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Provides a multi – purpose, in-memory appliance, allowing organizations to gain instant insight into business operations, so that they can analyze all the data available and quickly react to rapidly changing business conditions. SAP HANA enables organizations to make better and faster decisions, by providing immediate access to relevant information – thus reducing their dependency on IT to gain the required insight on the issue.

SAP HANA Capabilities

SAP HANA provides direct access to operational data without affecting the performance of SAP ERP and other operational systems. Organizations can synchronize near real time key transactional tables, into memory; making these tables easily accessible for analysis and lookup. Once the data is available in-memory, departments can instantly look up individual line items from massive lists like booking documents, sales leads, or service requests – with no impact on the operational system. This streamlined modeling workflow supports direct access models for detailed line items, as well as analytic models for more complex analytic Processing

HCM on HANA: The first release of SAP Business Suite on HANA 1.0 and HANA based analytics for Business Suite is slated to be released in Q4, 2012. SAP HCM is also a part of Suite on HANA release.

It will additionally package some faster running reports and transactions with accelerated processing of Organization hierarchy based on authorization and processing.

With the modest start, SAP HCM is envisioning to create rich value proposition to its customers and clear differentiation from its competitors. The value proposition is based on SAP HANA’s main capabilities to speed up by factors core processes, TCO reduction, real time analytics in the transactional system, fuzzy and fast search, and combine all these capabilities together to create extreme applications with great user experience.

SAP HCM will invest in the five strategic areas namely Payroll, Time Management, Analytics, New Apps in Organizational Management and Compensation Management, Optimizations across critical processes and transactions, and enhancing search


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