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Table of contents

1.0 Introduction to SAP Fiori

2.0 Architecture

3.0 Approve Purchase Contracts

4.0 Configuration

4.1 Pre requisite

4.2 Activate OData & UI Service in Frontend

4.3 Configuration in Backend

5.0 Demo in Fiori launchpad

6.0 SAP Help & References

1.0  Introduction to SAP Fiori

SAP Fiori is a collection of apps with a simple and rich UI experience for frequently used SAP business functions (Ex: Approve Purchase order), these apps can be accessed via HTML5 supported clients like desktop browser, Ipad etc.

Apps can be controlled through SAP Fiori Launchpad which is the central entry hub to all SAP Fiori apps, which can be governed through authorization

Launchpad is flexible and can be adapted to your needs.

2.0  Architecture

Two deployment options are available, depending upon your landscape you can choose the method which suits better.

  1. Central hub deployment of SAP NetWeaver gateway

In this deployment method a separate server will be used as gateway. We will be using this method for our example

     2. Embedded deployment of SAP NetWeaver gateway

        In this deployment method gateway is installed directly in backend server.

3.0  Approve Purchase Contracts

Using this app we can approve purchase contracts. For using this app we need to have contract release strategy setup along with workflow in Backend ERP server.

Currently Fiori supports following item categories:

  • Service (internal item category: 9)
  • Standard (internal item category: 0)
  • Material Group (internal item category: 😎

4.0  Configuration

Before we start configuration make sure user id is present in both Backend (ECC) and Frontend (Gateway) server

4.1     Pre requisite

For the app, the following software components must be available in your system landscape



Technical Name of Software Component

Support Package Level

Back-end server

Back-end component

SRA001 1.0


Front-end server

Front-end component

UIX01EAP 100


4.2 Activate OData & UI Service in Frontend

Take Basis help for getting below services activated

1) Check whether OData Services: sra001_pcapproval is active or not

2) Check whether UI5 Application: MM_PC_APV is active or not.

Run transaction SICF on the front-end server. Press F8.

Path > default_ host> sap>  bc > ui5_ui5> sap> MM_PC_APV 

3. Assign below role to user in Frontend server


4.3     Configuration in Backend

     1. Assign below role to user

           Role :SAP_MM_PC_APV_APP


     2. Configure Contract release strategy

     IMG Path> MM> Purchasing> Contract > Release procedure for contracts> Define Release Procedure> Release strategy

     I am not going to cover Configuration of release strategy part in detail. You can refer to below link for configuration help.


After Release strategy setup, we have to configure workflow.

     3. Assign Relcode to workflow

     IMG Path> MM> Purchasing> Contract > Release procedure for contracts> Define Release Procedure> Workflow

     Select the object type user (US) and enter the user id that can approve purchasing contracts

     4. Set up a connection between the release strategy and Workflow

        IMG Path> MM> Purchasing> Contract > Release procedure for contracts> Define Release Procedure> Release codes

     5. Go to Tcode PFTC

          Select Task type > Workflow template and Enter Task 20000079 (sap standard workflow template for contract release) & Click on maintain    

Go to triggering events Tab, select Line where object type is BUS2014 and activate binding

     6. Go to Tcode SWDD.

          Enter WS20000079 in Workflow and press enter

     From Navigation Area under steps  select ReleaseOf Contract.

     (i)On right Side Pane , enter Task TS20000172(Release of contract) under control tab &Click on  define Binding Automatically.

     (ii) Under Agents, Enter 20000029(Person responsible for contract release) & Click on  define Binding Automatically.

     (iii) Under Task properties click   Agent assignment

           And Assign User id of Person who is going to release contract as shown below.

     7. Assign Task ID in customization

      IMG Path> MM> Purchasing> Contract > Release procedure for contracts> Approve Purchase contracts App> Specify workflow task id for Approve           Purchase contracts App

Now create contract in Backend.

Go to Tcode SBWP and check whether Contracts is displaying in user inbox for approval. With this step we can confirm that our all required backend settings were in place.

5.0  Demo in Fiori

Now all backend settings are completed. Lets go to Fiori Launchpad through Web Browser

Usually URL looks something like this, you need to replace Server and Port details with your server details


Select Approve Purchase Contracts Tile.

We can see our Contract  list in Fiori : Approve Purchase contracts tile

Click on   in Item(s) to see more details

Click On Approve Button

we have successfully approved contract from  Fiori 

6.0  SAP Help & References

App Implementation Guide


Troubleshoot Guide


Usefull Sap notes



This is my First SCN document. please suggest if any changes to be done.,Hope you find it useful.


Satheesh Varma

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