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Hi Readers,

Here is a quick guide on how you can use MASS transaction code for making changes in mass.


MASS is a very critical and very important transaction which has been provided by standard SAP. You can use this TCode to make changes in some field of your data records in MASS.

Here is how.



Open the TCode MASS, and select your object. In my instance, I wanted to do changes in the Sales District field in Customer Master (XD01|XD02|XD03). Hence, I chose the Object Type KNA1.


Now, here you can either choose "Tables"/ "Fields". In my case, I wanted to change 1 field i.e. Sales District (KNVV-BZIRK), hence I went for "Fields".

You can use button to search for your field. Once you find it, select the field and click on to execute.


In this screen, you are supposed to give the input parameters. I have passed Customer Code and, it's Sales Area (Sales Organization, Distribution Channel) information.

After entering your input parameters, click on .


Now, enter the new value for the field which you chose in STEP 2.


Click on to copy the New Value to the Data record in the bottom.



Now click on to save the changes.

Below is the screen which you will see after hitting save. Note that, the TCode runs along with your checks and validations. The new values will get overridden/ maintained only if they are the appropriate entries as per your checks and validations.

If any of your records has failed to save, then the same can be seen in the screen below.



I hope the steps help you achieve your expectations.

Hope you had a good read.



Doubts? Drop me a comment in the blog below.



Thanks & Regards,

Sookriti Mishra

SAP C4C and CPI Consultant.





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