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An ASUG Next-Generation SAP Enterprise Architect Community of Practice Event - February 23-25, 2021


As digital transformation continues to change our world, enterprise architects need to adapt to take advantage of rapidly changing technologies and deliver business value at an ever-increasing pace. This complimentary three-day virtual conference will help you gain the new skills and competencies you need to become a next-generation enterprise architect and to thrive in your role in 2021.

Kudo’s to our great team that has been working since to produce this event. Thanks to SAP, our sponsoring SAP Partners, our advisory SAP Customers and ASUG for all of their efforts. This will be a great event to propel Enterprise Architect’s into the 2020’s.

You can still have time to register and join us to be a part of ASUG’s Next-Generation SAP Enterprise Architect Community of Practice. This complimentary event is open to ASUG members and nonmembers. REGISTER TODAY!


Year 1: The Beginning in Newtown Square - February 25-27, 2020


Enterprise Architect’s Creating Tomorrow While Delivering Value Today!  was our theme for our first event in 2020.

More than 200 attendees gathered for the first ASUG Next-Generation SAP Enterprise Architect Summit at the SAP North American headquarters in Newtown Square, Pennsylvania from February 25-27, 2020. They came from near and far to learn more about how they can create for tomorrow while delivering value today within their organizations. ASUG event recap on "The Value of an Enterprise Architect for your SAP Landscape".


One Year Later


Year 2: The Journey Continues with a Virtual Event - February 23-25, 2021


We have gone from over 200 to over 2,000 for registered attendees for our second ASUG Next-Generation SAP Enterprise Architect Summit this time it will be virtual and will be held from February 23-25, 2021.

“2021 is The Year of the Cloud for SAP Enterprise Architect’s” it is time for modernization of organizations and skills, is time to  “Rethink, Renovate, Renew”.


Join 2,000-plus Enterprise Architects from over 50 Countries


Our upcoming three-day, virtual event designed to help you understand and embrace the challenges, perspectives, and capabilities available to you to become a “next-generation SAP enterprise architect.”

You can still have time to register and join us to be a part of ASUG’s Next-Generation SAP Enterprise Architect Community of Practice. This complimentary event is open to ASUG members and nonmembers.


Next-Generation SAP Enterprise Architect - A Community of Engagement and Practice


This is not just an event but is a once a year gathering of a "Community of Engagement and Practice" for Enterprise Architect's. This will be continuous cadence of engagement year round for this community.

We are coming together as a community for three days from February 23 to 25th for impactful deep learning to not just help your organization but to also advance your professional and personal learning.

Join us to engage and learn more about our ASUG "Community of Engagement and Practice” and experience our 8 C’s of Community in action.

Albert Einstein once remarked, “You can’t use an old map to explore a new world.” It’s time for a new map!

We are living in a new world that’s for sure and a new map is required. Now more than ever we need to come together, learn together and work together as a community to help each other. The big benefit of virtual is also the “listen on demand” option.

Check out our full agenda and learn more about this complimentary event, and how to register, click here to register.


Great Learning, Networking and Connecting with a Terrific Lineup of Expert Speakers from around the World


Main Program Sessions


Day 1 - February 23


Featured Speakers Include: Paul Kurchina - ASUG, Jeff Schwartz - Author and Deloitte, Michael Weingartner - SAP, Stefan Batzdorf - SAP, Christian Freytag- SAP, Kai Finck, SAP, Joe Darlak - Google Cloud, Frederik Weidemann - Onapsis, Steve Nunn - The Open Group


Day 2 - February 24


Day 2 - February 24 - Early Bird Live SAP Expert Q&A and Main Sessions


Featured Speakers Include: Pascal Bornet - Author, Sebastian Schroetel- SAP, James Sencal - Tricentis, Corine Reisert -SAP, Isabel Rodriques -S AP, Damien Johnson -SAP, John Krakowski - SAP, Evan Stoddard -SAP, Jochen Boeder- SAP, Dr. Wolfram Kleis - SAP, Stefan Elfner - SAP, Dr. Bernhard Drittler - SAP



