM-QC-AQC-WL Quality Level History
C_QuantityContractCnsmpn MM-IS-PU-RPT Quantity Contract Consumption
C_RAContractBalanceQuery FI-RA Contract Balance
C_RAContrBalanceMovementQuery FI-RA Contract Balance Movements
C_RAOpenRevenuePerPeriodQuery FI-RA Remaining Performance Obligations with Time Bands
C_RAPostingItemQuery FI-RA Disaggregation of Revenue - Query
C_RATotalOpenRevenueQuery FI-RA Remaining Performance Obligations – Total Open Revenue
C_RAYrToDteRecgdRevnQuery FI-RA Disaggregation of Recognized Revenue
C_RblsItmForKeyDteDuePerd FI-AR-IS Receivables for Key Date
C_REAcctgObjectPlanActualQ RE-FX-CO Real Estate Objects Plan and Actuals Q
C_RealTimeRptdFinData EC-CS Consolidation - Realtime Reported Data
C_RealTimeRptdFinDataEnhcd FIN-CS-COR CNSLDTN - Realtime Reported Data NRL
C_REContractAssignSubjectQ RE-FX-CN RE Contract Subject Assignments Query
C_REContractValidQ RE-FX-CN Valid Real Estate Contracts Query
C_RecordableInjryIllnCaseQ EHS-SUS-IM Recordable Injury/Illness Case Query
C_RequisitionNoTouchRate MM-IS-PU-RPT Requisition No Touch Rate
C_ResolvedDisputeCase FI-AR-IS Resolved Dispute Case
C_RespyMgmtTeamHierarchy CA-GTF-RM Team Hierarchy
C_RevenueFromInvoiceQry SD-ANA Analytics - Sales Volume Flexible Analysis
C_ReversedUtilsBillingDocQuery IS-U-BI Reversed Billing Document Query
C_RO_StRpDeferredItemQuery FI-LOC-FI-RO RO: VAT 300 Deferred Items - Query
C_RO_StRpDomesticSlsPurListQ FI-LOC-FI-RO RO: Domestic Sales/Purchase List Query
C_RO_StRpFxdAstChartValueQry FI-LOC-AA RO Asset Chart: Values and Trans. - Qry
C_RO_StRpGLAcctJrnlEntryItmQry FI-LOC-FI-RO GL Account Trial Balance Query – Romania
C_RO_StRpSalesPurchaseItem1Q FI-LOC-FI-RO RO: Sales/Purchase Journal Items Query
C_RO_StRpSalesPurchaseItem2Q FI-LOC-FI-RO RO: Sales/Purchase Journal Items Query
C_RO_StRpSalesPurchaseItem3Q FI-LOC-FI-RO RO: Sales/Purchase Journal Items Query
C_RO_StRpTaxItemBoxQuery FI-LOC-FI-RO RO VAT 300 Declaration Items - Query
C_RO_StRpTaxItemWithEUTaxClfnQ FI-LOC-ECS EU Sales Tax Item View for RO
C_RU_BPBalRecncln FI-LOC-FI-RU FI RU Reconciliation Report
C_RU_ExprtConfRegCstmsDeclnQ FI-LOC-FI-RU Query for RCD
C_RU_ExprtConfRegTranspDocsQ FI-LOC-FI-RU Query for RCTD
C_RU_FinancialStatementItemQ FI-LOC-FI-RU Financial Statement Item Query
C_RU_FinancialStatementItemQ_2 FI-LOC-FI-RU Financial Statement Item Query
C_RU_FinStmntCashFlowItemQ FI-LOC-FI-RU Query for form 4 (ACR Cash flow)
C_RU_GLAcctBalanceQuery FI-LOC-FI-RU G/L Account Balance
C_RU_ImportNotifRegisterQ FI-LOC-FI-RU Register of Import Notifications Query
C_RU_IncomingInvcJrnlItemQuery FI-LOC-FI-RU Incoming Invoice Journal Item
C_RU_InvcJrnlOperationTypeQ FI-LOC-FI-RU Invoice Journal Operation Type Code
C_RU_LandTaxItemQuery FI-LOC-FI-RU Russia Land Tax Item: Query
C_RU_OutgoingInvcJrnlItemQuery FI-LOC-FI-RU Outgoing Invoice Journal Item
C_RU_PropertyTaxCadValQ FI-LOC-FI-RU Russia Property Tax Return: Section3
