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Hi Team,

I am writing this blog to better understand the concept of Purchase Order UOM change using Info Record in simple way by any SAP User.


In today's business environment, managing procurement processes accurately is critical to an organization's success. SAP, a leading ERP system, provides effective procurement management solutions, including Purchase Orders (PO's). Changing the Unit of Measure (UOM) in their SAP Purchase Orders is a common challenge for businesses.

Info Record is a useful tool that simplifies and streamlines the process of handling UOM changes in SAP Purchase Orders.

Solution in SAP :

Master Data Maintenance Required are as below:

Maintain Material in Transaction Code : MM01 as shown below in Image 1.1 with Base Unit of Measurement as NOS

Image 1.1

Maintain Info Record in Transaction Code : ME11 as shown below in Image 1.2 with Conversion of ST and NOS in TAB Purchase Order Unit Of Measure.

Image 1.2

Purchase Requisition & Purchase Order Document Generation against Material.

Purchase Requisition Create in Transaction Code : ME51.

After creating Purchase Requisition and saving as shown in Image 2.1. we can see it get saved as NOS UOM which we have input while Material Creation in Image 1.1

Image 2.1

Purchase Order Create in Transaction Code : ME21.

After creating Purchase Order and saving as shown in Image 3.1. we can see it get saved as ST UOM which we have input in Order Unit while Info Record Creation in Image 1.2.

Image 3.1

Image 3.2

Summary: –

For businesses that rely on SAP Purchase Orders, Info Record is a game-changer. It enables companies to swiftly adjust to changing UOM requirements, which ultimately leads to more efficient operations, better inventory management, and more customer satisfaction.

Thanks for reading this blog and if you find it informative, please like and share this blog.

If you have any query or questions regarding this blog let me know in comment section.


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