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Sometimes, after EBS integration Job, some bank transactions may fall into errors like you can see below:


After investigation into job spools, you will find the integrated bank transactions. But, you may have difficulties to find errors log for the not integrated ones.

Display spool

After selection on the approprate bank house bank, the bank transaction code B1 with the amount 80,90 (green light in the figure 1) is shown in the integration report like below:

But like we can see in the figure 2, several other bank transactions have not been integrated by the EBS Job and the errors log is not available:


To find EBS Integration JOB LOG, one of the possible options of investigations can be explained in three steps like following:

Step 1 : Get short key for the not integrated bank transactions

In the transaction SE16N, FEBKO table can be used by entering some data in the selection areas like below:

As a result of this query, the bank transactions shown in the figure 2 are clearly visible here and the short key is displayed:

Total Debit : 4000 and Total Credit 1632

Step 2 : Control data by using the short key in FEBEP

By using the short key got in the step 1 like below:

the table FEBEP shows in details the bank transactions in the figure 2:

Step 3 : Display EBS Job Erros Log by using the Tcode AFAL

In this step, the short key got before can be used like a selection criteria like below:

After launching this report, the three bank transaction shown in the figure 2 are now visibles with their errors log.

For example, the error in the third transaction is caused by not existing GL account.
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