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With thanks to the SAP team for making the keynote available - recording is here.  Don't forget to join the ASUG Utilities SIG May 6 for their Community Day - more information can be found here.

I watched most of it live the first time. Below are my notes.  Please note this covers only the first part of the keynote.  The recording is 4 hours.

There is "massive disruption in energy" with the following:

  1. Deregulation (retail)

  2. Decentralization (solar panels)

  3. Digitalization - asset management, IoT, supply chain

Source - SAP

Global trends

Digital solutions to address megatrends

Source - SAP

drive efficiency and growth

Source SAP

New business models (left to right)

SAP supports:

  1. Flexiciency - UN product - provide digital consumer to optimize energy usage

  2. Integrid - how consume and provide energy network

Make innovations "easier to access"

In past talked too much technology

Source SAP

Enterprise app of SAP

This will be announced at SAPPHIRENOW

New way; start with economic trends

Source SAP 5

Leads to technologies

Source SAP 6

Drill into processes

Source SAP

See what digital transformation will change for people, process and data

add references & demos

Source SAP

Where is the industry going, what are the capabilities

outline where investing from a business point of view

Go to https://innovation-guide.sap.com/

Innovation guide - what process you can extend, optimize your solutions

Example: https://innovation-guide.sap.com/implausible-meter-reads

Experience matters; how measure it? Customer experience, product experience, brand experience, employee experience


Objective: To bring front and back office (operation data)

Source SAP

Asked CEO's what experience they were providing customer - 80% CEO's a superior experience, 8% customers agree

Qualtrics "close this gap"

Source SAP 10

Experience data - captures thoughts, emotions and belief of experience and brand

Source SAP

survey results

bottom right - correlations to revenue drivers

See customer success story https://www.qualtrics.com/customers/comed/

Optimal bill design based on Qualtrics

Source SAP 12

How "x and o plays"

Source SAP

Ask right question to right customer or employee and transform business models

Source SAP

How manage business performance

Source SAP

Bring industry specific content using SAP Analytics Cloud

How to change

Digital Core, S/4HANA

Move to S/4HANA - not a trivial task

Source SAP

SAP's results from implementing S/4HANA

"SAP Board is pleased with move to S/4HANA"

Source SAP

Digital core is S/4HANA

SAP Cloud Platform is evolving to business services; taking care of integration, and extend business processes moving forward

Middle - Leonardo technologies

Source SAP

Most of us are still on the left; some companies embarked on middle on right

"SAP has a roadmap for you to get from left to right"

We'll spend 10 years in the middle box, according to SAP

"help come to a cleaner core on the right"

AGL has migrated

"S/4HANA is solid and ready to go"

Source SAP



No one button

Tools in ecosystem to move from left to right

If project fails, due to lack of executive alignment

Offering S/4HANA adoption starter

Source SAP

SAP Model Company

Stefan Klein

"simplify move to S/4HANA with best practices"

"make available to customers and partners"

Source SAP

SAP Model company capabilities

Partnering with AWS, GCP, Azure "to give you choice"

Source SAP

Takeaways from the keynote

"one voice to you"

"borrow ideas from others"


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