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Dear Community,

Yesterday, I went to write my SAP Business One Application Associate 9.2 certification exam and passed at SAP, Feltham, UK.

I witnessed something illegal and I thought I should bring it to the attention of SAP and the community at large, to help nip this practice in the bud.

A fellow candidate writing one of the certification exams practically used the notebook and pen which were given to us to write all the questions and answers for a particular certification exam she was taking. I think she didn't come to write the exam and pass but to copy all the questions and answers because I could see she didn't answer many of the questions (I was sitting behind her).

This is about the second time I have seen this obnoxious act happening at this same location -- I saw a similar one about 5 years' ago when I was writing my SAP Business Intelligence certification exam. I saw two chaps sitting next to each other and practically, unashamedly copying all the questions and answers of the certifications they were doing.

And one striking thing about this illegal practice is, most of these people who dabble in this act seem to come from one particular part of the world and they finish their certification exams (SAP, Microsoft et al) quicker (sometimes 40 mins or less for tough 80 SAP questions which require deep thinking, understanding) than everyone else and one might think they are brilliant when they are not but actually exams cheats.

Going forward--- I think,

1. SAP should stop giving notebooks and pens to candidate to jot notes, because the certification exams are neither academic nor Professional Chartered Marketing and/or ACCA certifications, but multiple choice and are computer-based which do not require those tools.

2. SAP might want to adapt the thorough searching processes that the UK DVLA theory examination centres use to test would-be drivers so that this obnoxious act is arrested forthwith.

3. SAP should fix cameras in their exam rooms to catch exam cheats because their act undermines the integrity of SAP certification exams, thereby devaluing the certifications and smacking of an insult to the intelligence of those of us who genuinely work hard to get our certifications

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