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Problem / Pain Areas:

  • Unable to explore or find out single report which can provide information from source of batch id to final batch id including scenarios like:

    • Consumptions

    • Stock transfer

    • Dispatches

    • Customer returns etc.

  • Batch linking breaks down when not receive relationship links between two different systems.

  • It’s difficult to retrieve information, in case of one batch manufactured / transfer by clubbing of multiple batches


SAP Global Batch Traceability (SAP GBT) solution provides end to end tracking of batch id, for example output batch manufactured / transferred from different -different business objects like Process order, delivery order, stock transfer order etc.

  1. In case of Process Order, it contains information from withdrawal / consumed batches via process order SFG to final FG process order batch with batch attributes

  2. In case of delivery order, along with manufacturing details, it contains source to target location details with batch attributes

  3. In case of stock transfer orders, consumed material batch ids to production & transfer location details with batch attributes at every stage

Above whole information will be available at single screen in form of graphics display.

SAP GBT solution provide GMP requirements around batch management:

  • It captures whole history of batch including manufacturing & distribution process. All records are in accessible form

  • It also provides information about customer returns / recall of any product to source place / location



  • Whole batch details from top to bottom-up details in one screen

  • Entire batch details available with consumed / clubbed etc. batches at single screen



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