Featured Speakers Include: Michael Amling - SAP, Katrin von Ahsen - SAP, Jessica Heath - Red Hat, Christine Fottler -SAP, NIs Boy Naeve - SAP, Satish Iyer- SAP, Barry Hensh - ATB, Marco MIchel - SAP, Tom Fishburne - Marketoonist



Day 3 - February 25 Early Bird Live SAP Expert Q&A, Main Sessions and EA Deep Dive Live


Day 3 - February 25 Part 1


Featured Speakers Include: Aiden McCullen- Author, Christian Richter - LeanIx, Michele Krom - SAP, Divya Prakash - Intel, Rui Nogueria - SAP, Craig Sasila - SAP, Darius Golshani - SAP, Peter Klee - SAP, Juergen Jakowski - SAP, Oguzhan Genius - SAP, Jeffrey Groneberg - SAP, Johannes Staehlin - SAP


Day 3 – February 25 Part 2  EA  Deep Dive Live Tracks



Featured Speakers Include: Thomas Reiss - SAP, Bradley Caldwell - SAP, Koshy Vadaketh – SAP, Andreas Hofer - SAP, Markus Kuppe - SAP, Chaim Bendelac - SAP, David Quirk - SAP,  Mike Duddy - SAP, Stefan Kneis – SAP, Boris Zarske - SAP, Anne Marie Colombo - SAP, Joern Bartelheimer -SAP, Peter Klee - SAP, Stefan Ressing - SAP


Here is more of what you will also be missing if you are not registered to join us.


Special Guest Keynotes Opening Up Each Day



At our 2020 event we featured the books “The Future is Faster Than You Think” by Peter H. Diamandis and “Designed for Digital” by Jeanne Ross and Martin Mocker - the world did move much faster than any of us thought in 2020 and designed for digital has never been more important.

Our featured guest author keynotes on each day will share key insights from their recent books.

Work Disrupted - Opportunity, Resilience and Growth in the Accelerated Future of WorkJeff Schwartz

Intelligent Automation - Welcome to the World of HYPERAUTOMATION - Pascal Bornet

Undisruptable: A Mindset of Permanent Reinvention for Individuals, Organisations and LifeAidan McCullen



Special Day 2 Closing Session 

Cartoons and Cocktails – The Funny Side of Digital Transformation


We are very excited to have Tom Fishburne founder of Marketoonist and author of “Your Ad Ignored Here” deliver our closing special guest keynote on Feburary 24th from 4:30 pm to 5:30 pm ET at our upcoming ASUG Next-Generation SAP Enterprise Architect Virtual Conference.

“The Funny Side of Digital Transformation”

With cartoons and case studies, Marketoonist creator Tom Fishburne will help us laugh at ourselves as a way to think about how we adopt new technology, overcome innovation blockers, and drive organizational change.


SWAG – Every Event Evey Virtual Events Needs Swag!

I am also pleased to announce that one lucky enterprise architect will win a great diverse collection of books in our book giveaway to be announced on Feb 23rd.  The top shelf of books features recent books by our special opening guest keynotes on each day.


More great swag giveaways are in the works – so stay tuned.



Special Thanks to our Sponsors and Supporters




This event could not be possible without the support of our sponsors and supporters for this we are grateful.



Pack Your Virtual Bags and Put up Your “Do Not Disturb” Sign at Home


So get ready to focus for three days from Feb 23 - 25, let your family and friends know that you are "packing your virtual bags" and will be hunkering down at home for three days of learning. You will be in the "EA Learning Zone".

Print out our DO NOT DISTURB" graphic and tape it to your door at home to remind others that "Deep Learning is In Progress from Feb 23 - 25th".

For more info and to register for this complimentary event  - Registration




Join Me For Three Insightful Days of SAP Enterprise Architect Learning!




If you have any questions please email me at Paul.Kurchina@asug.com



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