C_RU_PropertyTaxMovableQ FI-LOC-FI-RU Russia Property Tax Return: Section4
C_RU_PropertyTaxNetBookValDetQ FI-LOC-FI-RU Russia Property Tax Return: Section2.1
C_RU_PropertyTaxNetBookValQ FI-LOC-FI-RU Russia Property Tax Return: Section2
C_RU_PropertyTaxTotalsQ FI-LOC-FI-RU Russia Property Tax Return: Section1
C_RU_TransportTaxItemQuery FI-LOC-FI-RU Russia Transport Tax: Query
C_RU_VatPurchaseLdgr_Total FI-LOC-FI-RU Totals for Purchase Ledger
C_RU_VATReturnImportEAEUQ FI-LOC-FI-RU 1. Tax Amount for Imported Goods from EAEU
C_RU_VATReturnSection12ItemQ FI-LOC-FI-RU VAT Return Section 12
C_RU_VATReturnSection1ItemQ FI-LOC-FI-RU 1. Tax Am. According to the Taxpayer Data
C_RU_VATReturnSection2ItemQ FI-LOC-FI-RU 2. Tax Amount According to Tax Agt Data
C_RU_VATReturnSection3ItemQ FI-LOC-FI-RU 3. Tax Amount(p.2-4 of Article 164)
C_RU_VATReturnSection4ItemQ FI-LOC-FI-RU 4. Tax Amount with Confirmed 0% Tax Rate
C_RU_VATReturnSection5ItemQ FI-LOC-FI-RU 5. Tax Deductions 0% Confd in Prev Perds
C_RU_VATReturnSection6ItemQ FI-LOC-FI-RU 6. Tax Amount with not Confd 0% Tax Rate
C_RU_VATReturnSection7ItemQ FI-LOC-FI-RU 7. Non-Taxable Transactions
C_RU_VatSalesLedger_Total FI-LOC-FI-RU Totals for Sales Ledger
C_RU_VATSlsPurLdgrNotRptdItemQ FI-LOC-FI-RU Accounting documents not reported in S/P Ledgers
C_RU_VATSPLedgerOperationType FI-LOC-FI-RU Operation Types for RU Sales/Purchase Ledgers
C_SafetyObservationGroupQ EHS-SUS-IM Safety Observation Group Query
C_SalesAnalyticsQry SD-ANA Analytics - Sales Volume and Open Sales
C_SalesAnalyticsQry_1 SD-ANA Analytics - Sales Volume and Open Sales
C_SalesContractItemQry SD-ANA Analytics - Sales Contract
C_SalesContractItmFlfmtQ SD-ANA Analytics - Sales Contract Fulfillment Rate
C_SalesOrderItemQry SD-ANA Analytics - Incoming Sales Order
C_SalesOrderQ2301 FI-FIO-GL Sales Orders - Actuals
C_SalesOrderQuery SD-ANA Analytics - Sales Order
C_SalesQuotationItemQry SD-ANA Sales Quotations - Flexible Analysis
C_SalesSchedgAgrmtItemQry SD-ANA Analytics - Sales Scheduling Agreement Item
C_SalesVolumeAnalysisQuery SD-ANA Analytics - Sales Volume Detailed Analysis
C_SalesVolumeAnalyticsQry SD-ANA Analytics - Sales Volume
C_SalesVolumebyYearQuery SD-ANA Analytics - Sales Volume by Year
C_SA_StRpTaxItemQuery FI-LOC-FI Tax Items for ACR Saudi Arabia
C_SchedgAgrmtItmCnsmpn MM-IS-PU-RPT Scheduling Agreement Item Consumption
C_SchedldRdngRelevantRegQuery IS-U-DM-MR Scheduled Reading-Relevant Register Query
C_SecurityPriceQuery FIN-FSCM-TRM Market Data Query for Security Price
C_ServiceContractIssueQry CRM-S4-ANA Analytical Query For Service Contract Issues
C_ServiceContrFinList CRM-S4-ANA Service Contract Finance List
C_ServiceDocRevenueQuery CRM-S4-ANA Service Transaction Revenue - Query
C_ServiceOrderIssueQuery CRM-S4-ANA Service Order Issues
C_ServiceOrderItemIssueQry CRM-S4-ANA Service transaction item issues
