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Hello Everyone,

I am Kiran Chavan, I am working with SAP BASIS and HANA Admin module for the 3+ years in a service-based company in India. In daily tasks, I come across different kind of issues related to SAP BASIS and HANA topics, and for some of the issues, we can easily get the SAP Notes and SAP Blogs that helps to get the resolution but still, there are some topics/ Issues, where we can't find the relevant notes/ SAP Blogs, so I thought of sharing the resolution of the issues where I struggled a lot to reach to the resolution. Hope this blog will help many others to get an immediate resolution to same issue.

Issue Description :

Recently I came across the issue where, User is using SAP Front end printer to print ADS Form which was printing in landscape page format as expected, before SAPGUI Upgrade. After The SAPGUI upgrade to SAPGUI 760 patch 2 and higher ( 760 patch 11 in our case), even if print orientation is showing in Landscape page format in print preview, It started printing in portrait format. Hence the physical print output is getting partially printed on paper.

ADS Form which has landscape page format is printed as portrait.

Solution tried :

Collected trace as per SAP Note 1780896 -Collect Frontend Windows logs for print via Access Method G

Checked SAPWIN_SIDXXXX.Log file to see whether SAPPDFPRINT is installed or not, Nothing was found in log as such.

Resolution :

Check below mentioned points:

1. Make Sure, Nothing has changed in front end printer configuration, which was working before SAPGUI upgrade.

2. Open the SAP logon pad->Click on top left icon->options

3. Click on "Front End print"->"Configure Front End Print"

4. In the tab "PDF options",select the option "Auto Rotation" and "Ignore paper size". Click Apply and OK.

5. Once all above setting are completed. Close the SAP GUI and Open It again, This will solve your printing orientation issue.


SAP Print orientation issue can be user specific, and it will solved by making above changes in affected user SAPGUI settings.

Requesting all readers to drop your feedback or thoughts in comments, also post your questions, if you have any, I will try to answer to the best of my knowledge and research.

Do follow my profile to see more useful contents related to SAP BASIS and HANA topics in near future.

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