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Hi Team,

In this Blog, we will see how to check optional characteristics for inspection plan in Table : PLMK.

As, Characteristic Control Indicator in Table is shown based on Logic we will check in this Blog the Logic for Optional Characteristics for inspection plan in this Blog.

Below attached is screenshot of Inspection Plan with Characteristic Control Indicators selected as optional characteristics.

Below is screenshot of TABLE : MAPL.

Here we get Inspection Plan Group against Material.

Below is screenshot of TABLE : PLMK.

Here we give Input Group which we get at Table: MAPL against Material, Plant.

Control ind: Characteristic column shows whether Master insp.charac. assigned for a material is in optional characteristics based on below logic explained in Table.

Character position Meaning Values
1 Quant or Qual charac X is quant, Null is Qual.
2 Record measured Values X or Null, (set to null if 1 is qual)
3 Characteristic Attributes X or Null
4 Upper Spec X or Null
5 Lower Spec X or Null
6 Target Value X or Null
7 Scope = is Fixed, > is Larger, < is smaller, Null is No Scope**
8 Long term inspection X or Null
9 Recording type + is individual, null is summarized, – is no recording, * is classed recording
10 Documentation Null is no documentation
. (period) is doc required if rejected
+ is doc required
11 Charac. req. or not X is required, Null is optional, + is after acceptance, – is after rejection
12* Synchronization is Active X or Null
13 Additive charac. X or Null
14 Destructive charac. X or Null
15 Formula Null is no formula, X is calculated chara, 1 is input processing
16 Sampling proc. Required X or Null
17 Scrap Share/Q score X or Null
18* Fixed X or Null – Ctrl indicators can not be changed
19* Record # defects X or Null – Allows recording of # of defects in addition to # of nonconforming units
20* Subsystem X or Null  – For control stations – Not QM relevant
21* Specifications X or Null  – Can Change specs
22 Test Equipment X or Null
23 Defects recording X or Null
24 RR Change Docs X or Null
25 SPC charac. X or Null
26 Print Null is print, X – Do no print, * is do not print at skip
27* Parameter Characteristic X or Null  – Can be used as a Parameter characteristic
28* Process Characteristic X or Null  – Characteristic of a the process

Based on Table Logic character position 11 if it is Null then it is Optional Characteristics

Output in PLMK Table is

XX XX = +      X        X

If we break it into character position wise we get as below,

Character position 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30
Control ind: Characteristic X X X X  =  +  X X


Summary: –

With the help of this blog, we can understand Characteristic Control Indicator Logic in Table

Thanks for reading this blog and if you find it informative, please like and share this blog.

If you have any query or questions regarding this blog let me know in comment section.


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