C_ServiceOrderQry2401 FI-FIO-GL Service Orders - Actuals
C_ServiceOrderQuery CRM-S4-ANA Service Order - Query
C_SE_StRpTaxItmWithEUTaxClassQ FI-LOC-ECS EU Sales Tax Item View for Sweden
C_SE_TaxReturnBoxQuery FI-LOC-FI-SE Query Tax Items for Sweden
C_SftyDataShtCmplRqRsltQry EHS-SUS-SDS SafetyDataSheet CRR Query
C_SG_SalesPurTransListQuery FI-LOC-FI-SG SG GST Transaction Listing Query
C_SG_StRpTaxItemQuery FI-LOC-FI-SG Tax Items Query for Singapore Statutory Reporting
C_SG_StRpTaxReturnQuery FI-LOC-FI-SG Tax Return Items Query for Singapore Statutory Reporting
C_ShpdAsPlndDelivItemsQry LE-SHP-FIO-ANA Delivery Items Shipped as Planned
C_SK_StRpCtrlStmntCrrtnQuery FI-LOC-FI-SK SK VAT Control Statement Corrections
C_SK_StRpCtrlStmntQuery FI-LOC-FI-SK SK VAT Control Statement
C_SK_StRpTaxItemWithEUTaxClfnQ FI-LOC-ECS EU Sales Tax Item View for Slovakia
C_SK_StRpWhldgTaxItemQuery FI-AP-AP-Q1 Query View for Slovakia Withholding Tax
C_SlsOrdConfAnlytsQry SD-ANA Analytics - Confirmation of Sales Orders
C_SlsOrdDelivPerfAnlytsQry SD-ANA Analytics - Delivery Performance
C_SlsQtanConversionRateQ SD-ANA Analytics - Quotation Conversion Rate
C_SrvcContrFinancialQuery CRM-S4-ANA Finance Data in Service Contract – Query
C_SrvcContrFinQuery_2 CRM-S4-ANA Finance Data in Service Contract – Query
C_SrvcContrIntOrderQuery CRM-S4-ANA Internal Order of Srvc Contract – Query
C_SrvcPartsDemandHistoryQ SCM-APO-SPP Analytics Demand History Query
C_SrvcPartsDistrRqmtsPlngQ SCM-APO-SPP Analytics - Requirements Planning Query
C_SrvcPartsDmndHistRawQ SCM-APO-SPP Analytics Raw Demand History Query
C_SrvcPartsForecastMonthQ SCM-APO-SPP Analytics - Monthly Forecast Query
C_SrvcPartsForecastWeekQ SCM-APO-SPP Analytics - Weekly Forecast Query
C_SrvcPartsInboundMonitorQ SCM-APO-SPP Analytics - Inbound Monitor Query
C_StatementOfChanges FI-FIO-GL Statement of Changes
C_StatisticalKeyFigureItem FI-FIO-GL Statistical Key Figure Items
C_StkMTMWithQltyCharcs LO-AGR Cnsmpn View Stock MtM with Qlty charcs
C_StockQtyCurrentValue_2 MM-IM-VDM-SGM Current stock quantity and value
C_StockQuantityCurrentValue MM-IM-VDM-SGM Current Stock Quantity and Value
C_StockQuantityValueByType MM-IM-VDM-SGM Stock Quantity and Value by Type
C_StRpAccountingDocumentItmQry FI-LOC-FI-AE Accounting Document Item Query for Statutory Reporting
C_StRpAdvncRetForSlsAndPurTxQ FI-LOC-FI Analytical Query which returns Sales and Purchases Tax Items
C_StRpBillgDocSuplrInvcItmQry FI-LOC-FI-AE Sales, Purchase Invoice Item with Tax
C_StRpCashFlowFinStmntQuery FI-LOC-GEN Cash Flow By Financial Statement
C_StRpFxdAstAcquisitionFormQry FI-LOC-AA Fixed Asset Acquisition Form Query
C_StRpFxdAstLocTransferFormQry FI-LOC-AA Fixed Asset Location Transfer Form Query
C_StRpFxdAstRetirementFormQry FI-LOC-AA Fixed Asset Retirement Form Query
C_StRpOverdueInvoicesQuery FI-LOC-FI-PL Overdue Invoices Qry for Stat. Reporting
