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SAP QM Configurational objects list:


  1. Maintain Setting at Plant Level

  2. Procurement control key

  3. Default valuating inspection point

  4. Catalogs

  5. Define Default Values for Control Indicators

  6. Assign Task List Types to Material Types

  7. Define Task list status

  8. Define Planner Group

  9. Define Inspection Points

  10. Define Control Keys for Inspection Operations

  11. Maintain Standard Text Keys

  12. Maintain Inspection Types

  13. Maintain Inspection Lot Origins and Assign Inspection Types

  14. Define Default Values for Inspection Type

  15. Define Inspections in Plant Maintenance

  16. Define Task List Usage for Inspection Plans

  17. Edit Code Groups and Codes for Usage Decisions

  18. Edit Selected Sets for Usage Decisions

  19. Define Sample Types

  20. Define Sample Containers

  21. Define Sample Locations

  22. Sampling procedure

  23. Define valuation mode

  24. Inspection method

  25. Master inspection characteristic

  26. Code group

  27. Inspection plan

  28. Defects, Catalog

  29. Defect Classes

  30. Quality certificate profile

  31. Certificate types

  32. Block function

  33. QM priorities Priority Type

  34. Notification Types

  35. Notification screen requirement

  36. Unit of measurement

  37. Stability Studies

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