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Change or Disappear seems to be the Mantra these days. So where is SAP Project Systems (SAP PS) heading for? This question has been popping up in my head from last few months. So I thought let me try and write a blog piece on this topic and get some expert views on it. :smile:

To give you all a background, I have been a SAP PS consultant from last 7 years and working on PPM since last one and half year. I truly love the capabilities and functionality which SAP PS provides to the Project Managers. Though I do encounter users complaining about the scheduling part of projects sucks in PS then say in Microsoft Projects (MSP), but overall SAP PS rules the PM area was my Holy truth :grin: :grin:

The complex nature of SAP PS when it fully integrates with all other modules of SAP makes it a difficult candidate for some to understand; whereas once you understand the dynamics of PS it becomes quintessential for your Project Management activities. The wide range of SAP PS to map project management and controlling with financials makes it a best fit.. But now things are changing!!!

People are moving towards WEB, there is a  strong push on ease of doing business, information needs to be readily available and easy to decipher and here I think with the advent of PPM 6.0/6.1 by SAP, PS is losing its turf as the most favorable management tool.

I don’t see any major enhancements to SAP PS from last 7 years, though there have been some cosmetic changes overall to the SAP PS solution nothing revolutionary has come up or Maybe I am wrong!!

From where I am looking at SAP PS it looks like ending up becoming a back end integrator for PPM. This thought makes me uneasy @ the future of PS. Is it the end of road for PS as we know it?

So what are the take guys? Will PS survive in its current form?  Your comments and thoughts are welcome. :smile:



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