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Retailers have until September 2020 to upgrade their POS systems in accordance with the KassenSichV. SAP® customers can now benefit from a new solution: A cooperation between Consult-SK GmbH and fiskaly has resulted in an SAP add-on that serves as a central entry point to cash register data management, which TSE brings along right away.

In recent months, there has been repeated talk in the retail trade of "receipt obligation", but the guidelines behind this hotly debated topic bring with them many other IT hurdles. It is not just a matter of issuing sales slips, but also of the audit-proof storage of receipt data. With the help of a "Technische Sicherheitseinrichtung (TSE)", the manipulability of these transaction data is to be made more difficult and, in the event of a tax audit, the data standard associated with the TSE is intended to provide more transparency.

Retailers are facing various question marks:

  • Where do I get a TSE?

  • How do I get a TSE-Export into my SAP System?

  • Is it compatible with existing systems?

  • How do I manage the POS data and how do I grant Z1, Z2 or Z3 access?

To answer these questions by means of a single, comprehensive solution, Consult-SK GmbH and fiskaly have entered into a partnership to combine their software solutions. "Receipt4S® plus fiskaly offer the fastest and most efficient way to implement the KassenSichV without worries", says Johannes Ferner, CEO of fiskaly.

Receipt4S® is a certified AddOn for retailers to help them manage, audit and store all relevant receipt data within your SAP(R) in confirmity to the law (KassenSichV, SAF-T, TSE, DSFinV-K...). It is the central - SAP integrated - entry point to manage and audit all pos data around the checkout process and to guarantee its completeness. ​Through a cooperation with fiskaly we are able to offer our AddOn including CloudTSE as an all-in-one solution for the retail industry.These functions are supplemented by the advantages of the fiskaly Cloud TSE: Once centrally integrated, all POS systems can be upgraded in compliance with the law via a simple software update - without the high costs of a hardware solution.

The fiskaly Cloud TSE is an innovative and future-oriented solution, which allows a quick reaction to possible (legal) changes. Receipt4S® and the fiskaly Cloud TSE offer the advantage of being able to manage cash register data in a user-friendly way via a dashboard or SAP monitor. In the event of an audit by the tax authorities, retailers have all relevant data at their fingertips in no time. In addition, fiskaly offers the possibility to connect further service providers, such as Receipt4S®, and thus to offer customized additional functions for their customers.

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