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To all of My Fellow Friends who wants to Start a SAP Career.

First I would like to Tell you SAP can be compared to Engineering or Doctor Professions.
It is not possible for a single human being to know everything about SAP just like any Human cannot know All the different Disciplines of Engineering

Another question I get asked always.

Which SAP Module will Fetch me Job?

The module you love, and you enjoy will fetch you job. It is your choice and you have to decide. Some simple help in picking.

If you like Shopping, then take Supply Chain.

If you like Talking and making Friend take Sales and Distribution

If you like being Economic try Finance

If you are damn lazy like me take ABAP

If you like how things are manufactured pick Plant management.

If you are very Perfectionist Quality Management would be great

If you are the Boss take HR

If you love to Travel Concur is good

If you are always suspicious take Audit Control and Security

If you are the Safest person take BASIS.

If you are Driving always take Transportation Management

How can I learn HANA?

First thing pick your Module and Start learning. Remember SAP is very similar to Mathematics, the more you practice the better you become. You can have a lot of SAP certificates which is great in helping find a Job or Opening but at the End you need to deliver in the System so the more you spent time in the system the better it is,

Again in SAP for a single problem there can be multiple solutions. Now you will choose the optimal one based on the SAP Project.

Below is the Comparison.This does not mean Mechanical Engineering Student will have an edge in SAP Material Management, This is just a comparison.
1) Mechanical Compared to SAP Material Management
2) Electrical Compared to SAP FICO
3) Civil Compared to SAP SD(Sales and Distribution)
4) Computer Science and IT can be SAP ABAP
5) Agriculture can be SAP HR
6) Electronics compared to SAP CRM
7) Architecture can be SAP Supply Chain
8) Industrial to our Sap Basis and Security Team
9) Chemical to Our Work Management Module
10) Petroleum to our PP Module

SAP BASIS is the Administrative department with huge power and SAP Security is the Vigilance department.

Why I am saying this?
You have to pick one of them and it will take your whole life to learn 30-40% of that discipline. SAP is not at all complex as long as you can compare the process with Real Life Scenario 🙂

If I missed some Engineering Discipline please do not fight. Pick your Specialties and set sail

This website to get everything related to SAP. is





After you have picked one module start studying on this on a Regular Basis. Try to understand the Business Process. Please do not think too hard. Running a Company and running a house is very similar.. If you want to understand Procurement think about your holiday shopping which you did. Closing the books or General Ledger you should ask your Dad and Mom as they are the expert as they close the month every day penny to Penny ?


  • SAP is just like any other subject the more you invest time on the more you learn

  • Please do not jump around different modules. It is always easy to get distracted. Remember one thing, there is always demand for Expert no matter what field you work on.

  • Once you start learning SAP plan to get a Certification. A certification may be necessary for a Fresher but remember one thing a Certification does not guarantee anything.

  • I will recommend you all to get a SAP System to play with. SAP is just like Mathematics the more you practice the more you know.

  • SAP changes everyday but the fundamental concept is the same.

  • Please do not listen to just interviews and views . I recommend to believe in this Phrase ‘SHOW ME THE MONEY’ I have seen there are lots of concepts that is not really true. SAP Consultants assume a lot of things including me. I used to do it before and never use to verify in the system. Remember one thing People can misinterpret but SAP will never lie.

  •  SAP can be treated like a religion and follow it.

  • Sky is the Limit and trust me no one is an Expert and everyone is Learning.

  • When you are learning please do not only Suck it Up but ask questions. I recommend to ask yourself question why SAP is doing like this and then you will understand it the best way. It is always good to ask Question but please do not ask questions like 2 + 2 <> 4?




Now for Friends who likes Coding Start learning ABAP. ABAP I think is one of the most interactive Programming Language I have worked with.


Remember below tips. When you are stuck in SAP Press



Double Click

Press F1


If the above tips do not help shout out to us and trust me someone will help. If you are confused on what to start with discuss with us and we can guide you.

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