C_StRpSalesInvoiceQuery FI-LOC-FI Sales Invoice List Query
C_StRpTaxItemBoxLogQuery FI-LOC-GEN Analytical Query for Box Reporting With Rptd Item Log Data
C_StRpTaxItemBoxQuery FI-LOC-FI Analytical Query for Box Reporting
C_StRpTaxItemQ FI-LOC-GEN Tax Items for Statutory Reporting
C_StRpTaxReturnBoxQuery FI-LOC-FI Analytical Query Tax Return info with TaxBox configuration
C_StRpTaxReturnQuery FI-LOC-FI Analytical Query to Fetch all types of Tax Return details
C_StRpTrialBalanceItemQuery FI-LOC-FI Trial Balance Query
C_StRpWithholdingTaxItemQuery FI-AP-AP-Q1 Withholding Tax Item Query
C_StudentRegistrationQry IS-HER-CM Student Registration Data
C_SupDmndAssgmtQuery LO-RFM-ARN Supply Demand Overview
C_SupDmndOvwAssgmtQuery LO-RFM-ARN Supply Demand Overview
C_SupDmndTotPOQuery LO-RFM-ARN Query View for Total Supply
C_SuplrComprnViaPurVals MM-IS-PU-RPT Supplier Comparison Via Purchase Values
C_SuplrEvalByQltyNotifQry MM-IS-PU-RPT Query View of SE By Quality Notif
C_SupplierEvalOverallQry MM-IS-PU-RPT Supplier Evaluation Overall
C_TeamUtilizationTile CA-TS-S4 Team Utilization Rate for Last Three Months
C_TenderingFilter TM-CF-ANA Tendering Filter
C_TenderingQuery TM-CF-ANA Tendering Query
C_TH_AssetDepreciationQuery FI-LOC-FI-TH Asset Depreciation List for Thailand
C_TH_AssetDisposalQuery FI-LOC-FI-TH Thailand: Disposal List Query
C_TH_StRpCashFlowLqdyItemQuery FI-LOC-FI-TH Cash Flow by Lqdy Hierarchy for Thailand
C_TH_StRpExceededTaxItemQuery FI-LOC-FI-TH Exceeding 6 months Tax Item Statutory Reporting for TH
C_TH_StRpRemittanceTaxItmQuery FI-LOC-FI-TH Remittance Tax Item Statutory Reporting for Thailand(P.P.36)
C_TH_StRpTaxItemQuery FI-LOC-FI-TH Tax Item Statutory Reporting for TH
C_TH_WhldgTaxItemQ FI-AP-AP-Q1 Withholding Tax Items Query for all PND
C_TotalAccountsReceivables FI-AR-IS Total Accounts Receivables Smart Business App
C_TranspAllocComplianceQ TM-CF-ANA Transportation Allocation Compliance Query
C_TranspBusPerfMntrOrdDetQ TM-CF-ANA Transp. Bus. Perf. Mon. - Ord.Det. Query
C_TranspBusPerfMntrOrdQ TM-CF-ANA Transp. Bus. Perf. Mon. - Order Query
C_TranspOrd2ForBusDshbrdQ TM-CF-ANA Transp. Bus. Perf. Dshbrd. - Ord 2 Query
C_TranspOrdBlockForBusDshbrdQ TM-CF-ANA Transp. Bus. Perf. Dshbrd. - Block Query
C_TranspOrdDetForBusDshbrdQ TM-CF-ANA Transp. Bus. Perf. Dshbrd. - Ord Det Qry
C_TranspOrdExecForBusDshbrdQ TM-CF-ANA Transp. Bus. Perf. Dshbrd. - Exec. Query
C_TranspOrdForBusDshbrdQ TM-CF-ANA Transp. Bus. Perf. Dshbrd. - Ord Query
C_TranspOrdInvcgBlockStsQ TM-CF-ANA Transportation Order Invoicing Block Status Query
C_TrialBalance FI-GL-IS Trial Balance
C_Trialbalanceq0001 FI-FIO-GL Trial Balance
C_Trialbalanceq0002 FI-FIO-GL Trial Balance Comparison
C_TrsyCtptyLimitOverviewQ FIN-FSCM-TRM-CR Treasury Counterparty Limit Overview Query
C_TrsyCtptyLmtBPRatingQry FIN-FSCM-TRM-CR Treasury Counterparty Limit Business Partner Rating Query
