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In this blog post, we will look at how to link Journal Entry items to Dispute Cases using Manage Dispute Cases Fiori app. This is part of FSCM SAP Dispute Management, where users can create Dispute cases and link invoices as disputed objects.

Although Dispute cases can be created using the Transaction UDM_DISPUTE in SAP GUI, the Fiori app Manage Dispute Cases provides an easier and more user-friendly way to do it.

Dispute cases in SAP can either be linked to one or more documents (e.g. customer invoices) or they could be created to highlight a general issue raised by the customer. This would mean that there will not be any specific invoice attached to the Dispute Case. This is why, when creating a dispute case, the identifying the Customer and Company Code is mandatory, whereas linking the dispute to a particular case is optional.

If any customer invoice is linked to the Dispute, it is called a "Disputed Object" and can be viewed in the Related Objects section of the dispute case. While creating a Dispute case using SAP GUI, disputed objects can be added simply by choosing the "Add Open Items" option inside the Dispute case.

However, there are some steps that need to be performed before Disputed Objects can be added to dispute cases using Manage Dispute Cases Fiori app. These steps will enable the integration of the Fiori app with Customer Open Items data within the system. I have listed those steps in detail in this blog.

Problem: You have activated SAP Dispute Management, and enabled Manage Dispute Cases Fiori app. After creating a Dispute Case using Fiori, you click on “Add Journal Entry Item” to add invoices as Disputed Objects. But there are no documents displayed for the customer.

Cause: You need to activate the provision of Invoice Information for the Company Code, in order to enable the invoice details to be picked by Manage Dispute Cases Fiori app.

Resolution: Below actions need to be performed:

Step 1: Maintain entries in table “FDM_INVOICE_ACT” (using Maintenance View)

Company Code Provide Invoice Info
XX01 Yes
YY02 Yes


Step 2: Execute program “FDM_INVOICE_MEMORY”

  • Enter relevant Company Codes/ Customer

  • Select Rebuild Invoice Memory

  • Execute


Once the above steps have been performed successfully, you should be able to view all the invoices in the “Add Journal Entry Item” screen from Manage Dispute Cases application. It is advisable to schedule the program to run regularly as a background job so that the most recent information is available in the Fiori app.


Do share your thoughts and feedback in the comments! You can check out my profile divya.jain1412.

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