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While with the integration add-on 1.0 delivered in May this year, SAP and SuccessFactors supported customers with the file based integration approach, the next level of standardized and delivered integration has been achieved. On November 6, SAP shipped the second support package for the SUCCESSFACTORS HCM INTEGRATION add-on 1.0, containing the Web service for the data integration of employee and organizational data as well Web services for the bidirectional integration between SAP ERP HCM and SuccessFactors Compensation.

Support package 2 is the first package that allows for end-to-end process integration and that supports the middleware based integration approach, enabled by the SAP and SFSF standard integration delivery.

What do customers get more with the standard integration delivery?

With the integration delivery, SAP like for the file based integration in the past, takes care of the following:

  • Delivered data extraction reports
  • Field mapping for SAP and SuccessFactors fields
  • Example coding for field value determinations
  • Authorization roles to meet high security standards
  • Error monitors

These pre-deliveries make it easy for customers to start their integration projects right away, and free of costs. There is no need to start those “from scratch”. Furthermore, customers can be sure to implement the integration on proven best practices. SAP and SuccessFactors build the integration scenarios continuously with the co-innovation customers and partners to offer tailored integration between SAP ERP HCM on-premise and SuccessFactors Business Execution.

Higher value with the middleware based integration approach

A lot of SAP customers already use today integration middleware to administer their interfaces and data flows between systems. With the increasing standard integration packages, more interfaces can be used right away, and the request from our customers to build middleware based integration has been listed to.

With the support package 2 customers get Web services and integration content delivered. Delivery thereby leverages SAP integration technology to offer the highest level of pre-delivery and with that adds an additional aspect to a shorter time-to-value. Customers now can administer the integration between SAP ERP HCM and SuccessFactors Business Execution in a more comfortable way.

Support package 2 has built the integration on SAP NetWeaver Process Integration, all delivered content fits this on-premise integration tool. Following the SAP integration technology strategy, it is planned to release the Web services based integration for SAP HANA Cloud Integration (previously also referred to as SAP NetWeaver Cloud Integration) as well, presumably in Q1 / 2013.

Where to download the software?

Customers interested in leveraging middleware for their integration set-ups and operations can download support package 2 at SAP Service Marketplace.

The detailed path then is: Support Packages and Patches -> Search for Support Packages and Patches, search for SUCCESSFACTORS HCM INTEGR 1.0.

Additional Information for Customers:

The corresponding administration guide can be found here: http://www.service.sap.com/~sapidb/012002523100008544122012E/SFI_AdminGuide_200.pdf

The SAP Service Marketplace contains as well additional information and documentation. You find these assets under SAP ERP Human Capital -> Media Library –> SuccessFactors Integration.

We plan a separate blog on the details about the compensation integration.