C_TrsyMktRskKeyFigValueQry FIN-FSCM-TRM-MR Treasury Market Risk Key Figure Value Query
C_TrsyValueAtRiskQuery FIN-FSCM-TRM-MR Treasury Value At Risk Query
C_TR_PurSlsBusPartAbvThldLmtQ FI-LOC-FI Final query to fetch TR Sls & Pur Data
C_TR_PurSlsTaxItemLogQuery FI-LOC-FI Analytical Query displaying Turkey Purchase Sales Tax Items
C_TR_StRpElectronicLedgerQ FI-LOC-FI Query View ForElectronic Ledger
C_TR_StRpInputTaxItemLogQuery FI-LOC-FI Analytical Query to display turkey Input Tax Items
C_TW_ChangesInEquityQuery FI-LOC-FI-TW Statement of Changes in Equity Query
C_TW_FixedAssetTaxQuery FI-LOC-FI-TW Analytical Query of Fixed Asset Tax Item
C_TW_TaxItemQuery FI-LOC-FI-TW Tax Item Query
C_TW_ZeroTaxQuery FI-LOC-FI-TW Taiwan Zero Tax Item Query
C_UK_StRpTaxItmWithEUTaxClassQ FI-LOC-ECS EU Sales Tax Item view for UK
C_Uk_Strpwhldgtaxitemq FI-AP-AP-Q1 Withholding Tax View For UK
C_UnpackagedDngrsGdsQuery EHS-SUS-DG Unpackaged Dangerous Goods Query
C_US_EPCRAStkDetQuery EHS-SUS-HS EPCRA: Inv. Rep. Stock Details Query
C_US_EPCRATierOneQuery EHS-SUS-HS EPCRA: Inventory Query Reporting Tier 1
C_US_StRp1099FedWhldgTxItmQ FI-LOC-FI-US US 1099 G Query
C_US_StRp1099IntrstWhldgTxItmQ FI-LOC-FI-US US 1099 INT Query
C_US_StRp1099MiscWhldgTxItmQ FI-LOC-FI-US US 1099 Misc Reoprting Query
C_US_StRp1099PaytWhldgTxItmQ FI-LOC-FI-US Consumption View 1099K
C_US_StRpFrgnVndrWhldgTxItmQ FI-LOC-FI-US Consumption View For 1042s
C_US_StrpWhldgTaxItem1042sqry FI-LOC-FI-US Query CDS view for US 1042S
C_UtilitiesInvoicingDocumentQ IS-U-IN Invoicing Document Query
C_UtilsBillgOrderForContractQ IS-U-BI Billing Order For Contract Query
C_UtilsBillgReltdInstdDeviceQ IS-U-DM Billing-Related Installed Device Query
C_UtilsBillgReltdInstdDvceIRQ IS-U-DM Billing-Related Installed Device Info Record Query
C_UtilsContractBlkdForBillgQ IS-U-BI Contract Blocked For Billing Query
C_UtilsContractChangeHistoryQ IS-U-MD Analysis on Utilities Contract Changes Query
C_UtilsContractToBeBilledQ IS-U-BI Contract To Be Billed Query
C_UtilsContrKeyDateAnalysisQ IS-U-MD Key Date-Based Utilities Contract Analysis Query
C_UtilsDeviceStockQuery IS-U-DM Device Stock Query
C_UtilsDvcePerdcRplcmntListQ IS-U-DM-IS-PR Device Periodic Replacement List Query
C_UtilsDvcePerdcRplcmntQuery IS-U-DM-IS-PR Device Periodic Replacement Forecast Query
C_UtilsInstalledDeviceQuery IS-U-DM Installed Device Query
C_UtilsInstKeyDateAnalysisQ IS-U-MD Key Date Installation Analysis Query
C_UtilsInvcgOrdSchedldBillgQ IS-U-IN Invoicing Order For Scheduled Billing Date Query
C_UtilsPremiseKeyDateAnalysisQ IS-U-MD Key Date-Based Premise Analysis Query
C_UtilsTechlyInstdDeviceQuery IS-U-DM Technically Installed Device Query
C_ValuationDocumentHdrQry IS-OIL-PRA Valuation Document Header Query
C_ValueContractCnsmpn MM-IS-PU-RPT Value Contract Consumption
C_VarConfignSlsByNetValQry LO-VC Base Query for VC Related Sales Anlyts
