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Figure 1 Source SAP

This was a SAP User Group webcast from yesterday

Starter phase

From prepare to go live

Figure 2 Source SAP

2 building blocks



CQC - analyze systems based on data in systems

Provide reports, findings

Follow action plan

Data volume service

Sap.support.com find assets

Top line - different formats, EGI for remote training

Meet the expert sessions - webinars

Learning Journey - S/4HANA, structured to Activate methodology

Learning Program - transfer knowledge, such as manage data volume

Guides - new content assets

  1. Journey checks - to move in right direction

    1. Assess based on deployment scenario

    2. Technical, business aspects

    3. Checklist, questionnaire, what you plan to do

    4. Recommendations what you can do, learning and enablement

    5. Further CQC services

  2. Engagement points

    1. Regular check ins until go live

  3. Live must know webinars

    1. Fundamentals

    2. Readiness checks

    3. Different languages - English, German, Russian, Portuguese

Figure 3 Source SAP

Join as soon as possible, end of discover phase

Can join in flight

S/4HANA migration for any solution (on premise, not cloud)

Start with onboarding session

Focus advisor

Engagement plan, goal phased

Shared in central document

Engagement points

After go live, final exit call

Figure 4 Source SAP

Use case like

John is SAP advisor

Determine best time to join program

Registration - mailbox, how to join

Complete journey check questionnaire

Figure 5 Source SAP

Project lead completes journey check questionnaire

CVI, sandbox, plans

Technical downtime windows

Reports generated based on questionnaire

Includes recommendations

Right side shows example report

Figure 6 Source SAP

Based on journey checks, questionnaire, empowerment services

Figure 7 Source SAP

Blue - assets recommend

Financial data quality - check consistency

Recommendations on how to reduce downtime

Figure 8 Source SAP

Engagement points, regular calls

Final exit call, close engagement

Figure 9 Source SAP

In pilot phase for 2020

Approached to provide feedback through Qualtrics

More details received, outside the webcast:

  • The SAP Enterprise Support Guides Program does not include consulting or other services from SAP.

  • The SAP Enterprise Support Guides Program will share the most current program information from SAP.

  • Results from the SAP Enterprise Support Guides Program are for illustrative purposes only, and are provided without warranty as to accuracy or completeness.

  • The SAP Enterprise Support Guides Program is provided on an "as-is" basis without warranty of any kind, and subject to the "General Disclaimer" and other terms of use stated at http://www.sap.com/company/legal/copyright/index.epx.

  • Customer acknowledges, and SAP disclaims any liability resulting from or relating in any way to incomplete, non-disclosed, and/or other missing or inaccurate information.

  • The SAP Enterprise Support Guides Program is provided for informational purposes only and does not alleviate or amend customer’s responsibility for the  management, completion, function and operation of its current SAP S/4HANA implementation and/or deployment project and initiative.

  • The SAP Enterprise Support Guides Program is delivered remotely by SAP.  Customer may request on-site work; any on-site work is at SAP’s sole discretion.

  • Written materials for the SAP Enterprise Support Guides Program are available in English language only.  For interactive sessions, not all local languages will be supported.

  • The SAP Enterprise Support Guides Program is for SAP S/4HANA programs and projects only. Source: SAP

More details can be found at SAP Enterprise Support Guides here

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