C_VE_StRpPurAndWhldgTxItmLogQ FI-LOC-FI-VE Analytical Query for VE Pur Tax with Reptd Item Log Data
C_VE_StRpPurAndWhldgTxItmQ FI-LOC-FI-VE Analytical Query for VE Purchase Tax Item
C_VE_StRpSlsAndWhldgTxItmLogQ FI-LOC-FI-VE Analytical Query for VE Sales Tax  with Rptd Item Log Data
C_VE_StRpSlsAndWhldgTxItmQ FI-LOC-FI-VE Analytical Query for VE Sales Tax Item
C_VntrEquityGrpBillgIndQ CA-JVA Partner Billing Report
C_WellCompltnDisposnVolQry IS-OIL-PRA Well Completion Disposition Volume Query
C_WorkCenterProdCostQuery CO-PC-OBJ Production Cost By Work Center
C_ZA_StRpRevenueExpenseLineQry FI-LOC-FI Analytical Query for Revenue Expense Lines
C_ZA_StRpTaxItemLogQuery FI-LOC-FI Analytical Qry for South Africa Tax Item with Rptd Log Data
C_ZA_StRpTaxItemQuery FI-LOC-FI Analytical Query for South Africa Tax Item Data
C_ZA_StRpTaxReturnBoxQuery FI-LOC-FI Analytical Query for South Africa VAT Reporting
C_ZA_SuplrCharcsAndTaxItemQry FI-LOC-FI Analytical query South Africa BBBEE Supplier Classification
Repm_ClosedSalesOrderQuery BW-BCT-NW-NWD REPM : Closed Sales Order Query View
REPM_ClosePurOrderQ BW-BCT-NW-NWD Closed Purchase Order Query View
REPM_DepemHierarchyQV1 BW-BCT-TCT Number of Employees in Department
REPM_DepEmpHierarchyQ BW-BCT-NW-NWD No. Of Employees in a Department
REPM_DepEmpHierarchyQV2 BW-BCT-TCT No. Of Employees in a Department
REPM_DepSalesOrderQV3 BW-BCT-TCT Query View
REPM_DeptEmpServiceQ BW-BCT-NW-NWD Employee Service in Department Query View
REPM_EmpInDeptQ BW-BCT-NW-NWD Employee with Dept. Details Query View
REPM_EmployeeInDepartmentQV1 BW-BCT-TCT Departments an Employee has worked
REPM_EmployeeInDepartmentQV2 BW-BCT-TCT Departments an Employee has worked
Repm_OpenPurOrderQ BW-BCT-NW-NWD Open Days Query View
REPM_OpenSalesOrderQuery BW-BCT-NW-NWD REPM : Open Sales Order Query View
REPM_ProdDetailsQ BW-BCT-NW-NWD Product Details Query View
REPM_PurchaseOrderProductQ BW-BCT-NW-NWD Product Details Query View
REPM_PurchaseOrderQ BW-BCT-NW-NWD Purchase Order Query View
REPM_SalesOrderAnalysisQ BW-BCT-NW-NWD REPM: Sales Order Analysis Query View
REPM_SalesOrderAnalysisQ1 BW-BCT-NW-NWD Sales Order Analysis Query View
REPM_SalesOrderDetailsq BW-BCT-NW-NWD REPM: Sales Order Details Query  View
REPM_SALESORDQ BW-BCT-NW-NWD Sales Order Details Query View
REPM_SALESORD_TESTQ BW-BCT-NW-NWD Sales Order Details Query View
RSB4H_STAT_CQ BW-WHM-DBA BW/4 Transfer Tool Statistic(Current)
RSB4H_STAT_UQ BW-WHM-DBA BW/4 Transfer Tool Statistic
Rv_C_HdbTabSizesQuery BW-WHM-DBA Query on sizing details for tables
Rv_C_RspmDtpLoadQuery BW-WHM-DST Query on RSPM DTP Load
Rv_C_RspmRequestQuery BW-WHM-DST RSPM Request Query
SADL_GW_MDE_Analytics BC-ESI-ESF-GW test analytics scenario
SADL_V_EXP_Query BC-ESI-ESF-GW view_label
Sadl_V_Unit_Non_Sadl BC-ESI-ESF-GW Sadl Analytics Without parameters

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